Yankees: God Help Us – Here We Go Again With the Cliches’ And Excuses

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The Yankees are struggling right now – we get that. But why do they insist on assaulting us with empty and well-worn cliches’ and excuses? 

The Yankees could have left it to their fans to peruse the box score from yesterday’s loss to the Blue Jays, where we could see the awful truth and try to absorb the second series loss of this season to Toronto.

I could have avoided the lead stories in the local papers about the game, but somehow I still have faith there will be a nugget or two of useful information that’ll make it worthwhile.

The New York Daily News and the New York Post offered none of that, and instead, they served up another portion of pablum to their masses.

Yankees: Cliches And “Explanations”

Yankees Aaron Judge - What's going on here?
Yankees Aaron Judge – What’s going on here?

By now, you are likely to be familiar with and could have spoken or written them yourself, but here’s a sample of quotes that could have been better left unsaid.

Yankees Aaron Judge to the New York Daily News “We take a lot of pride in our craft and what we do and showing up ready to play and showing up ready to win.

“It’s just time to regroup and figure out what we need to work on, figure out what guys need to improve on, and get back to it.”

As opposed to saying, “We suck, and I don’t think anyone around here has the answers right now.” How refreshing would that be?

Or maybe, how about saying nothing at all?

Then, of course, there was the quintessential Yankees Spin Doctor, Aaron Boone, who offered, “We know eventually we are going to start banging. I have a ton of confidence in our guys and can’t wait to see them turn the corner.”

As opposed to what – telling the truth?

Like the day before when Gary Sanchez violated a prime base-running rule that says with a runner ahead of you, do not commit before he does.

In this case, Boone offered the rally-killing mistake in the eighth inning to Giancarlo Stanton’s “hesitation,” and that’s what threw Sanchez off. Why even say it – we’re not stupid.

Yankees: C’mon, You’ve Heard These, Too.

The hits keep coming from the arsenal of cliches and excuses spewing from the mouths of enablers, not only from the Yankees but from the entire cast of actors wearing a major league uniform.

There's no excuse on the playground.
There’s no excuse on the playground.

Count the times you hear this – “The ball came out of his hand well today, and it was only two pitches that cost him” – like we didn’t see that in the box score and the two home runs he gave up costing his team a game?

Or, “he’s taking some good swings up there, and it’s only a matter of time before the ball finds the sweet spot on his bat.”

Or, “They got a little mixed up out there on that fly ball, but the late-afternoon sun caught my right-fielder in a blind spot. Those things happen”.

Or, and here’s the best one, “True, we’ve gotten off to a rough start, but I believe in every one of those guys in the clubhouse – and we’ll get through this.” Left unsaid is “Eventually, and I hope, soon enough.”

It Must Be Something Inherent In Our Behavior

Perhaps, it’s all the same as greeting someone who asks you, “Hey, how are you doing today?” And we come back with the familiar reply, “I’m fine, how about you?” – as an instinctive but hardly instructive reflex reaction to the question.

No harm, no foul – maybe.

And perhaps it’s the grueling and long MLB season that defeats candor and a dash of honesty in these post-game press conferences, especially when it comes to answering a question about a pitcher’s rehab – when there’s only the mundane “update” that “He’s stepped it up from throwing at 45 feet to 55 feet today”.

Yankees Aaron Boone Crosses The Barrier

Yankees Corey Kluber set to revitalize his career (ESPN)
Yankees Corey Kluber set to revitalize his career (ESPN)

Aaron Boone did, however, have one encouraging and honest thought about his Yankees when he let slip that at some point to the New York Post, “But as you go later into the month and May and the summer, you’ve got to lean on your starting pitchers to get you deeper into games.”

This followed another four-inning outing by Yankee’s offseason pickup, Corey Kluber, who is hoped to be gaining the strength needed to meet that requirement, as is Jameson Taillon, both of whom have been MIA for the past two seasons.

But we get no insight into Aaron Boone’s thinking, and therefore we can only read through the cliches to find something to hold onto that gives reason to excuse the excuses.

If I had half a brain, I should go right to the crossword puzzle instead of the sports section and those Yankees cliche-ridden stories, but I’m addicted, and every morning those stories will taste about as bland as my white toast…but I’ll eat it anyway.

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

As a Yankee fan, I have to accept that this Yankee team is not the 2009 team. These past 11 plus years without a WS is one of the longest spans since the 1980″s. Time to do something different with this team Yes, it’s only been 12 games into the season, but as fans, we all have seen this movie before and we all know how it ends.
Because Brina Cashman wants you to know he’s the smartest kid in the room, and his way of winning a championship (homers/walks/minimal starting pitching/stellar bullpen) is the best way to do it. Nevermind that way has failed for five seasons now, but he will NEVER admit that
Cole Is Awesome But Besides Him Who Else… The Team Is Having a Spurting Start… Boston Is Hot… Let’s See In a Little Bit If This Is Short Term or Long Term… We Knew Cole Needed Pitching Behind Him… Bur Pitching and No Hitting, That a Disaster Down The Road… But Let’s Wait and See..No Panic Button… Yet…
Agree…Aaron Boone’s greatest strength is almost convincing the press and the fans, that everything in Yankeeland isn’t as bad as it seems.
They suck because they don’t have a real manager no real direction for corporate and sign the flunkies that think they are Gods gift to the baseball world they haven’t even proved themself stop paying them big bugs until they prove themselves I saw the real Yankees play from Joe D to Yogi to Mickey to Bernie and Derek that’s why they were good today the Yankees suck minor league could beat them
It’s a mess for sure. We all saw it years ago. You can’t homer your way to a championship. They always have above-average pitching and serviceable defense but it’s translated to no championships in 12 seasons.
At first I thought it could fit but in my humble opinion it isn’t for a number of reasons like being squeezed by Hal and Cash. Also, I just don’t see a lot of fire and or emotion in the guy. I miss George very much even though he went over the top sometimes. And believe me or not I miss Billy too with all his issues. My choices at this time are Showalter or Donnie Baseball. To all of you, loyal Yankees fans out there and I’ve been one since ‘55 this is just my opinion nothing else. Go for #28
John Gordon
not even the players show some sort of emotion Like paul o’neill when he couldn’t drive in a guy in scoring position he would beat the hell out of the Gatorade cooler these guys just don’t give a dam they are there just for the money I don’t think they care if they win a ring or not.
Fire the entire front office. Their philosophy is horrible.
I don’t even watch his pre and post games anymore.
Everything out of his mouth is well-rehearsed
Boone is literally only there as a PR mouthpiece for the front office. That is his job.


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