Yankees: So There You Have It – They Drop Two Of Their First Three

Yankees Race To The Wire 2021 (nj.com)

The Yankees have gotten off to an inauspicious beginning to the 2021 season. Is it an omen or a hiccup of what will follow?

The Yankees dropped the rubber game of their three-game set at Yankee Stadium to the Toronto Blue Jays by a competitive score of 3-1.

On the surface, so what? A three-game series does not make a season.

But when you add in a lack of consistent offense with a multitude of runners left on base, questionable defense is highlighted by Gleyber Torres’ play at shortstop and an already beleaguered bullpen – it might be time to take a time-out.

Yankees Go Off The Script

On paper, the Yankees are supposed to sweep through this thing, at least with a division win for lack of competition, and on to the playoffs and the World Series for the first time in twelve years.

Domingo German - So Much To Prove 2021 (theathletic.com)
Domingo German – So Much To Prove 2021 (theathletic.com)

And sometimes things have a way of taking over the moment despite the best efforts of the players on the field that day.

Gerrit Cole wishes only he could take back that one pitch to Teoscar Hernandez that landed for a decisive home run in otherwise can be counted as a brilliantly pitched start for the Yankees.

Ditto today when Domingo German threw two errant pitches to Randal Gruchek and Vladimir Geurreo Jr. that landed in the seats during his three-inning outing in his first start since 2019.

Surprise, surprise. Gary Sanchez is showing up and off to a good start with two bombs in three games. But behind him, where is the offense.

Giancarlo Stanton is a complete no-show, and Aaron Judge is – what? Does anyone know?

Clint Frazier is getting the message and is four for his first nine at-bats as the Yankees’ regular left fielder.

But Aaron Hicks is only 1-12 so far, with his signature walk total only at two. But then again, when have you ever seen a number three hitter paid and rated by his ability to get base-on-balls?

Fill that in with Gleyber Torres and his (at best) questionable play at shortstop, with DJ LeMahieu cemented in at second base where Torres appears most comfortable, which shapes out to be a long season for the Yankees up the middle.

Yankees: 3 Games Do Not Make A Season – But…

As we said before, three games do not make a season, but even at this stage, the upcoming three games against the Baltimore Orioles, who figure to be everyone’s patsy, are something to be watched.

MLB fans waiting patiently, but for how long? (NorthJersey.com)
MLB fans waiting patiently, but for how long? (NorthJersey.com)

The Yankees need something big against the O’s, especially because they’ll be played before a home crowd at Yankee Stadium – in addition to those pesky Tampa Bay Rays who are next on the Yankee’s schedule after the Orioles.

Following those games on the Yankees’ schedule are three more against the Blue Jays, followed by Tampa Bay again, and then the Atlanta Braves.

So, suffice to say, there is little time to straighten things out, lest the Yankees emerge from a first-half sleep to capture what should have been there all along.

Teams often take time to gel and come together. But the Yankees are a team put largely together with veteran players who should already have a melded clubhouse and support from the front office.

It’s early, the common refrain from fans and teams at this stage of a burgeoning season.

Yankees: It’s Always Nice To Lead The Charge

But as with runners competing in a quarter-mile dash to the finish, a head start at the sound of the gun is always better than looking ahead at those in front of you.

The Yankees are supposed to be the runner at the head of the pack – but it is there to secure because, as the Blue Jays proved – nothing in baseball for sure.

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

NO HIT NO WIN… Keep swinging for the fences, NO CONTACT
Same problems as last year – boom or bust. Gets you nowhere.
Really – this is so dumb. THREE GAMES, REALLY
In 2017, the Yankees came to 1 game of the World Series and also lost 2 out of the 1st three games (actually started with a 1-4 record).
In 2009 (the last time they won the World Series) they also started 1-2 so perhaps this is a good sign.
1998 (they won the world series, they lost all three of their 1st three games and after five games, they had a 1-4 record.
I am sure there are other examples but I am too lazy to look they up.
Well, it’s the same story as it’s been for the last 3 years situational hitting sucks and I think this season may prove it. Boone says Stanton won’t play 5 consecutive games and how much is he getting paid. Judge is a great player, but always hurt my guess is an injury is right around the corner


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