Reader’s Comments: On Zack Wheeler And The Mets Organization

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Reader’s comments stemming from today’s article titled, The Mets: An Organization Where The Players Run The Asylum, are biting and incisive…

I thrive on reader’s comments as a writer, especially when a different take is offered on the subject at hand. Often, a dialog is sparked between the reader and me. Following are a sample of comments received from Mets who fans follow the team on Facebook Group Pages.

Each comment is raw and unedited for content. This, my friends, is why I do what I do.

Matt Gefland: Mets – Orange And Blue Nation

Matt Gelfand Bullshit article. The player never told mgmt, so how exactly did the Mets mess up here?
Steve Contursi Matt Gelfand, thanks for the comment. The Mets are at fault because they haven’t communicated to their players it is their responsibility to report any sign of discomfort. From there, the medical staff can take it. And thanks for the read.
Matt Gelfand Steve Contursi they haven’t communicated to the players to report any signs of discomfort? Do you really believe that?
Steve ContursiNo, I don’t Matt Gelfand. Which brings us right back to the Mets acting like the boss with some disciplinary action against Wheeler to reinforce the point with all players.
Matt GelfandYou really believe that? C’mon man, every sports team tells their players to speak up about injuries. And it’s common sense that a player would know to do that. Wheeler not telling the Mets is 100% on him, not the Mets.

Linda Lacher Sachais: New York Mets Live

Linda Lacher Sachais If a pitcher is throwing like he normally does, with no indication of pain or discomfort, what do you propose a manager or front office do? These players are adults who get paid a lot of money by their employers and should be responsible enough to inform their bosses when something is not right.
Linda Lacher Sachais Steve Contursi If you agree then I’m confused about the point of your article and, more specifically, the headline.
Steve Contursi Okay. There are two points. Players seem to take too much on themselves (Personal catchers?). Moreover, they get away with it. Wheeler has been around the block and he should have known his bosses knew about his discomfort. Same thing happened with Noah last year when he refused an MRI. No other team would allow that. You used the word responsible, which is the core of the problem. that’s why I agreed. And thanks for the read Linda Lacher Sachais

Stan Phillips: A Baseball Way Of Life

Stan Phillips It does seem like the Mets players call their own shots sometimes doesn’t it
Steve Contursi Personal catchers? Add that one in there, too.
Stan Phillips Steve Contursi NURSE ! but in defense of deGrom and Thor the proof is in the pudding Ramos does not call a good game but that should be kept internal

Jason Starace: The Real Mets Fans

Jason Starace Ur kidding me right? U all bitch when a guy goes on the dl saying he can play through it and now ur making a big deal when he does and now goes on the dl? Stop it

Michael Haggerty: New York Mets Country

Michael Haggerty I think many mistakes by Mets management in the last ten years or even more has allowed this to happen. Freddie is rarely seen, and he also does not say much as do other MLB owners, and this is not helping things. It looks to me Van Wagenen and Callaway show no leadership and discipline since they both lack experience, and that is also not helping things.

Donato Colantonio: The Shea Faithful

Donato D Rebel Colantonio too bad we couldn’t give zac to Yankees k then he gets hurt then get him back 2020

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