Mets: Let’s Not Celebrate About That Magical MRI Yet

Jacob deGrom And The Waiting Game (New York Post)

When the Mets received news of the “clean” MRI, it took Jacob deGrom about five minutes to begin playing catch. I’m wary of the feel of this.

Reportedly, Mets ace Jacob deGrom had a bounce in his step when he ascended the dugout steps after receiving a “clean” MRI, glove in hand, and ready to play catch, an activity he has been shut down from since July 26.

Surprised as anyone by this development, especially since deGrom had been moved to the 60-day IL only days ago, Met’s manager Luis Rojas was cautious in his remarks to reporters:

Mets manager Luis Rojas was vague, saying that doctors “gave the green light” for the ace to play catch, but there was “not a progression mapped out.” He said that he didn’t know the exact details of the MRI results or if deGrom could return in uniform this year.

Rojas then stated the obvious that if deGrom works his way back in the final days of the pennant race and the Mets were in the thick of it, how wonderful that would be.

Mets: Yes, If Only…

Yes, if only both could happen, with the Mets sitting seven games out in both the Division and Wild Card race and the team getting booed off the field by fans at Citi Field last night.

Not a situation that can’t be overcome with a full month of baseball remaining, but when is the reversal going to begin?

The loss to the Giants last night was a loss in which they left nine men on base, managing only one extra-base hit (out of ten) while grounding in three double plays (two by Pete Alonso), and finally, after today, the West Coast teams are behind the Mets.

Coming up is the Mets chance because the Mets play no one but the Washington Nationals and Miami Marlins for 12 consecutive games that take them through September 9 on their schedule.

Mets Jacob deGrom A Lock For the 2021 Cy Young
Mets Jacob deGrom A Lock For the 2021 Cy Young

Jacob deGrom’s “progression” is at that point, and where the Mets are in the standings on that date, must dictate what the Mets do with deGrom.

Although deGrom commands a healthy salary, averaging a bit over $30 million per year, this is not a matter of the Mets protecting their “investment” as it is with many high-priced and injured pitchers. The money is pocket change for Steve Cohen, so it’s more than that.

Jacob deGrom may pitch for the New York Mets, but in so many other ways, he pitches for and represents major league baseball – a pitcher who was well on his way to making baseball history during the first half of this 2021 season.

Mets: Go Against The Grain – Shut Him Down

Who doesn’t want to see Jacob deGrom on the mound and pitching in a game this season?

Who doesn’t believe that deGrom, the consummate and competitive player, will not do everything he can to pitch again this year?

Barely anyone, including myself.

But to me, it’s like the student who takes the SATs for the fourth time, finally managing to score high enough to gain entrance to a college.

At the very least, the Mets need to have deGrom submit to an MRI once a week from here on in, and the test need not be performed by that unnamed doctor who came out of nowhere with a “clean” MRI.

Degrom Means More Tomorrow Than Today

DeGrom has two years remaining on his contract with the Mets, with the team having a 2024 option.

Steve Cohen - An Open book and a man with a plan
Steve Cohen – An Open book and a man with a plan

Two years, and hopefully a minimum of sixty deGrom starts for a Mets team that will not stay stagnant this offseason or any other under the tenure of Steve Cohen, and a team on their way up.

I know – it goes against the grain, but this is one fan who wants to see Jacob deGrom at full strength in 2022 and beyond and not at 85% in September with the sole purpose of filling Citi Field.

For any team owner, the temptation is great, but this is yet another chance for Cohen to say – “Hold on, we have a three-year plan, and we don’t need to do this with the best pitcher in baseball.”

Wishful thinking, more powerful than the Mets being in contention in late September?

I’m only hoping so…

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

Anthony Pesco What’s the injury? Inflammation is a symptom, not an injury… the whole thing is perplexing.

Steven Kureiji Shut him down. The season is over. But it’s the Mets. So he will hurt his arm pitching and be out the whole next season. Typical Mets

John Grappone Who cares, season is OVER. He and Syndergaard can play catch in the parking lot

Kenny Clarke Why bother? This team stinks right now. And if they don’t go 10-2, or better, against the Marlins and Nationals, this season is over. Cause they still have the Yanks, Brewers, and Braves

Frank Caracci Let him stay out

John Del Prete The mystery injury !!! When will we know the story? Good question and one of mine.

Ari Mermelstein Steve Contursi “If I were the Mets, I would shut down DeGrom for the rest of the season. It’s extremely unlikely the Mets will make the playoffs, and bringing him back prematurely can risk his future.”

Luke Monaghan Steve Contursi Fine then, shut it down until 2022, He is the least of the issue. Can’t score for him anyway. Don’t make sense to rush him back for this inept-hitting team.

Rick Velez Should just shut him down the rest of the year!

Stuart Horton Alderson and Rojas continued to use JDG after he twice reported injury problems. Is this any surprise? Shut him down for the year, even though he’s the best clutch hitter on the team.

Closing Comments And Final Thoughts

With comments overwhelmingly in favor of the Mets shutting deGrom down (trust me, I didn’t ignore others), published comments are now closed.

The Mets have a weighty decision on their hands in the coming weeks, and your guess is as good as mine as to what the Mets will do with deGrom…

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