Mets: Waiting, Waiting, Waiting, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock

Mets Acting GM Zack Scott belatedly dismissed

The Mets have yet to get on the board as the clock winds down to 4 pm today. Are they setting up for a major disappointment or a blockbuster?

The Mets were set up to be major players at the trade deadline this year. They still are, and as the drama mounts, all we can do is wait…

The Mets still have one line in the water with persistent reports there is a deal close to fruition with the Chicago Cubs that would send Kris Bryant and starting pitcher Zach Davies to New York.

Kris Bryant tailor made for the Mets 2021?
Kris Bryant tailor-made for the Mets 2021?

But as they say at this time of the year in baseball, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, and the Mets have neither.

As reported by SNYthe Mets are also attaching bait to another line in another deal with the Cubs for shortstop Javier Baez, but again it’s only talking.

It can’t be the Cubs are getting wishy-washy after they’ve already parted with fan-favorite Anthony Rizzo, who went to the Yankees, can it?

Nor can it be those penny-pinching Wilpon’s, not with Steve Cohen on board. So, what is it?

Maybe it’s a report the Mets have made it known slugging corner infielder/outfielder J.D. Davis is available in trades as reported by ESPN’s Kiley McDaniel, and it’s the Mets who are hedging about parting with Davis.

Mets: Who Would Have Thought…

Whatever the reason is, this is not what many expected from a Mets team set to “do something great” for the city of New York, in the words of Steve Cohen when he spoke them during his introductory session with the media.

Nor does the Mets’ inaction correspond with the team’s play in the first half of the season, with a chance to carry forth prematurely on another goal set by Cohen to win it all in three years.

Like you, perhaps, I keep checking the MLB Transactions for today, hoping to see the Mets pop up in a trade. Still, alas, all there is a deal in which the Washington Nationals sent RHP starting pitcher Daniel Hudson to the Padres – a deal by the way the Mets could have made to fill a need they have.

Like all teams, it’s now or never for the Mets because, in 2019, MLB abolished the August waiver deals that enabled teams to continue making trades after the actual trade deadline had passed.

If a player cleared waivers, he could be traded and still qualify for the postseason roster. No more.

Mets: Whatcha Got Cookin’?

Nevertheless, it’s hard to believe the Mets don’t have something cooking in a pot that’s ready to boil over.

A deal is finalized... (Photo:
A deal is finalized… (Photo:

Acting Mets GM Zack Scott (today’s featured image) is coming of age and is likely to get awarded the job permanently by Sandy Alderson – but as the cliche says – the proof is in the pudding.

Also fascinating is that often in baseball, the biggest trades are those you never hear about – until they occur. These are the ones in which the groundwork was set long ago during, for instance, during the Winter Meetings held last December, and all that’s left to be done for the Mets now is to tie the strings together.

Teams are also examining the medical records of players involved in trades more closely than ever before, a process made easier by MLB’s requirement that teams trade medical histories before they trade players.

Already this week, the Phillies nixed a deal with the Pittsburgh Pirates for RHP Tyler Anderson after seeing his medical records, though the Pirates were able to send Anderson to Seattle later on the same day.

All these variables, and sometimes it’s no wonder why we sit here on a day like today waiting for the Mets to “do something.”

But maybe that half the fun…we’ll see.

Here’s What Fans Are Saying…

Gary Goehringer The question is what do you consider a blockbuster. If they get a Bryant/Davies is it an upgrade? I’d say no over Davis and smith. Davies has a mid 4 era that’s not good. Now could they shock us and get a Berrios on top of another move for a bat I hope but it will be costly especially with SD getting beat out for Scherzer

Gary Wolkowitz If it happens it happens. If it doesn’t I won’t be happy, but at this point, I am expecting nothing.

Shawn Nunnally When will y’all realize that we’re more than one or two pieces from being WS contenders. If all these guys are 2-month rentals then why give up good prospects when you can go after them in the offseason and keep the farm system intact? None of the guys mentioned in trade rumors are enough to get us over the top this year

Chris Flaim I’m not sure at this point if Bryant and Davies would be a disappointment or blockbuster with what the Dodgers have done.

Rafael Perez As usual, Dodgers get what they need, Mets whatever is left

Dave Siebert Clearly this says something about how the rest of the league feels about the Mets farm system or the Mets think Mets prospects should get more respect. I think at least one or two players in a Syracuse uniform last night will be on an airplane tonight to prove himself to another team. Any guesses who that might be? This should be about minor league players being added to deals. Some low-money team has a player they eventually can’t afford and should love some of our prospects. Dave is a member of Facebook’s Syracuse Mets group

Lyle Magedoff I’m a positive met fan however I realize if we stay pat most met fans will be very disappointed deGrom and the Cookie will be the key

Joe Gersbeck We are a couple of years away from realistically winning a championship. No reason to trade anyone in the farm system for rentals

Michael J. Cala So 1st place is not worth hanging on to?

Kevin Johnson Nothing can be done this year to combat the NL West. Cohen’s money will only work in FA.

Janet Jason All the other teams are willing to give something up to make a strong push to the finish even if they are rentals. Why not us?? You never know how it may turn out if we don’t give it a try. Very frustrating being a fan at times like this

Allan Mitchell I think uncle Stevie has an Ace up his sleeve as well as a new position player……

Geno Ashline I’d rather be good for the next 10 years instead of giving up the farm and coming up short this year.


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