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This page reflects readers’ comments and thoughts as they pertain to articles appearing on my blog – Reflections On Baseball.

When readers have something to say, I listen whether they agree or disagree with my article’s premise. Of course, there’s the usual “it’s garbage” comment with no explanation that leaves the room for discussion in a split second.

So, as they say without further ado, here are the thoughts of readers as they pertain to a story I published today entitled On Why MLB Is And Hopefully Remains So Wonderfully Boring:

Note: Edits are made in the interest of correcting grammar and facilitating your read.

We’ll see what the response is to this experimental page. From where I sit, though, I hope it becomes one of the more popular pages within Reflections On Baseball, where dialog is the main course.

Hsin-Yuan Huang

Rob Manfred and his team really have no clue. Regardless of how you change, the casual fans are just that. They will still only watch it occasionally. They won’t start to watch it just because you made it “entertaining and short.” Simultaneously, you drove away from the real fan, and they started to become casual fans. You lose on both sides. You can’t turn baseball into a circus show.
They want to speed up the games and are trying out some ridiculous rules in the minor leagues. E.g., I heard there’s a two-pickoff limit rule. Basically, you are giving the runner the green light to run after two unsuccessful pickoffs.
They can fake two steals and then move at least an extra step to the left and be ready to steal second or even third. If a left-handed batter is in the box, they don’t even have to worry about the catcher much. Though it probably will benefit the Mets as we suck in keeping the runner on first.
a REAL BB fan can appreciate and enjoy the nuances of the game. A 2-1 game, going into the top of the 8th, and both pitchers still dueling, is exciting. BB doesn’t need to change. It still makes billions of dollars every yr. With radio, TV, cable & streaming outlets..all providing the cash,
How does one think they’re able to afford $20/30/40M, a-year players. The game should NOT change just bc ppl are bored. All of them can stay AWAY from the Ballparks. Perhaps those of us who DO enjoy all the details and “invisible” parts of BB, can enjoy it even more.
We don’t need to hear ya on the phone, texting or, heaven forbid, reading a book or newspaper…while @ a game!
I am a diehard fan; the idea that scoreless innings are boring is just ridiculous to me. I love every minute of every game and would not want to miss any of it! The heck with the casual fan!
They don’t know how to promote their stars. In the 1990s, Ken Griffey Jr., Bo Jackson, A-Rod, Nomar, and Jeter were heavily promoted. Everyone knew who they were, even non-baseball fans. Now, if you asked a non-baseball fan who Tim Anderson was, they wouldn’t have a clue.
I agree the game has been simplified — to maximize (and monetize) the interest of “fans” who don’t understand it. But there’s still enough going on to command our interest. My advice — take a scorebook to your next game. Chart every pitch, note every change in strategy. Despite its shortcomings, it is still the best game out there …
I played a lot of baseball and love to watch (or even listen on the radio and let my imagination fill in the gaps.) My grandkids (and wife) hate it because they never played it. I guess too much soccer and lacrosse, even though I find both of them tedious and boring.

Good article

The brain(less) trust of MLB continues to allow the opinions of the clueless talking heads to influence their decisions to constantly improve the game. The more they can make baseball into a video game, the better.
I think this all-or-nothing approach, homerun-strikeout-walk is weighing heavily on the flow and the integrity of the game. The new cluster of statistics like launch angle, WAR, etc is shabby replacements for batting average, ERA, innings pitched, and so on.
The idea that this generation of baseball fans is getting conned into believing that a hitter who can hit a ton of home runs, RBIs, and walks should not be penalized for hitting around the Mendoza line because of the new metrics support the lie that this is a productive player.
Sorry, I can’t stand watching a Gary Sánchez strike out 200 times, bat 173, and hit 37 homers, knowing that against a top-level pitcher he’ll fail over and over. Give me a team full of guys that can bat 280-315 and steal bases any day of the week. This environment where every hitter hits 30+ homers and every pitcher throws 100mph is boring as hell. Metrics are hurting the game.
Brilliant piece! The people/person making decisions at MLB fail to recognize the value of tradition, how history is so important to the sport is overlooked by today’s commissioner.
Fans, “casual” or invested all enjoy the numbers, comparisons of eras, and how the game was played at different times. Making changes for the sake of change is a fool’s game. Your article does a great job of acknowledging what the REAL fan wants and is drawn to in the sport. THANK YOU!
Steve Contursi

I have no issue. I heard the pickoff rule from Keith yesterday. Did not personally verify the details. But the basics should be correct. I don’t see any finer details that would make this less ridiculous. There are other less stupid rules but I don’t remember. I agree with Keith this is the worst one. BTW, the 3 batters minimum rule for relief pitchers would work really well with Guillorme’s 22 pitch walk performance the other day 😂.

Yes, baseball can be long, and sometimes seems like the game will not end. But there are moments when it’s not boring and fun, especially when you take your son or daughter or even your grandchild to their first game. The noise, the nostalgic and majestic views; make the time go by fast.
For me (an over 60 y.o.), Sabermetrics isn’t helping. While I understand it and appreciate how it can be used (I’m a Rays fan after all), limiting innings and everyone swinging for home runs has made the game boring. Sooo many strikeouts and walks with the occasional home run, pitchers only going a few innings – even when doing well (example: Blake Snell in game 6 of last year’s WS)… What happened to doubles, triples, stolen bases, and the hit and run? Now it’s all “launch angle” and bat speed. It was more fun with baserunners…
I’ve said it before, and I’ll mention it again. MLB brass, and supposedly owners want more action. If they sincerely want action, then they need to quit handing out millions of dollars to players to hit home runs! You can’t have it both ways… Since 2018 players are either striking out, walking, or hitting HRs in 34% of their plate appearances.
So for more than a third of every game, there’s not a fielder involved in the action! At least MLB is moving towards limiting shifts. It’s time-consuming moving the infielders, and left-handed hitters are at a disadvantage! Hit and runs, bunting, stolen bases, going from first to third on a hit, or scoring from first on a gap shot or a ball hit down either line, has become mighty scarce…
There’s your action right there MLB. But as long as GMs, and owners keep rewarding the long ball, and strikeouts be damned, baseball will remain boring to many fans!!

We’ll see what the response is to this experimental page. From where I sit, though, I hope it becomes one of the more popular pages within Reflections On Baseball.


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