On Why The Yankees Picked The Wrong Player To Send Down

Yankees Gleyber Torres needs a breather (USA Today)

The Yankees decided to send Tyler Wade down to Triple-A. The move makes sense, so he gets more playing time, but they picked the wrong guy.

The Yankees need to make some hard decisions with Gleyber Torres. His offensive numbers, especially in the power department, have dwindled to almost nothing and combined with those twelve errors in the field, it’s come to the point where he’s hurting more than helping the team.

In theory, the Yankees can trade him yesterday, given that Torres will be only 25 at season’s end, and he still carries the “potential” tag on a career that may simply be stalled.

Yankees not so secret weapon - Tyler Wade
Yankees not so secret weapon – Tyler Wade

But unless the Yankees get staggered with an offer for Torres they can’t refuse, a better option is for him to trade places with Tyler Wade, who was recently sent to Triple-A Scranton.

Gleyber Torres will not be surprised unless he is as lost in space as he appears to be at times and because he knows he is failing himself and his Yankees’ teammates.

Plus, he should know the Yankees are not just dumping him there to rid themselves of a problem – they want him to succeed.

Tyler Wade will make all the routine plays at shortstop, and if given a sufficient number of at-bats, he’ll hit enough to get on base and steal some bases, where the Yankees rank last in the majors with only 16.

Yankees: It’s Not A Perfect Solution, But…

It’s not a perfect solution, but clearly, Torres needs a breather away from the limelight in New York, and a chance to “find himself” as the player he was only two years ago when he batted .278, with 38 home runs, 90 RBI, and a .871 OPS, a mark that is 150 points above the major league average of .712.

Of course, the risk for the Yankees is that Torres goes down, does not improve, thereby reducing his trade value in the future.

Yankees GM Brian Cashman and Aaron Boone - It This really the team we've dreamed about?
Yankees GM Brian Cashman and Aaron Boone – It This really the team we’ve dreamed about?

Except for his fielding, where an athlete blessed with the talent Torres has, needs only continued practice to strengthen his fundamentals, like how to get his feet in position to make a routine throw to first base.

But the rest of it sits between his ears.

Confidence, confidence, confidence, and clearly Gleyber Torres has lost it, or should we say it’s misplaced and not lost?

Aaron Boone is doing Torres no favors by running him out there every day, counting him as one of the Yankees who is just about to “turn the corner,” as Boone is so fond of saying.

Yankees: Too Many Rally Killers

We keep searching for answers here, and earlier today, we talked about Joe Torre‘s theory of small things leading to big things, and we used game two of yesterday’s doubleheader to show how the Yankees can play small ball to win games – if they want to.

Yankees need more contributors like Gio Urshela
Yankees need more contributors like Gio Urshela.

Of note, Boone sat Torres for that game, using Gio Urshela at shortstop, and it was Urshela, not the “big boys” who came through with a three-run home, following Rougned Odor‘s surprise drag bunt for a base hit.

Tyler Wade is a savvy ballplayer, which is why Aaron Boone likes him so much.

Despite his pedestrian skills, Wade will figure out a way to move runners up, draw a base on balls, steal a base to keep a rally going, and not end it with a double play the Yankees have hit into 82 times this year.

The move for Wade to trade places with Torres is something that Boone can bring to Brian Cashman, saying this is what I need right now, and I expect you to support me on this.

And for Cashman, following Boone’s assertion, it’s an opportunity to share in the decision-making process, something the Yankees have been missing of late.

Torres needs a breather, and Wade needs playing time, so why not do it?

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

Douglas PepeDoes Torres have options? Steve Contursi

Author Douglas Pepe Good question. According to Fangraphs, he has two options left.

Josias GonzalezNo they didn’t Tyler is worse than Gleyber so stop creating thingsEric Joel Gonzalez

Josias Gonzalez I totally agreed with you, people said that Tyler Wade is important because he’s versatile and has speed, but if you never get on base your speed doesn’t matter and when he’s on base he’s not a threat. In my opinion, Tyler Wade is a AA player.
Uri ZakWade got replaced by Locastro – he is as fast as Wade, maybe even faster, and his bat is as bad. Send Gleyber to minors – no way. He is a major league player in a slump – like the most of team.
Joe Di NicolaGleyber’s problem is, he thinks he’s a home run hitter. HE’S NOT! When he was hitting the ball gap to gap, the power came naturally. He’s been trying to hit homers and it messed up his swing! Now he even strikes out like the sluggers. That’s NOT his game!
Daniel J TrinhThey should have sent Gleyber too for sure. I know Joe G would of….
Steven KenworthyWade is far more versatile. They sent the wrong guy down.

Closing Comments And Final Thoughts

Although I never meant to say or infer Wade is a better player than Torres, readers are not fans of Wade, believing Torres will eventually come around, and therefore, the Yankees made the right move. Published comments are now closed for this article.

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