Mets: How Is It That Dominic Smith Escaped From The Indians Trade?

Mets Dominic Smith - a budding MLB star (

Mets GM Jared Porter should be arrested for petit larceny by Cleveland fans. How is it Dominic Smith is still a Met and not with the Indians?

The Mets, over the course of their history, have been part of lopsided trades before.

In April 1982, The Texas Rangers traded Ron Darling and Walt Terrell to the NY Mets for Lee Mazzilli. Of course, Darling became a mainstay in the Mets rotation and was an integral part of the 1986 Championship Team.

Keith Hernandez, Former Mets First Baseman Photo Credit: Bleacher Report
Keith Hernandez, Former Mets First Baseman Photo Credit: Bleacher Report

In June 1983, the St. Louis Cardinals traded Keith Hernandez to the NY Mets for Neil Allen and Rick Ownbey. Hernandez almost instantly changed the Met team by bringing his leadership, playoff experience, outstanding defense, and clutch hitting to a Mets team that was fermenting in a bottle.

On the other side of the ledger, though, in December 1982, the Mets traded Mike Scott to the Houston Astros for Danny Heep. You’ll recall, Scott went on to develop a nasty splitter he learned from Roger Craig and win a Cy Young in 1985.

The Mets Run The Table – But How Did They Do It

Of course, we could go on, but in the case of the Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco trade for Amed Rosario and Andres Gimenez, we won’t need a few years to evaluate and separate the winners and losers between the Mets and Indians.

Now, Mike Chernoff, the Indians General Manager, is a well-respected front office baseball person and has been for many years.

In fact, he is so widely regarded that Chernoff was the leading candidate of the New York Mets’ themselves to be the new president of baseball operations in November 2020.

What Drove The Indians Off The Tracks

Look, we know that Chernoff works for a small-market team with a propensity to find and develop future All-Stars.

Of course, the trouble is sooner or later, Cleveland ownership is overwhelmed by the player’s value and must seek to trade them before they reach free-agency, whereupon the team get nothing when they leave.

Not from a fan’s perspective, which for a Mets fan brings overwhelming joy from the trade, but from a baseball perspective – how in the hell did the trade go down without the inclusion of Dominic Smith (especially), Brandon Nimmo, or J.D. Davis in the package sent to the Indians.

Is it that Smith is such an “untouchable,” and Porter made it clear from the get-go that under no circumstances will the Mets include Smith in this trade?

Mets Jared Porter and Sandy Alderson usher in the New Mets Era (NY Post)
Mets Jared Porter and Sandy Alderson usher in the New Mets Era (NY Post)

Dominic Smith is a budding star in the league. He finished in the Top Ten of the NL MVP voting in 2020 – and to boot – he is tailor-made for the American League as a designated hitter.

What is there not to like for the Indians, and why in turn did they not demand Smith’s inclusion in the trade?

Surely, there were other suitors and players in the game for Lindor who would not have hesitated to surrender a couple of high-level draft picks or major league players with more on their resume than Rosario and Gimenez.

Could it be the

Mets are possibly (but not likely) privy to information from MLB that no one else is, namely that the DH rule in the National League will be carried over for at least this year.

Mets: What’s Done Is Done – All Hail Jared Porter

In any event, the Mets can count their blessings for having executed what I believe will go down as the most lopsided trade in their history.

The heavy lifting remains with Lindor, of course, and the Mets may be required to fork over more than $300 million to sign the 27-year old to an unprecedented ten-year contract.

Make no mistake, though, “Frankie” Lindor, assuming he stays healthy, will one day be regarded as the best all-time Mets shortstop, a perennial All-Star, and an always serious contender for a Gold Glove.

In case you missed it live, here’s a video summary of today’s Mets introductory press conference for Lindor:


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