On The Giancarlo Stanton Article: Readers React With Their Comments

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The article, “Giancarlo Stanton: Do These Yankees Really Need Him” (Link Here) was widely read and commented on. Here’s a sample of those comments.

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I’m Steve Contursi, the writer of the Giancarlo Stanton article and the publisher of Reflections On Baseball.

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New York Yankees Baseball

Steve Montferret I prefer the brand of baseball we are playing now. I really dislike the player dichotomy of strikeout or homerun.

Boa Smith Sometimes it’s not just about which players are on the team. Sometimes it’s about which players you want to keep off the roster of the other team.

The Dugout – A Forum For The Love Of Baseball

Frank Berta Don’t need Stanton. Especially the way this team and lineup.is built now. They have some speed, some power, guys that put the ball in play and guys that can move runners. He will most likely bog down the offense except when he hits a homer

Matt Green Guys, just like everyone wanted to trade Sanchez last year, we need to give Stanton a chance. The guy is a beast and will rake if we stop this “what have you done for me lately” bs and let him play. He ended up having a good year last year and will only get better.

Yankees, NY Giants, And More

Rahim Abraham In 2018 Yankees were 2nd in runs scored in MLB. This year they are tied in 5th place. Because the first 3 leaders in RBI of Yankees 2018 lineup are not present. Yes Yankees need him.

Jorge Rosado He’s here for the unforeseen future yet the San Francisco Giants are in need of outfielders but I don’t think they want to absorb such a monster contract for the services of Madison Bumgarner.

The Bronx Dugout

Arlene Virga Would never have paid Stanton that salary to begin with so trading him for pitching and eating some of his salary is fine with me.

Yankees Yapper

Dave Herman Obviously they don’t. Imagine if they traded for Yelich instead of Stanton. But, the bigger point is that for 20 years, Cashman has almost always gone for the big bat instead of the big arm. Big bats can win a lot of games. But big arms win rings. The last time we signed or traded for the best arm available was CC. It’s absurd.

Yankees Fans From Across The World

Marc DeVille And Aaron Judge for that matter. They both strike out close to 200 times last season. I don’t care what the analytics say, but you can’t win a championship with your supposedly 2 best players striking out that many times during the playoffs. It’s just not possible.

For The Love Of Baseball

Bernie Arce I love the Yankees but the media and many yankee fans are absolutely nuts.. same people questioning if Stanton should be on the team are probably the same people that are happy with the Odell Beckham trade.. just crazy

Yankees Clubhouse

Walter Picht His contract makes him Yankees property forever! No GM would trade for this non clutch, K machine. This should be another example to MLB why you should not give long term contracts!

Brett Monger So him leading in Homeruns and Rbis and the only offensive reason we made it the post season last year but we didn’t need him 😂😂😂 great insight on one of our team leaders seeing as some players obviously did not produce like he did period!😂damn morons these posts are ignorant here’s you another little fact Sanchez started 2018 off smoking hot how did his season stats end up 😂 because yea we didn’t need our homerun or Rbi leader last season we had Andujar hitting 2 out doubles with no one on 😂gtfoh!


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