Mets: After The Braves They’re On Their Own For July

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The Mets, after the Braves, are on their own and not due to face a team in their division until July 26. Time to tee it up, boys…

With last night’s loss in DC, the Mets lead in the NL East standings has shrunk to three games, and the surging Nationals may or may have figured this thing out.

But nowhere should there be panic on the minds of Mets fans or with anyone in the clubhouse. So far, it’s merely a June Swoon (4-6 in their last ten), and quite typical over any team’s long season.

Mets July Schedule Is Tempting

Call it a freakish thing in the Mets schedule or not, the fact is they are totally on their own after leaving Atlanta, and the next time they square off on an NL East opponent is July 26, when the Braves arrive at Citi Field.

This doesn’t mean the Mets are in a soft spot of their schedule, though, because on tap are the Yankees, Brewers, Blue Jays, and a home and away series with the surging Cincinnati Reds.

It does give them a breather, though, in the sense, they are totally on their own.

When they win one of these games, nothing changes, no matter what teams below them in the NL East do. Teams beneath them lose, well, that’s gravy.

While the Mets’ upcoming July schedule is evenly split (10-9) between home and away games, there’s also a home and away series (7 games) with the Pittsburgh Pirates, who hold the distinction of having the third-worst record in baseball.

Mets In Transition

Still, the team is in a transition period as they welcome back a full measure of the Opening Day lineup.

Michael Conforto receives a "Blessing" from teammates 8/9/2019
Michael Conforto receives a “Blessing” from teammates 8/9/2019

Production from returning players will come but it’s a stretch to think it can happen overnight. Averages of returning players like Michael Conforto (.219), Jeff McNeil (.234), and Albert Almora (.212) may be disappointing, but it’s not like all they need to do is turn the switch to the “On” position.

Ditto Brandon Nimmo when he does return after a rehab stint in Syracuse.

The season-long mantra of the Mets need not change, though. Win games, play hard, don’t look behind you, and keep those spirit-filled Dance Nights in the clubhouse after a win going.

Mets Players Know The Front Office Is There To Help

In the interim, Mets fans can look forward to an infusion of talent at the behest of Steve Cohen that is likely to knock the socks off of baseball.

Mets New Era brings a familiar name back
Mets New Era brings a familiar name back

The needs are obvious and not limited to a centerfielder and at least one, if not two proven major league starting pitchers.

The onus falls on Acting GM Jake Scott and Mets President Sandy Alderson to make it happen.

We can sit here all day making recommendations on trades the team should make, but we’re not dealing with the Wilpons and Brodie VanWagenen anymore.

Alderson, especially, is baseball savvy, and with Cohen ready to open the war chest, it’s a brand new day in Metland.

Still, the Mets players, who are also standing by waiting for help, must hold on to what they have, because there’s nothing saying Steve Cohen will spend like a maniac if he sees no reason.

The job of the Mets in July is to emerge not having lost any ground. Expand the lead? wonderful, but it’s not a must…

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

Sheldon Forman I would like to see the Mets bring in some better offensive talent for the catcher spot, second base, and centerfield. We need to add some boppers to the lineup who can also hit at least .270.

Arnie Wexler Start with 3 wins against the Yankees

Alfredo Cruz I think baseball in general needs to get back to basics technique. Too much analytics…killing the game. The numbers are great to play with and crunch but I think hitting has nothing to do with thinking. It’s more reaction. These guys are thinking while hitting..see ball hit ball..easy baseball. A higher BA promises better OB% which essentially should provide runs. But ya have to see the ball first. I like our team. With all of its misgivings on offense. When we hit we can score a lot of runs. We just have to hit.

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