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Aaron Judge - Face of the New York Yankees (Photo: CBS Sports)
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Aaron Judge: Yankees Fans Stand United Behind Him No Matter What I Say

In the minds of Yankees fans, Aaron Judge is a hero, not a villain, as I portrayed him in an earlier piece today. I’ll go…

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Reader Comments - Reflections On Baseball
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Readers Comments Page – Reflections On Baseball

This page reflects readers’ comments and thoughts as they pertain to articles appearing on my blog – Reflections On Baseball. When readers have something to…

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2019 Yankees - A team effort (Photo: The Bronx Dugout)
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A Yankees Captain: Thanks Readers, I See The Problem Now

The Yankees position of Captain is open. Brett Gardner was given a pitch here yesterday to be the next in line. As readers point out,…

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Baseball Life Facebook Group - Feature Image
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Facebook Readers Sound Off On Me And A Healthy Exchange Occurs

Members of the Baseball Life Facebook Group sound off on yours truly, Steve Contursi, regarding the article below. Rough going, but ultimately rewarding… You write…

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New York Mets Fans - The Faithful Photo Credit: The Daily Stache
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Reader’s Comments: On Zack Wheeler And The Mets Organization

Reader’s comments stemming from today’s article titled, The Mets: An Organization Where The Players Run The Asylum, are biting and incisive… I thrive on reader’s…

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Yankees Fans Photo Credit: NBC.com
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On The Giancarlo Stanton Article: Readers React With Their Comments

The article, “Giancarlo Stanton: Do These Yankees Really Need Him” (Link Here) was widely read and commented on. Here’s a sample of those comments. Editor’s…

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