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Gary Sanchez: Looking high for an answer (Sportscasting)
Posted in Analysis Gary Sanchez Yankees 2021

The Yankees Did Their Part – Now It’s All Up To Gary Sanchez

The Yankees will tender a contract to Gary Sanchez for the 2021 season. But whether or not he’s on the team for Opening Day is…

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Posted in Analysis Yankees 2021

Yankees Set To Shop In Bargain Basement Of Non-Tendered Players

The Yankees will be one of the teams scouring the MLB transaction wire looking for new non-tendered free-agents. Who would have thought…  In almost any…

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Mets: Dominic Smith - That Sweet Swing (SNY)
Posted in Analysis Mets 2021 NL Designated Hitter (DH)

Mets: Why Is MLB Dragging Its Feet On The NL DH Extension For 2021

The Mets especially need to know if there will be a DH in the National League for 2021. Why is it taking MLB so long…

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Aaron Boone - Gary Sanchez's Chronic Enabler (Getty Images)
Posted in Aaron Boone Analysis Gary Sanchez

Aaron Boone: The Classic Enabler Of Gary Sanchez Goes Over The Top

Once again, and because he can’t hit for himself, Aaron Boone has gone to bat for Gary Sanchez. Enablers do this at their own peril.  …

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Sandy Alderson ushers in the Mets Era Of Good Feelings
Posted in Analysis Mets 2021

The Mets Ability To Change Plans In Midstream Another Sign Of New Era

When Mets President Sandy Alderson aborted plans to hire a GM and a Baseball Operations person, yet another sign of a New Mets Era emerged….

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Yankees Baseballs In The DJ LeMahieu Basket
Posted in Analysis DJ LeMahieu Yankees 2021

Yankees Loudly Rev Their Engines While DJ Continues To Tap The Brakes

The Yankees have not been shy about their dire need to sign DJ LeMahieu. But you know what they say about putting all your eggs…

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Steve Cohen: Bobby Bonilla Day (Newsday)
Posted in Analysis Mets 2021 Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen Has A Sense Of Humor That’ll Make The Mets Fun Again

Steve Cohen “gets it” The Mets, above all else, are in the entertainment business. Baseball fans, rejoice. The fun is back at Citi Field. Steve…

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Free-Agent Target James McCann
Posted in Analysis Gary Sanchez Yankees 2021

Yankees: Pull The Trigger – Non-Tender Sanchez And Sign McCann

The suddenly staid looking Yankees can do themselves a big favor by non-tendering Gary Sanchez and signing James McCann. But will they do it? The…

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