Trevor Bauer - Would he make it in New York City? (Business Insider)
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If Trevor Bauer Is Looking To Make A Big Splash New York’s Stage Waits

Trevor Bauer is flying high. Fresh off a Cy Young win, this is his moment to punch his own ticket. The Big Apple is a…

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Erik Neander: Perfect Fit For The Mets GM Spot
Posted in Analysis Mets 2021

Mets GM: Hire Tampa Bay’s Erik Neander Before Someone Else Does

Next up on the Mets transition agenda is the hiring of a general manager. There’s no need to look any further than Tampa Bay’s Erik…

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Sandy Alderson ushers in the Mets Era Of Good Feelings
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Mets: Alderson’s Press Conference Stresses Collaboration And Culture

The Mets New Era came today with direction and leadership at the top. Here are few takeaways from today’s opening press conference at Citi Field….

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The Yankees 2021 White Whale - DJ LeMahieu (Newsday)
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On Why The Yankees Offseason Is On Hold Until DJ LeMahieu Decides

The Yankees offseason begins with DJ LeMahieu, and from there, a series of dominoes affecting other players will fall into place. Until then… The Yankees…

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Luis Rojas: Rapport With His Mets Players (
Posted in Analysis Luis Rojas Mets 2021 Mets Analytics

Luis Rojas: A Critical Bridge Between The Analysts And The Players

Without Luis Rojas and his coaching staff, the mountain of generated analytics information is useless if not communicated to the players. Luis Rojas may or…

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Posted in Analysis Mets 2021 Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen: There Won’t Be Any Grass Growing Under His Feet, Huh?

Steve Cohen, on his first official day as the Mets owner, took his vacuum cleaner out to act decisively in getting The Plan underway. Unlike…

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Trevor Bauer: Let The Buyer Beware (FoxSports)
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Trevor Bauer: A Self-Promoting Misfit For Either The Mets Or Yankees

Trevor Bauer has launched a self-promoting campaign guaranteeing he will sell himself to the highest bidder, no questions asked. Beware. Trevor Bauer can’t get enough of…

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Giancarlo Stanton - Frustration Felt Everywhere (NY Times)
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Yankees: On The Albatross Of Stanton’s Contract And Bobby Bonilla

One way or another, the Yankees must find a way to relieve the team of Giancarlo Stanton’s contract. Why not at least explore this approach?…

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