Aaron Boone: Can’t Say It Another Way – He’s Making A Fool Of Himself

Aaron Boone Under The Gun

Aaron Boone, one of these days, may take off the blinders to tell the simple truth, but in the meantime, he’s making a fool of himself.

Aaron Boone continues to insult the intelligence of Yankees fans, most of whom have just watched or listened to the game just completed, as he er’s and ah’s his way through another postgame meeting with reporters.

Tirelessly searching for new ways to define a “good at-bat” in the face of his hitters who have gone hitless in the game, talking about “good swings” and “they’re all working hard” – Aaron Boone is fast becoming a parody of himself.

Aaron Boone: Stop The Spin
Aaron Boone: Stop The Spin

There’s nothing to dislike about Aaron Boone, and he’s an amazingly upbeat guy and has been since he accepted the job as manager of the Yankees.

But if he’s not lying to us, and it would be a stretch to go there, then certainly he’s trying his hardest to take us on a fairy-tale ride because nothing he says anymore is believable, and most of it is utter nonsense.

To my way of thing and probably yours, a “good at-bat” is when a hitter gets on base, and a “good swing” occurs when a batter hits the ball with authority.

With Brian Cashman hiding in a dark hole somewhere and Hal Steinbrenner seemingly not interested in the Yankees anymore, it all comes down on Aaron Boone.

I get that, but there can be no sympathy from these quarters. Boone insists the cup is half full when Yankees fans of all ages and sex know because they see otherwise.

Here’s his postgame press conference just after the Yankee’s second straight loss to the Red Sox:

Aaron Boone: When Will He Hold His Team Accountable?

Low-key by nature, that’s Aaron Boone’s makeup, minus an occasional outburst about a bad call by an umpire. He was that way in the ESPN booth, rarely making anything close to an opinion-fused comment. He’s probably the same way at home with his wife and family, and none of that is intended as a criticism.

Yet, at some point, Aaron Boone needs to realize he is the manager of the most storied team in baseball, the New York Yankees, and just like his players who put on the pinstripes every day, there is an uptick in responsibility that comes with the job in defending the Yankee’s winning legacy.

Derek Jeter never relied on Joe Torre to defend him when he had a terrible day, and it would never occur to Torre to do so.

Ditto Joe Girardi, who had no problem taking Gary Sanchez to task for not hustling to block nasty sliders in the dirt from Luis Severino – in full view of YES cameras!

That’s what is called accountability, and it can be confronting and ugly, but it’s the job of any boss, no matter what company they are working for.

What’s wrong with Aaron Boone publicly stating his team has been a horror on the base paths lately, and the next time it happens, I’m taking the player out of the game in full view of everyone, and he owes the Yankee’s charity a hundred bucks.

Do you think that might get his player’s attention?

These are the fundamentals of baseball, and he should do the same thing ($100 fine) if an outfielder misses the cutoff man, a pitcher is late to cover at first base, or doesn’t back up a play at third base, and on and on.

Brian Cashman Does Not Get A Mulligan

Brian Cashman: And the world turns its lonely eyes to you
Brian Cashman: And the world turns its lonely eyes to you

We’ve talked about this before, but it’s worth hitting on again. This Yankees team is poorly constructed, and that has nothing to do with Aaron Boone.

When you think of one of the glorious Yankee teams, what is likely to be the first thing that comes to mind?

For me, from the days of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig to Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris, to more recent days and Tino Martinez, Bernie Williams, and Paul O’Neill – what is the common denominator?

Left-handed power choreographed to take advantage of the short porch at Yankee Stadium.

Where is it now, Brian, and what have you done to this team?

Chris Gittens is a welcome addition to the team, and the entire roster at Triple-A Scranton should be put on notice by Cashman to “show me something,” and I won’t hesitate to call you up because we need good, and most of all hungry young players.

And Neither Does Aaron Boone (Get A Mulligan)

Aaron Boone can’t be let off the hook because of the team Cashman has given him.

Boone needs to grind it out, just as we are as fans.

But more than anything, I was going to say he needs to step up, but in this case, Boone needs to step out of himself, to at least play the part of his role as manager of The New York Yankees…

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

Gregory Rush  time to go

Matt Yasinsky They wanted a yes man and they got it

Frank Kovach So true Cashman’s puppet

Vinny Parisi You mean continues to make a fool of himself. He’s been doing it since day one. 😡

John Travers Absolutely nails the state of the New York Yankees now. And I frankly don’t see it changing.

Rocco Aceste  He needs to grow a pair!!!

Mike D’Alessio He’s a good guy but a bad manager.

Steven Kenworthy I agree…there’s nothing to dislike about Aaron Boone. We all know in 2021 managers just do the bidding for analytical-driven GMs. Boone says all the right things (as boring and repetitive as they are) where Cashman and Steinbrenner are concerned. But, his sugarcoating of all the failures isn’t fooling Yankee fans and certainly isn’t motivating the players. As long as that remains the same, so will the 4th place standing for this underachieving team.

Mich Gee  He’s a puppet but he’s also not playing on the field. The Yanks just don’t have the fire 🔥 this year.


Edmund Jones Lifelong Yankee fans are only blaming Boone for his stupidity of in-game decisions, relying too much on analytics, graphs, and stats, not how the team was put together. Cashman and Boone both need to go, and I’m a lifelong 3rd generation Yankee fan.

Michael Azadian Watching the Yankees implode, and Yanks fan’s heads explode gives me great Joy. Maybe another manager can do better with this team, maybe not. But he didn’t put this pitching staff together. He didn’t trade for overpaid constantly injured players. Why Cashman isn’t under fire is beyond me. But let’s keep blaming Boone. I’ll watch and enjoy the Rays, Orioles, Sox, and Jays.

Author’s Note:  A few of the comments make it sound like my intention is to blame Boone for the team’s performance on the field. He doesn’t play. My point is he’s making a mistake by covering up the poor play instead of holding them accountable. And if he’s doing it to hold onto his job, then what’s the point of it all for him?

Michael Devine I just wish he would come out 1 time and say we absolutely suck!

Andrew Lorton Hes a nice guy and stuff but should have another job in the organization. Yankees need someone tough who will kick their ass right now instead of cuddling them. Cashman wanted him I’m sure for his fall guy. Whole team needs a cleaning from non-caring owner who cares more about his horses to useless GM that George would have fired years ago to Boone.

John Casale I understand that the fans are obviously unhappy but what Aaron Boone says to the media is something different. We don’t know everything that goes on behind closed doors. Does he get a pass? Of course not but it’s hard to place as much blame on him as he is getting right now. This team has problems. I’ll admit that even I expected more out of them and this is sad. It’s obvious that pitchers have figured out how to handle this lineup and they’re not making any adjustments. Boone doesn’t play so he can only do so much 🤷🏻‍♂️⚾️ NYY

Andrew PalThis is a dispassionate, mismatch-filled team, of which Cashman is the architect. I hold him responsible for Boone. Perhaps Boone would be a better manager on a good team, but that’s not what’s happening here.

Art Tatnell No World Series since 2009..this is worse than the 1965-1974 drought!.. Shake this team up!!

Ken Walter I think he is more suited in the booth. Managing a club is a different challenge. He didn’t have any coaching experience before. His days as Yankee manager are numbered. They need a jolt to shake up this team. He will be scapegoated, first to leave.

Nick Covino Need to shake up the lineup or something don’t keep doing the same thing if it’s not working just CHANGE SOMETHING

Maryann Chalers Please fire him

Joe Cavanagh The simple truth that this Yankee team is average at best……And as hitters, they SUCK, as baserunners, they SUCK, defensively, they SUCK…..and team spirit is ZERO……….Cashman, Boone, and Thames must GO !!

Lesonard Vincent Play all these delicate players every day and if they break bring up young guys. Hitters have to learn to hit away from the shift. Analytics has its worth but not to the extreme use your gut sometimes. The big hitters are swinging for river ave on a steady diet of outside sliders. They don’t fight off pitches for a pitch to hit. Many other issues too many to list everything

Author’s Note: I’m closing published comments due to the volume still coming in. Thanks for your interest. (Steve Contursi)

I couldn’t resist this one, though…

Mike Harrington

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