Mets: Did Carlos Beltran fall into a sinkhole or something?

Carlos Beltran - Sign-stealing cloud (Photo: New York Post)

The Mets need to issue an APB on Carlos Beltran. His last public news conference was back in November. Unusual behavior for a rookie manager – what gives?

Did the Mets pick an introvert to be their new manager and media frontman, or is Carlos Beltran going to come out of hiding to help generate some excitement among the Mets fan base for the 2020 season?

MLB sign stealing investigation (Photo:

Unsubstantiated reports from several sources, including Dan Martin and Ken Davidoff’s report, filed for the New York Post., suggest that Beltran will be absolved from wrongdoing in the Houston Astros sign-stealing episode that is currently under investigation by Major League Baseball (MLB).

If accurate, this means Beltran will begin the 2020 season as planned when the Mets meet the Nationals on Opening Day.

The Mets and Beltran Are In Control

Carlos Beltran has had every reason to avoid commenting until the investigation is complete. But at the same time, his absence from public view leaves fans and writers who have an interest in the Mets’ new season with articles and headlines of speculation like this one.

There will be those who cry “Click Bait” on seeing the headline to this story. But what is one to expect when only the sounds of silence prevail?

Mets GM Brodie Van Wageneen (Photo: New York Post)
Mets GM Brodie Van Wagenen (Photo: New York Post)

Beltran is in control, not the media.

All he has to do is stipulate something to the effect that “I am here only to discuss and answer questions about the team Brodie Van Wagenen is assembling for me to manage in 2020.

Anything else is off-limits for the time being. Now, let’s talk Mets.”

Instead, all of the heavy-lifting has been left to Van Wagenen to explain to a hungry for news media. Questions as to how and why he has added and subtracted from the Mets roster this offseason.

Typically, as in the case of Aaron Boone‘s public gushing about Gerrit Cole‘s, a team’s manager falls in line with his GM. This type of follow up helps to create not only a spirit of unity but an increase in the confidence of a team’s fan base that suggests this year will be better.

Where’s All the Excitement?

Mickey Callaway Has Time For Fans 7/25/2019 (Photo: Steve Contursi, Reflections On Baseball)
Mickey Callaway Has Time For Fans 7/25/2019 (Photo: Steve Contursi, Reflections On Baseball)

In contrast, Mets fans will recall the days and weeks leading up to Spring Training following the appointment of Mickey Callaway.

You couldn’t shut the guy up. Brimming with excitement and a new bag of tricks he couldn’t wait to open, Callaway was a runaway train, harboring only a Let’s refrain.

It could be Beltran is keeping things closer to his vest after witnessing the rise and fall of Callaway. But still, Mets fans and reporters have questions Brodie Van Wagenen can’t and therefore shouldn’t answer.

Baseball related questions like – Carlos, if you need a closer against the Nationals on Opening Day, is Edwin Diaz, your guy? Or, between Rick Porcello and Michael Wacha, who do you see as of today as your fifth starter?

Or, Carlos, if Dominic Smith is not traded, how do you intend to use him, and do you see him getting as many as 400 at-bats for the Mets this season? Ditto the same question about J.D. Davis.

And so on. If I’m wondering about these things, I’m sure rabid Mets fans are wondering even more about the answers to these and other questions regarding Carlos Beltran’s plans to manage his team.

Mets and Carlos Beltran – No More Excuses

Soon, if the reports are accurate, Beltran will be a “free man,” released from scrutiny with a dark cloud lifted.

His brothers on the Astros apparently will not be as fortunate, and a black eye will be painted not only on the Astros but baseball as well.

Next up is another investigation MLB will pursue with the claim the Red Sox stole signs during their Championship 2018 season.

Spring Training lies in wait in a month or so. It’s about time that Carlos Beltran assumes the mantle he so dearly wanted as the manager of the New York Mets…

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