New York City, Center of the Baseball Universe

This website is dedicated to those who see New York City as the center of the baseball universe in America.

Two teams, the New York Yankees, and the New York Mets combine to form the most intriguing and most written about franchises in all of Major League Baseball. The rivalry between the teams in unprecedented, and each season it is acted out in a media-frenzied Subway Series, and once, even a Subway World Series.

The two teams, from the top down, could not be more distinct from each other. The Yankees have their storied history and their 27 World Championships, while the Mets continue to fight for space on the back pages of the New York tabloids.

The mission of this website is to dig deeper than the boxscores, standings, and wins or losses of each team. Instead, our stories will attempt to look beyond the numbers with an eye towards explaining not only what happened, but how and why it happened.

Our writers, including myself, are all amateurs who have only one thing in common. We love baseball. We’re not new, though, and we have a wealth of experience gained from sites such as Yanks Go Yard, where I was a Site Expert until recently. You’ll also meet Cory Claus, who’ll be joining our writing staff to bring his exceptional skills to our team.

New writers are welcome to join the staff. Your contributions may or may not be “polished”. I’ll work with you and all we really need is content. That is, getting your ideas down on what we call “paper” these days. I’ll take it from there and if you are interested, drop me an email to to get the process moving.

We’re not waiting, though, so be sure to check out



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I am an amateur writer with a passion for baseball and all things Yankees and Mets.

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