Yankees: As The Face Of The Team Changes, They’re Fun To Watch Again

Yankees Rougned Odor Aaron Boone Favorite

The Yankees were overdue for a makeover. Thanks to mother nature, not the front office, they’re getting one. Whoever’s hungry gets to play…

Yankees manager Aaron Boone took up a half-page in today’s New York Daily News to rave about the intangibles one of his players brings to the Yankees team.

Boone made it a point to say he’s the kind of player I want on my team, without mentioning the obvious inference that as far as some others go, not so much.

Rougned Odor sparks a rally (NY Post)
Yankees Rougned Odor sparks a rally (NY Post)

The “team player” Boone is referring to is Roughed Odor, and he didn’t mention that over the last month; in 14 games, Odor is hitting .316/.409/.605 with three home runs.

Instead, Boone’s attention was pointed to how, when Ryan LeMarre crashed into the right-field wall, laying sprawled on the ground, it was Odor who sprinted from his position at second base to come to his aid.

In the same vein, Boone has also observed that it is Odor in the dugout on the top step, whether he is playing or not, “talking baseball” with his teammates.

Boone has also noticed Odor’s baseball savviness and his presence on the field, as when he sees that a pitcher needs a “blow” to collect himself, he takes it upon himself to go to the mound, casually kicking around some dirt, rather than have the catcher or coach go there, and getting charged with a visit to the mound.

Boone didn’t mention any other Yankees, but he must be elated to see Greg Allen, Tim Locastro (before he was injured), and now Estevan Florial on his team, all playing with the hungry desire to succeed and stay with the Yankees.

Yankees: Mother Nature Did It, Not The Front Office

Aaron Boone has also noticed, but he will never say that it was mother nature and not Brian Cashman or Hal Steinbrenner who caused the need for the Yankees makeover and influx of young talent.

Yankees Prospect Estevan Florial Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
Yankees Prospect Estevan Florial Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

It took COVID to sideline Aaron Judge and Gio Urshela, a stomach ailment to force DJ LeMahieu from last night’s game, mysterious spells of dizziness thrust on Clint Frazier worn-out but still trying Brett Gardner to allow Boone and the Yankees to revamp their lineup.

And so it was the Yankee’s winning lineup against the Phillies last night featured Allen and Florial scoring three of the team’s six runs, with Allen on base three times and scoring twice, while Florial’s home run in the 8th inning gave the Yankees an insurance run.

Yankees: Get The Pitching And Lets The Kids Play

Brian Cashman will continue to stay on phones as the trade deadline is only nine days away. His focus, however, should change to exclusively looking for help in the rotation.

Unless ordered from above, Aaron Boone will joyously continue to play the kids, allowing the outfield to take care of itself. This should especially eliminate the need to pursue 32-year-old Starling Marte.

Rumors surrounding a trade for Trevor Story can (should) also be shelved in favor of the Yankees going full-out to sign him as a free agent. This would allow the Yankees to begin the 2022 season with Story at shortstop, Gleyber Torres at second, with LeMahieu moving to first base.

With the Yankees in jeopardy of exceeding the $210 million payroll limit before the luxury tax kicks in, the money devoted to Marte and Story now) is better spent on acquiring two starting pitchers.

Regarding the Yankees’ current payroll status, the table below shows it’s not a pretty picture.

Yankees Payroll 7/21/2021

Yankees: Whatcha Gonna Do, Hal?

Yankees’ principal owner Hal Steinbrenner has run out of time playing coy with the luxury tax.

Yankees: A whisper in the ear is all that's needed
Yankees: A whisper in the ear is all that’s needed

There is no money left in the tank and few if any ways to unload salaries via trades, so this is the end of the line if the Yankees indeed mean to challenge for a Wild Card spot.

Starting pitching is and always will be baseball’s most expensive commodity. Steinbrenner’s experience with Gerrit Cole reminded him of that. We’ll wait on the man to make up his mind…

In the meantime, the Yankees are fun to watch again…

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

Hubie Mercado The Younglings showed us what we have been missing. Let’s hope Management doesn’t screw this up again.

Kenneth Schultz Hungry might help in the short term. Long term it’s talent that wins out. Some of these players are a mystery. Some have well-documented histories.

Steve Bullock They don’t have a plan. The plan finds them

Oscar Navarrete Salinas I think the youngsters have brought a reminder to “veteran” players that no one is irreplaceable. They needed to feel that internal team competition that I think they didn’t have up to now.

Ben Grippi 💯 there’s life again in this team

Bob J Spat I think Cashman and Boone are up to The Task at Hand

Jose Estavillo I Strongly Believe in thé new génération from Triple-A! They’re Eager To Play!

Todd Barcodious Eckenfelder Yeah, love these new guys…….now we are built to score runs and win games, and not just win home run competitions.

John Carbone Just like 2019, injuries might save our season.

Paul OHanley Tuesday night against the Phillies was a fun game to watch as well as Sunday night. Small ball stealing bases and contact at the plate let’s go Yankees

Laurie Stoker Fors Rougie is a force!! He lives for the game first and foremost. I am a Dallas resident. I have seen it for years. LET’S GO YANKEES

Wayne Thompson Next man up!! That’s baseball. You play who’s in the dugout. Go Yankees!! 👍💥

Kenneth Schultz Al Pratt I’ve heard for a while that Florial has all the tools to be a star. He stumbled in AAA this year. Hopefully, he is over that. He may yet turn out to be a star and their center fielder for years. Way too early to tell yet. The others I’m not so sure about. Personally, I would love to see what Hou Jun Park can do after he tore up AAA.

Gayle Tauger It’s been fun watching the new guys play the game the right way with energy. Makes the others look good as well.

Joe Pisaniello I hope they keep him (Odor). He’s got Yankees heart and desire many others just don’t have!!

Javier Reyes Moran It’s about time!!! This just might get them back in the race!!

Closing Comments And Final Thoughts

With this, we’ll close published comments as clearly, the Ayes have it.

Readers as well as myself have been waiting too long for the Yankees to get younger, speedier, and more athletic. 

We only have to wait to see if it “sticks”…

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