MLB Procrastinators - Derek Jeter and David Ortiz
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MLB: Pace Of The Game And Rule Changes – Part Two

Today’s article about MLB’s ill-advised obsession to speed up the pace of the game has prompted new thoughts that are spurred by readers… Earlier today,…

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MLB's Rob Manfred - A Misguided Soul
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MLB: Rule Changes That Need To Be Trashed for 2022

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred is obsessed with the “slow” pace of baseball. His answer is to dream up new rules, but many belong in the…

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Mets Marcus Stroman in the 2022 spotlight (Photo:
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Mets: Making The Case To Go All Out In Resigning Marcus Stroman

The Mets 2022 starting staff is mostly filled with question marks, which is why they need to make an all-out effort to resign Marcus Stroman….

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Masahiro Tanaka Yankees Mr. Consistency (Photo: Forbes)
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If The Yankees Aren’t Making A Pitch To Masahiro Tanaka They Should Be

Out of respect, the Yankees didn’t intervene when Masahiro Tanaka fled the U.S. for safety reasons. But that was then, and this is now… For…

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Yankees Number One Geritt Cole (NY Daily News)
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Yankees: If Gerrit Cole Isn’t The Answer Then Who Is

The Yankees brought in Gerrit Cole to deliver in games he hasn’t been able to win. So, is it back to the drawing board to…

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Yankees Principal Owner Hal Steinbrenner
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Yankees: Steinbrenner Had It Right About Boone In June

Yankees principal owner Hal Steinbrenner had a grip on the team’s pulse on the 4th of July, and nothing he said landed on Aaron Boone….

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The Mets Need Buck Showalter
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The Mets Have Competition But Showalter Is The Manager They Need

The Mets search for a President Of Baseball Operations may cause a delay in hiring a new manager. But If they want Showalter, don’t wait……

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Supercharged Pete Alonso (NY Daily News)
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Will The Mets Force Pete Alonso To Take On The Full Load Again

While the Mets had large holes in their 2021 lineup, their reliance on Pete Alonso as a run producer is the most glaring. Please, not…

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