Yankees: Is This The Time When They Break Away From The Pack?

Giancarlo Stanton - Is this the year the burden of his contract

Little means more to the Yankees than having dominance in the AL East. All signs point upward, but two-thirds of the season lies ahead…

The Yankees road to that elusive 28th World Championship begins and most likely will end when the final American League East Standings are revealed four months from now.

Getting stuck in a Wild Card game shootout, even with Gerrit Cole as your starter, is not where the Yankees need or want to be when the postseason begins.

Adding Coals to The Yankees Red Sox Rivalry

The prospect of a brewing re-firing of the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry adds only to the drama of the Yankees trying to make up the deficit of three games in the loss column, now in favor of the Sox.

This, before the Yankees and Red Sox, play home and away three-game series against each other in June, with thirteen more head-to-head meetings before season’s end.

Whatever magic Boston manager Alex Cora has been applying to his pitching deficit team, it’s working, as the Sox have occupied first-place for 32 days this season.

The difference in the two teams this far, though, is in the Run Differential category Al Team Stats, where the Red Sox offense is far outperforming the Yankees +36 to +13.

That plus the fact the Red Sox are 11-8 against teams they’ve played with +.500 records, while the Yankees measure in at 9-12.

Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton Healthy Again? (USA Today)
Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton Healthy Again(USA Today)

The resurgence of Giancarlo Stanton, who is featured “halfway” in the image above, while off to an injury-free start batting .292 with nine home runs and 24 RBI, together with a clutch hit bloop over the infield, that led to a Yankees walk-off win yesterday.

As they say, it wasn’t pretty, but it sure was a win…

And with the prospect of both Luke Voit (especially) and Gio Urshela returning to a reawakened Yankees lineup – all signs point upward to a relaxing of Aaron Boone‘s daily juggling of his lineup.

Yankees: Will Stanton Anoint A Teammate For Help

This assumes, of course, the Yankees continue to hold on to their overall number two ranking in overall team pitching in the American League. At the same time, the Red Sox pull rabbits out of a hat, putting them in seventh place – and still without the services of Chris Sale.

While the Red Sox are buoyed by their offense, leading the league in runs scored and batting average, the Yankees remain stuck with a wish and a prayer as to which player, other than Stanton, is next up to join him in a renewal of the “161st St. Bronx Bombers”.

DJ LeMahieu appears to be hitting his stride, having raised his batting average from .250 on April 26 to a more expected and needed .281 as games begin again tomorrow for the Yankees.

Aaron Boone pushing all the right buttons for the Yankees?
Aaron Boone pushing all the right buttons for the Yankees?

Know that I’m not on the bandwagon questioning Aaron Boone’s use of Aaron Judge, with his in and out, what can the matter be appearances in the Yankees lineup.

The back-to-back situating of Stanton and Judge in the two and three-hole in their lineup by Boone is the Yankees ticket to Number 28, but only if both can stay healthy.

Placing Luke Voit in the four-hole replaces all of the wanna-be dreams of the Yankees that Gary Sanchez would be that man in the center of a power-filled lineup.

Yankees: Full Steam Ahead Now – Or Later

A full slate of 162 games in May always says the season is young – until it isn’t.

But this seems like an opportune time for the Yankees to make a bold run in their division that places them where their Las Vegas boosters project them to be with an appearance (at least) in the 2021 World Series…

Or, in this case, does Aaron Boone have the pulse of the Yankees on his fingertips, moving cautiously with Stanton and Judge as opposed to a “we’re all in now” approach that can easily backfire in the coming months of the season?

The alternative isn’t so bad, and maybe even preferred, as nineteen head-to-head contests between the Yankees and Red Sox, remain this year…and what a hoot that promises to be for all fans of baseball…

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Frank Kovach

How did they get a picture of me there, Thanks, and without objection, I’m adding your comment to the article.Mark Walsh
Thomas Vitiello:
Far from breaking away from anything. The team has 5-6 easy outs in the lineup and the bullpen might have one dependable guy.  Steve Contursi Loves it and totally agrees with a wish and a prayer the pitching holds up. Thanks, and without objection, I’m adding your comment to the article.
Bruce Chester

Ya learn how to beat your daddy the TB Rays own them now. What 1-5 this year and like 6-16 past 2 years to a team with no real superstars 😥
Sherry Spencer

Gotta get Boston 👏

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