Yankees: If They Make A Change With Boone – Willie Randolph Is The Man

Willie Randolph - The right man for the Yankees' manager job

If the Yankees decide to make a managerial change mid-season, then often overlooked Willie Randolph is the right man for the job.

If the Yankees front office has their eyes closed, their fans certainly don’t. Typical at this level of baseball, when a team is going bad, the purge usually begins with the coaching staff, making Yankees hitting coach Marcus Thames prime meat.

Aaron Boone Under The Gun
Aaron Boone Under The Gun

When things get going really bad, and it defies logic for anyone not to believe this Yankees team is not in dire trouble, the purge reaches down even further, and the manager becomes the scapegoat for what the players are not doing on the field.

Such is the case now with Aaron Boone and the number of fans calling for his head.

As has been pointed out many times here and elsewhere, though, it takes two to tango.

By all appearances, it appears that Brian Cashman and principal owner Hal Steinbrenner see no need to do anything at the moment, much less fire “their guy” in Boone, who doesn’t seem to have a problem taking it on the chin in his postgame meetings with reporters, spitting out pablum to the masses.

But for a moment, let’s say that Aaron Boone is about to be kicked upstairs to purgatory where the Yankees put all of their fallen heroes (think Alex Rodriguez and Reggie Jackson and ask yourself, what are they doing for the Yankees these days – but who cares?).

Obviously, the next step for Brian Cashman is to find a replacement for Boone not named Stump Merrill, who as recently as 2014 was a special assistant to the general manager (Cashman) before he retired.

I’m kidding, of course, I hope, but to get real, who is the person best suited to manage this New York Yankees’ team?

Needless to say, Cashman’s phone would be buzzing 24/7 with wanna-be’s, and he would likely go through the motions of a multi-tiered interview process before selecting a legitimate heir to the most prized managerial position in baseball.

Here’s a shortcut for you, Brian; if you have the you know what’s to take the leap…

Willie Randolph: So Let Me Introduce To You…

But this is to cut to the chase as a way of saving Cashman any number of hours meeting with several “candidates,” most of whom are invited for a sit-down only to appease various segments of the Yankees family.

Willie Randolph is the man for the job, and Cashman can close the book with the knowledge he’d be making a much-needed click with Yankees fans, as well as getting one of those guys who has been overlooked and thrust aside for far too long.

Randolph has the experience, successfully managing the New York Mets to a 302-253 record from 2005 to 2008.

Subject to an unceremonious firing by then Mets GM Omar Manaya, Randolph reported to a meeting with Minaya thinking he was going there to defend his pitching coach Rick Peterson’s job, only to learn he was the target.

Randolph found himself in various spots since his time in Queens. He interviewed for a few teams but never landed the prominent position he once held despite his desire to manage still.

Willie Randolph: False Starts And Empty Hearts

Making stops in Baltimore and Milwaukee, Randolph hoped, as he said then, he would “get on the wheel” with one of the two teams, given the endless recycling of managers we see in baseball. Not to be.

Willie Randolph - Always A Beloved Yankees Player
Willie Randolph – Always A Beloved Yankees Player

At the age of 65, Randolph is currently still contributing his expertise to the sport he loves as one of the United States Baseball team coaches.

But that’s a long way away from Brownsville, Brooklyn, where he grew up and before he started playing for the New York Yankees at the young age of 21.

Too professional to say it, is Randolph’s blackness and whether or not the Yankees will ever appoint a manager of his color the true measure of his chances to land the job with the Yankees?

Ask Yankees fans, and you’ll get a definitive answer, and it has nothing to do with Randolph’s skin color.

Yankees And Randolph: I Won’t Be Your Huckleberry

However, on the other side of the coin is Brian Cashman’s going face-to-face with a man (Randolph) who will not be his lackey.

Randolph would need to be quizzed and tested as to his allegiance to analytics, the Bible of the Yankees. Still, he doesn’t impress that way, and instead, being more of a Joe Girardi “fly by the seat of your pants” manager, using his experience and baseball instincts to make personnel and during the game decisions.

I wouldn’t want to handicap this one in Las Vegas, but if all of the bull__t can be wiped away, the Yankees need Willie Randolph, and he should be in the dugout tomorrow…

Author’s Postscript 8:30PM ET 6/7/2021

I’ll need to close out published comments soon on this post, but while few (if any) have an objection to Randolph, a growing number of readers favor former Yankee’s manager Buck Showalter. I’m guessing these fans prefer the more disciplinary approach of Showalter, over the more laid-back Randolph, but I could be wrong. From where I sit, I’d go with either one as an upgrade.

And with that, I think I’ll take the rest of the night off…

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

Sal Presti I thought Randolph would be Torre’s successor at the time …

Dan B Parisi Willie a great awesome player! No doubt about that! However he 1 stint at least with us.. and a very short leash with Mets at least once! In my mind maybe buck would be more of a choice… or they can always choose to stay in the house bring up in the minor league system ….but again that’s big! If!

Josias Gonzalez Nope stop posting dum ideas Randolph sucked as a Mets manager, bring in Mike Scossia or Mattingly

Michael Bragg Yes, please!!

Ricky Revere I’ll take Showalter.

Edward Corino Jr. Willy would be a good selection

Thomas Drum I would love to have Willie Randolph as manager

Joe Perla I would go with Showalter, but Randolph might be my second choice.

Rich Sobik I wanted Willie when we hired Boone, a great infielder, and base runner. He could definitely help our younger guys

Dean JeudyThat Organization Will Allow Facial Hair Before They Hire An African American Manager

Brett Matthew Great idea

Matthew Dee Dangerous to hire a fan-favorite player to manage.

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