Mets: What’s Up With Those Idiots Booing Francisco Lindor?

Mets Face Of The Team - Francisco Lindor (Jeff Roberson/Associated Press)

Mets fans are usually not like this, but the booing rained down on Francisco Lindor the other night is inexcusable, and here’s why…

If Mets shortstop Francisco Lindor is having second thoughts about tying himself to Citi Field for the next ten years, then maybe he should be given the assault of boos he was greeted with the other night.

Mets fans booing Francisco Lindor - why?
Mets fans booing Francisco Lindor – why?

It wasn’t all fans, and that needs to be noted, but the boos were loud enough to be heard, and therefore can’t be dismissed.

The Mets have the premier shortstop in baseball, or close to it, and he happens to be off to one of the worse starts he could have imagined, as seen in this table below.

Source: Baseball-Reference
Source: Baseball-Reference

Lindor knows it, and he’s not shying away from it, as witnessed by his straight-up comments about the booing to the New York Daily News.

Lindor seems as perplexed by the booing as anyone, but wisely and professionally, he held back from voicing something that must be gnawing at him.

“It’s interesting, and it’s funny, and it sucks,” Lindor said. “It doesn’t feel right, for sure. Interesting because it’s the first time that it happened in my career. And funny because I’m getting booed, and people think I’m going to go home and think about, ‘Wow, I’m getting booed.’ I get it. They’re booing because there are no results. That’s it. They expect results, I expect results, and I get it. It’s part of the job.Deesha Thosar, New York Daily News

Mets Leave Lindor Walking The Plank

Diplomatic as he can ever be expected to be, Lindor assumes the blame and all of the responsibility for what is (truly) the worst start of any All-Star player this year, and far from what the Mets were hoping for.

Where is the support from his teammates? Surely it’s there, but where are those unheard voices?

If it’s all about the money in his new contract, then so be it, but how fickle can a segment of Mets fans get when only one-sixth of the 2021 season has been played – before they realize one of the best in all of baseball is taking the field in their home ballpark every night?

Francisco Lindor: Mets Athletic Shortstop Wonder (Getty)
Francisco Lindor: Mets Athletic Shortstop Wonder (Getty)

Can we please not forget that Francisco Lindor is only 27, and he is in the midst of moving to a new league, a new city (albeit the capital of major league baseball media) while adjusting to a whole new slate of pitchers?

As it is in baseball, those will be the same fans rising from seats when the Mets and Lindor hit their stride, because let it not be forgotten there’s a lot of warranted blame that can be assessed to a feeble Mets offense so far this season.

But that shouldn’t be the point either, which is that fickle Mets fans or fans of any other team for that matter (think Angels fans booing Mike Trout) have no place in baseball.

Mets: No Worries, Lindor’s Got This

The good news is Mets shortstop Francisco Lindor doesn’t need my support or yours. He’s got this!

Though again, he has to be wondering, “What have I gotten myself into here?”

It’s happened before when the Mets collar a proven All-Star player like Mike Piazza or Keith Hernandez from another team, and suddenly the lights of New York shine brightly with anticipation and visions of a World Series title.

The cream always rises to the top, and it will – Francisco Lindor is coming, and the rest of the league better watch out.

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

Author’s Note:

Readers are decided, as you will see. My view is in the minority, though forgive me, I still don’t understand why – unless it’s all about the money.

Peter BrezinskiThey had this same discussion yesterday on ” The Michael Kay Show”. Michael doesn’t get it and neither does the author of this piece. The fans are paying Lindor’s salary in some fashion. When they don’t receive what they’re expecting, they respond by booing. This isn’t new, it’s been happening since the invention of the sport. Lindor isn’t used to this since he wasn’t treated like this in Cleveland. He should have known this reaction was a strong possibility in New York. People who say the fans, like this naive author, have obviously had their heads in the sand. If you don’t like the booing, change the channel!

He is a nightmare. He will be the worse signing in team history. His skills have diminished.
Fans overpay for hot dogs and beer while he makes 10 mill a year. Let fans boo when they are dissatisfied
If he can’t take it he shouldn’t have signed here…
Ehhhhh. This is not high school softball. This is NYC. At least he knows we expect results and are not getting them. I’m sure he will heat up. But not just him that should hear the chirping. The whole offense IMO.
He’ll pick up with the warm weather. He’s adjusting to a new league, city, etc. He will be great. He was hitting in spring training and he will again. Stop booing him!
He knew what he was getting into when he took Steve Cohen’s money. This isn’t new met fans have done this many times before and they’ll continue. If you want top dollar then you better be able to handle the pressure that comes with playing in New York. This isn’t Cleveland where he would get off easy it’s very different here and he’s finding that out. But I have faith that he will become a big star in New York. Now let’s start hitting like we know you can let’s go Mets
It’s just a sad time for Mets Baseball right now!! The fans expect more!! Something is missing in the preparation of the offense!! I just think that there needs to be a better concentration on pitches!! Which ones to hit and which ones not to hit!!! Maybe they need to be in the classroom a little longer and try to figure this out, or they all need a little bit more enthusiasm and get pumped up a little more for the game!! Maybe some meditation or self-determination. I think it all stems from how the team is managed??? What will make these guys prepared to hit the ball? Yesterday’s game was an example of not knowing where the ball was when it was pitched to them. Some of the pitches that were swung at were just not strikes! They need an overhaul of determined energetic management that will make these guys see the light!! Also, it would help if this manager would keep a consistent lineup. Forget about righty and lefty pitchers when you hit to let them play. Play to win every game!! A little more baseball sense and strategy will definitely help this situation. I want results!!! NOW! Let’s Go Mets!!!
Steve Contursi Just trying to figure this all out!! I’ve been a Mets fan for a really really long time. Not bashing them, I love them no matter what!! Take the good with the bad but something’s gotta give!!!LGM
It’s in very poor form. Even if it’s deserved. And for what it’s worth he is in the kind of market which is expected to be “tough” including in this way. I wouldn’t be booing him though.

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