Yankees: Small Things Lead to Big Things A Lesson To Be Learned

Yankees: Small Things Lead To Big Things (NY Daily News)

For the Yankees, putting “small ball” with power is rare for the team this year. But as Joe Torre said, small things lead to big things…

The Yankees have spent the 2021 season trying to put a square peg in a round hole, and while it’s worked before, the team has run into a stone wall this year that has frustrated everyone.

The Yankees, this year, have scored only 26% of the runners they put on base. They’ve grounded into 82 double plays, and only the Houston Astros have more.

Yankees Rougned Odor sparks a rally (NY Post)
Yankees Rougned Odor sparks a rally (NY Post)

In short, they don’t do the small things that lead to big things.

But in the nightcap of today’s twin-bill, Luke Voit led off an inning with a double, and then Rougned Odor surprised everyone with a drag-bunt base hit, passing the torch to Gio Urshela.

Urshela is a steady force in the Yankees’ lineup. Still, he is not Aaron Judge or Giancarlo Stanton – and yet – it was Urshela who reached out for a fastball up and out of the zone to hit the short porch at Yankees Stadium that gave the Yankees a 3-0 lead they would not relinquish.

Yankees: Small Things Lead To Big Things, Like A Win

We talk about how this is a poorly constructed team, one that’s right-hand dominated instead of lefties who can pepper the right-field stands 81 times a season and hit the gaps for doubles.

A team that has hit into 82 double plays, the second-most in the majors. A team with the fewest stolen bases (16) in the majors and a team continually has mental lapses on the bases, running themselves out of rallies.

But we also know the Yankees are a talented team of players who are not in their first rodeo, built of players who should know better.

If anything can be looked at to accent what the Yankees can do (if they put their minds to it), it’s that half-inning baseball we saw last night.

We saw the same thing in the Yankees’ half of the fifth inning when they tacked on an insurance run, without a base hit, to take a 4-2 lead and what would be the game’s final score.

This time it was Brett Gardner and DJ LeMahieu grinding out two walks, with Judge grounding a ball to the right side that moved the runner up to second and third.

Small things, and then comes an unexpected break on a wild pitch by Mets reliever Miguel Castro, scoring Gardner – and voila – the Yankees get a run without a ball leaving the infield.

Small things lead to big things.

Yankees: Setting Sights On A New Way

The Yankees have been trying it the old way without success all season. Swinging for the fences, striking out, not hitting with runners in scoring position, etc.

There’s another way to win ball games. It’s the way Tampa Bay, the Oakland A’s, and the San Francisco Giants are doing it, and the Yankees can do it as well – if they choose to.

Aaron Boone: Stop The Spin
Aaron Boone: Stop The Spin

The three-run home run can and will still be there (Urshela), but it’s how the Yankees get there that matters. Small things that find their way leading to big things.

This is where Aaron Boone needs to lead his team by demanding the next man up does his job, whether it’s a bunt for a base hit, a walk, a sacrifice fly – anything – whatever it takes to keep an inning going.

The pitching staff is doing it. Look at what Nestor Cortes did, and Chad Green, who was spectacular last night with two-plus innings to pick up the save – with both there to “pick up” Gerrit Cole‘s inability to show up in the game one loss.

The Yankees did it once. Can they do it again – and again – scratching and clawing their way to rip off a 10-3 run that’ll get them back in the thick of things?

Game one said they can’t. Game two says they can – if they put their minds to it…

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

Michael Franklin Proof of Joe Torre’s comments is the 1998 season when no Yankee had over 30 home runs with only 2 players striking out over 100 times that resulted in a 114 wins season.

Geoffrey Wiener Listen to Torre say what you want the guy got into the right situation at the right time and won, timing is everything, got out when they took him for granted, dumb ass Randy Levine got into it with Torre at the meeting and Torre told him to go—– himself and walked out, another no nothing ex Guiliani kiss ass who doesn’t know a thing about baseball. President of the Yankees, please front office is in shambles like the coaching staff and players, do the little things well and success follows, the guy knows what’s up.

Carmen La Santa Not without good training by the coaches

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