Mets: Guest Columnist Lyle Weiser’s Plan For Life After Springer

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Mets fans have been lively with comments and emails about a post-George Springer strategy. Lyle Weiser, in particular, caught my attention.

Dr. Lyle Weiser, Guest Columnist, Manorville, NY
Dr. Lyle Weiser (Ph.D.), Guest Columnist, Manorville, NY

I agree with your article re George Springer. It was wise for the Mets to avoid paying Springer $25 Mil per year for 6 years.

Sandy Alderson, GM New York Mets
Sandy Alderson, GM New York MetsPhoto courtesy of SNY-TV

With that said, Jackie Bradley Jr. is also not the answer for this New York Mets team.

First off, Sandy Alderson has to wait until MLB decides to continue the DH for 2021. If the DH is retained, then they need to have an alternative in CF to Brandon Nimmo.

Jackie Bradley is not that CF. He is a left-handed batter, which doesn’t quite provide balance to this lineup. Besides, Bradley will probably cost around $12 Mil per year as there is some demand for his services.

Mets Will Remain Mindful Of The Luxury Tax

That would leave the Mets with only $13 Mil to sign a top tier LH relief pitcher, another SP, and a good hitting bench player. That is not enough cash to stay under the luxury tax threshold.

Mets owner Steve Cohen needs to show some restraint in the first year or two, so the owners who approved him don’t regret their decision and ultimately cast Cohen as a rogue.

Mets 2021 possible centerfield target (
Mets 2021 possible centerfield target (

I believe that Sandy should roll the dice here. Albert Almora (right)is a right-handed hitting CF younger than Bradley and almost as good a defensive player.

He can be had for $1-2 Mil per year. Almora would come in defensively for Nimmo in the late innings in close games and otherwise start in centerfield vs. tough left-handed starting pitchers.

That would leave enough cash for Sandy to sign several more players. One should be a better hitting, versatile utility players like a Kike Hernandez or a Danny Santana.

Santana, who is recovering from elbow surgery, would probably agree to a minor league contract with incentives.

Editor’s Note: Hernandez was removed from play by the Boston Red Sox, who signed the super-utility player to a two-year $14 million deal on Friday.

That would still leave enough reserve cash to sign a top-tier LH RP like Brad Hand or Justin Wilson‘s re-signing, with still enough cash to sign another starting pitcher.

Mets Search For A Starter Can Stop In Pittsburgh

I would place my chips on Trevor Williams. He was terrible last year. But I believe that he returns to being a quality SP.

Don’t many former Pirates’ pitchers find themselves once they leave the Bucs? I’ve watched Trevor Williams pitch, and he was outstanding (ace of the Pirates’ staff) in 2018. Health and gopher balls have compromised his effectiveness over the past few years.

Mets Strategy Still Dependant On The DH

Should MLB decide to scrap the DH in the NL for 2021, sign Almora as a backup CF, plus LH RPs like Hand or Wilson, plus another SP (maybe James Paxton) would fill the roster.

Without the DH, the Mets could not afford to platoon Dominic Smith and Pete Alonso at 1B. There would be no room at the Inn for additional hitters to play the OF. Nimmo would still start in CF, and Dom would play LF, and we would have to live with poor OF defense (along with poor defense at 3B in J.D. Davis).

However, as previously mentioned (in addition to Luis Guillorme at 3B), defensive replacements would buttress the overall team defense when necessary in the late innings.

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