Mets: A Fly On The Wall In Their Clubhouse Is Seeing And Hearing This

Mets Tylor Megill Makes A Key Start

The Mets clubhouse is quiet this afternoon as they get ready for today’s game. There are quiet conversations among players, though, we hear…

Mets Luis Rojas: This ain't so easy, is it?
Mets Luis Rojas: This ain’t so easy, is it?

Mets manager Luis Rojas remains in his office. He knows his players need time alone to gather themselves in the wake of last night’s loss to the Phillies, a game that removed the Mets from first-place for the first time since May.

His team is in a spin that may or may not have a bottom. Rojas also knows many have never taken the Mets seriously this year, and it was only a matter of time when Las Vegas predictions would ring true when the so called creme de la creme Braves and Phillies would rise to the top.

Inside The Mets Clubhouse…

Inside the Mets clubhouse, though, you can hear a pin drop. Reporters have long since been sent on their way. The music has been turned down or turned off completely.

TV’s are tuned to the MLB Network, but the sound is muted, and no one is paying attention because the only game that matters today is the one that begins at 4:05 pm today when Rojas gives the ball to Tylor Megill. (today’s Featured Image)

We can hear Pete Alonso, Jeff McNeil, and Dominic Smith in a dialog about Ranger Suarez, the Phillies pitcher they’ll be facing. They note they’ve only seen Suarez twice for a total of two innings in which they got to him for three hits and two earned runs.

Tylor Megill is having a conversation with himself as he reviews what he saw last night from Bryce Harper, J.T. Realmuto, and Didi Gregorius, who touched the Mets for a home run, plus what the scouting reports are telling him, knowing he has to be better than he was in his last start.

Obeying tradition and routine etiquette, Mets players, keep their distance from McGill.

The atmosphere in the clubhouse is edgy, and Mets players are not sure how they should be acting, but the catered lunch is mostly untouched.

There’s a lot of pacing, and quiet high fives as Mets players pass their teammates. Still, when the call arrives, the field at Citizen’s Bank Park is clear for them to take batting practice, the rush to the walkway leaves no one behind, as finally, the Mets are safe where they know best – a baseball diamond and playing field.

Mets: Safe At Home On The Playing Field

The fly on the wall has left us, but the Mets have left behind a clubhouse they know they’ll return to only when the final out is made – as winners or losers.

Back in first with Dance Time in place, or maybe not, because this team knows what lies ahead for them when they face a stretch of games from August 13-August 27 when they play only the Dodgers and Giants.

Nevertheless, Luis Rojas, the team’s always steady barometer, is no longer invisible, and he can be seen roaming about in the field making his way from one group of his players to the next, glove in hand and ready to shag the next fly ball hit their way.

It hasn’t been an easy ride for the Mets in the 2021 regular season, but when you look at the Phillies, especially the Braves, who have undergone an equal loss of key players as the Mets have, it hasn’t been easy for them either.

Brandon Nimmo Tries To Find The Words…But…

The mood in the Mets clubhouse is most likely businesslike today, with no hoo-rahs or speeches because at heart, this Mets team, despite the shirt-ripping and Dance Nights, is a team that plays only to win.

And you can’t get the feeling that says anyone who says anything other than it ain’t over ’til the Mets says it is” hasn’t been paying attention…

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Julio Alvarez Last place is waiting for my Mets. Boo, hiss.

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