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Mets: Dominic Smith - That Sweet Swing (SNY)
Posted in Analysis Dominic Smith Mets 2021

A Mets Forewarning: Dominic Smith Plays Every Day All Day

Whatever Mets manager Luis Rojas has to do to keep Dominic Smith in the lineup – he’d better do it. The Mets’ purest hitter must…

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Aaron Judge - 2021 Mission Underway
Posted in Analysis Yankees 2021

Yankees: So Many Players On The Bubble – Will It Be A Bane Or A Boon

The Yankees have a host of players with a spotlight shining on them to produce make it or break its numbers. Will this be a…

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Posted in Analysis MLB Editorial

MLB Editorial: The Pandemic In Baseball No One Wants To Talk About

MLB continues to ignore a non-COVID pandemic that has invaded its sport for more than a decade – the use of PEDS among Hispanic players……

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Supercharged Pete Alonso (NY Daily News)
Posted in Analysis Mets 2021 Pete Alonso

Pete Alonso: On Making The Transition From Superman To Clark Kent

Pete Alonso is fixated on a personal journey to find his place as a major league player. Stripping himself from social media is the first…

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Yankees Puzzle: Putting the pieces together
Posted in Analysis Yankees 2021

Yankees: On Why They Can Afford To Punt On The Regular Season

The Yankees, like all major teams, face the prospect of a full season following an aborted 2020 season. It’s simple, punt the regular season. How…

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Mets Noah Syndergaard ready to talk extension (
Posted in Analysis Mets 2021 Noah Syndergaard

Mets Move Forward To Lock Up Fast Maturing Noah Syndergaard

The Mets say Noah Syndergaard will likely be offered an extension. An enigma no more, this is, at last, a sign of “Thor’s” personal maturation….

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Yankees Race To The Wire 2021 (
Posted in Analysis Yankees 2021

Yankees: Where Does Aaron Boone Find 1,458 Innings From His Staff

The Yankees will need to find 1,458 innings from its pitching staff in 2021. That alone is more than enough to keep Aaron Boone up…

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Brett Gardner - A Player's Player
Posted in Analysis Brett Gardner Yankees 2021

Yankees Pull Out All The Stops In Bizarre Brett Gardner Contract

The Yankees and Brett Gardner have reached a deal for 2021. A peek into the contract, however, reveals some bizarre details… The Yankees have always…

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