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Francisco Lindor: Working thos New York kinks out (amNewYork)
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Francisco Lindor: Oh Ye Of Little Faith – Where Are You Mets Fans?

Make no mistake, Francisco Lindor is off to a horrific start in the first 22 games as a Met. But is all the booing about…

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Mets Face Of The Team - Francisco Lindor (Jeff Roberson/Associated Press)
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Mets: What’s Up With Those Idiots Booing Francisco Lindor?

Mets fans are usually not like this, but the booing rained down on Francisco Lindor the other night is inexcusable, and here’s why… If Mets…

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Francisco Lindor: Mets Athletic Shortstop Wonder (Getty)
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Lindor Says: “Let The Shift Be Gone” (MLB Rule Change) Let Him Play!

Francisco Lindor, exercising his newfound bullhorn with the Mets, says the shift is bad for baseball. His reasoning makes pure baseball sense. When Francisco Lindor…

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Mets Francisco Lindor (
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Mets And Lindor Are Both Wise To Let An Extension Play Itself Out

The Mets have a tiger by the tail in Francisco Lindor. While the temptation is to wrap him up long-term, it’s wiser to take a…

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Mets new shortstop, Francisco Lindor (NBC Sports)
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The Mets Kill It: Nab Lindor And Carrasco In Stunning Six Player Trade

The Mets stunned the world of baseball and their fans today, acquiring Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco in a deal with the Indians. The Mets…

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