Mets Keep Plugging Away – Small Moves Are Better Than None

Citi Field, home of the New York Mets

The Mets struck out swinging in their quest for a Director of Baseball Operations, but to their credit, they’re still plugging away…

The Mets can only hope that small things lead to big things. While hiring a Director of Baseball Operations and a General Manager is the most pressing need, the team is not standing still, doing what they can in the interim.

Early this week, the Mets designated Brandon Drury for assignment, ending the infielder’s short tenure with the team.

The Mets also reassigned C Chance Sisco and CF Albert Almoro Jr. to the Triple-A team in Syracuse.

Additionally, several players were recalled from Syracuse or activated from the now-empty Injured List and now hold a place on the Mets roster.

Yesterday, the team aimed their coaching staff, informing most of their staff that they are free to seek jobs elsewhere. This group includes Jeremy Accardo, Ricky Bones, Gary DiSarcina, Dave Jauss, Brian Schneider, and Tony Tarasco.

According to reports, hitting coach Hugh Quattlebaum and assistant hitting coach Kevin Howard will be reassigned to minor-league roles. Pitching coach Jeremy Hefner is expected to remain with the organization, though his exact role is still not determined.

Having decided not to renew the contract of Luis Rojas, the coaching moves are interesting unless the Mets intend not to fill coaching positions until a new manager is on board.

To proceed with filling the vacancies flies in the face of any new manager worth his salt to name his team and not being forced to inherit the one appointed by the front office.

Another view suggests the Mets showed some class and professionalism by telling those who are free to seek new employment – now rather than later.

Beware Of Billy Beane

No question, though, the Director of Baseball Operations (DOBO) remains the main event.

Billy Beane, GM Oakland A's Photo Credit: MLB Daily Dish
Billy Beane, GM Oakland A’s Photo Credit: MLB Daily Dish

With the dismissal of Theo Epstein as a candidate, attention is now focused on Billy Beane, who is currently under contract with the Oakland A’s.

There are two things about Beane that give me cause to put the brakes on.

First, Beane’s ties to Sandy Alderson are well known, and if Beane does decide to leave Oakland (assuming the A’s permit for him to interview), it will primarily be Alderson making it happen.

The concern raised is that this comes dangerously close to more of the same from the Mets because if Alderson has failed (and he has), then why bring in a clone like Beane, who earned his spurs under Alderson when he was first hired in Oakland?

The other thing about Billy Beane is that he’s used to working in a small market and with a fan base that is happy if the A’s win, but their daily lives go on amid all the entertainment outlets in California if they lose.

Thus, how committed and comfortable would he be in entering the lion’s den in New York at this stage of his career?

Mets: How Many Hats In The Ring?

Jon Heyman of MLB Network reports that Jon Daniels of the Rangers, Mike Chernoff of the Indians, David Forst of the A’s, and Josh Byrnes of the Dodgers have been named candidates to run the Mets baseball operations. Still, Forst and Chernoff are not likely to leave their current jobs to run the Mets.

Mets: Too many hats in the ring?
Mets: Too many hats in the ring?

And that’s the game being played for now – mention four names only to cross two off the list in the next breath.

Add another name (just in case), only to add the proviso that makes the mention pointless, as with mentioning that “Erik Neander of the Rays is certainly a name the Mets would’ve liked to interview, but he was given a contract extension and promotion by Tampa earlier this week.”

All of which suggests that we will need even more patience if we are going to follow this thing.

Alas, I probably will because there will be nothing else of consequence in Metland until the DOBO position is filled.

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