Yankees: When Will They Have The Guts To Do A Pujols With Sanchez

Gary Sanchez - The Look Of Despair (Photo: newsday.com)

The Yankees continue to wait and pray for a miracle to occur as Gary Sanchez shows zero signs of life. Like Pujols, it’s time to cut the cord.

The Yankees are not alone in their history of releasing players abruptly and without proper recognition for their service to the team over the years.

Who can forget when the Yankees ambushed Phil Rizzuto late in August 1956 when he was batting only .231 as a part-time shortstop, announcing – on Old-Timers’ Day – they were releasing him.

It was the right baseball move, but having it occur on Old Timers’ Day was not in good taste.

And lest we not forget a date that will live in Yankee’s infamy February 26, 1935 –  when after 15 incredible seasons with the New York Yankees, Babe Ruth’s career with the Bronx Bombers came to an end when he was unceremoniously released by the team.

Similarly, the decision by the LA Angels to release Albert Pujols was the right move for Artie Moreno to make for his team. Still, the cold manner with which it was done has left many ruing for a better way and a better day for a sure first-ballot Hall of Famer.

What Are The Yankees Waiting For?

While Gary Sanchez hardly approaches the caliber of these great players, one can only hope the Yankees have reached the bitter end of a long and fruitless battle to save the career of one of their own – Gary Sanchez.

Alas, it doesn’t get better; it gets only worse with another three strikeouts in three at-bats in his 443rd game with the Yankees on Sunday, while his batting average dipped to a season-low .174.

Yankees Kyle Higashioka - Number One Catcher
Yankees Kyle Higashioka – Number One Catcher

What are the Yankees waiting for? Kyle Higashioka is showing he can be their number one catcher. Pitchers love him, and his bat is improving – so that’s not it.

Could the Yankees not have anyone in their farm system ready to take on a role as a backup catcher?

Possibly, but then what about the catchers who have come across the wavier and transaction wires the last week or so? Plenty of action there, but no activity by the Yankees…

Okay, so none of these players have much of a major league pedigree, but somebody out there thinks they’re worth taking a chance on.

Yankees: What The Hell Are They Thinking?

We’ve been down this road so many times before with the Yankees and Sanchez; it’s becoming downright boring, except for the remaining drama trying to figure out what the Yankees can be thinking.

When a team decides to move on a player, they do it, as we witnessed last week between the Angels and Pujols.

Can we, therefore, conclude the Yankees are still mulling over what to do with Sanchez – if anything?

Take two Tylenol and get plenty of rest – you’ll feel better tomorrow?

Are they worried about the measly and now pro-rated $5 million they owe Sanchez this year, which they’ll eat if they release him without cause?

The Question You’ll Never Hear The Yankees Answer

The central question is, and you’ll never hear Brian Cashman or Aaron Boone give a direct answer: how is Gary Sanchez helping the New York Yankees?

Aaron Boone - Gary Sanchez's Chronic Enabler (Getty Images)
Aaron Boone – Gary Sanchez’s Chronic Enabler (Getty Images)

The Yankees don’t even have the balls to definitively say Sanchez is now their backup catcher, with Boone spinning the “it’s a day-to-day decision on my part” while clearly avoiding that it all depends on who’s pitching that day reality we all know is true.

Gary Sanchez does not belong on this Yankees team, and they know it but seem paralyzed to do anything to make the best of a bad situation that they themselves have instigated and prolonged.

This may be dreaming, but if Gary Sanchez had any sense of character and a willingness to make good on his public statements about “wanting to help the team,” then maybe he should offer himself to the Yankees by voluntarily accepting an assignment with the Triple-A Scranton Railriders.

The likelihood being, of course, that Sanchez fears he can’t hit Triple-A pitching either.

Failing that, Brian Cashman should be thinking about a sit-down with Sanchez along the same line, and if he refuses to go down – well then – that tells the Yankees something right there – doesn’t it?

Something has to give, though, and soon…

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

Joel Albert And then who’s your catcher? An 11 year minor leaguer? Who’s your backup? Right now it’s Robinson Chirinos….good luck with that

Steve Contursi

Joel Albert Sometimes, you just have to take the plunge knowing that it may hurt for a while, but long-range you know it’s the right decision. Thanks, and without objection, I’m adding your comment to the article.

Ronald E Bobel   Sanchez doesn’t have what it takes.

Hubie Mercado Not anytime soon.

John Casale Because you still have to carry two catchers. When there is a way to properly replace him, they will 👉⚾️ NYY

Freddy MaldonadoThe Yankees waited too long on Sanchez and now his trade value has plummeted, they’re basically stuck !!!

Nick RueI think it’s gonna happen pretty soon

Steven Kenworthy It’s obvious that Cashman and his Analytics Gang, are calling the shots with their numbers. So why aren’t those numbers telling Cashman what everybody already knows? Perhaps it’s the new math?

Richard Salomone Some team will want him. Maybe a change of venue will help. Get some prospects for him.

Marvin Paulo Ebron Still believe Gary’s talent to help the Yankees to promise land.

Niko Rivera I say have him be the exclusive back up to Higgy & when the trading deadline comes (when some teams become desperate) then trade him 4 what major league-ready talent u may need or trade 4 prospects (including pitching).

Larry Gene Mofield Higgy’s offensive production dropped like a rock as a starter. Still calls a better game than Sanchez

Jay Glinsky It would be EXTREMELY foolish to DFA Sanchez; Some team will give us something in return, whether it be some minor leaguers, International Pool $$$, whatever. Pujols is at the end of his career and Sanchez is just entering the twilight. However, I don’t foresee him going anywhere right now……..

Jim Kulhawy  You do realize we don’t even have another catcher in the whole organization on the 40-man? How crazy is THAT

Mike Harrington It is what it is for the moment. This isn’t the moment to cut him, since there’s really no good options to replace him behind the plate, and Higgy can’t do it every day.

If he’s still this useless as we approach the all-star break, I’d say the odds of Cashman making a trade for even a co-catcher to tandem with Higgy is high. At that point, they’ll probably pile Gary into the trade with a more substantial piece just to get him off the roster.
They won’t straight cut him with team control left. Someone would take a flyer on him, albeit for very little in return.

Pam Concato

I agree with all of the replies! What are they afraid of? It bothers me that he does not speak English after he has been in America for many years! He does not have a problem cashing his paycheck! Torres speaks in broken English to the reporters, how does Gary speak to the pitchers when he goes out the mound or in the dugout with the team? 😂

Mark Malmut

You’re right about Sanchez needing to go to the team and ask to be sent down to AAA to work out his problems. If he doesn’t want to help himself then The Yankees shouldn’t go another minute with him on the ML roster. They have Chirinos in the minors, just off his rehab assignment, I believe, who is an experienced ML backup. Higgy has proven that he’s a better catcher and a better hitter than Sanchez. We don’t need much out of that position with all the other talent on this team. If they need to reload with a free agent in the offseason or make a trade this year, they can get by if for some reason Higgy is not up to the task. But I think he is solid, and that’s all the team really needs right now.

Al Manning

It’s all in his head, and that’s the worst problem any athlete can bounce back from.
His mind is probably traveling all over the place. He lost his focus, thereby losing his mojo at the same time…
Antoine Stone Not the comparison intended. The point I was making is that when a team realizes it needs to make a baseball move to better the team – they do it! So, why can’t the Yankees?

Antoine Stone

Steve Contursi same reason we let (bad decision) DIDI go young guys with cheap salaries who we control for several years before Arbitration
Gary 6.3m
Torres 600k
Hicks 6m
Judge 10m
Gio 2.5 there’s no way Cashman is adding salary we only got two players making over 20m Cole & Stanton


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