Yankees Fans Sound Off On The Plight Of The Team With Good Points

Yankees Puzzle: Putting the pieces together

While not yet in an uproar, Yankees fans are definitely concerned about the plight of the team. Here’s a summary of their thought and feelings.

Articles I’ve written recently about the Yankees have produced a dialog among readers that point to a deep concern about the team’s current plight, with an accent on the impotence with their bats and mismanagement from the top on down.

Yankees fans know well, and they can read between the lines and the daily spin put out there by the team. At the end of this article, links contain some, but not all, of the comments received.

I’ve read them all and responded in kind to most, so here’s a summary as best I can put together:

  • Aaron Boone is not and has never been the right man in the right place to manage the Yankees.
  • Mistakes of the past in the name of Brian Cashman have left the team with no recourse (payroll wise) but to continue with the status quo, with little or no chance to add players of any impact, this year or soon.
  • The Yankees are not fundamentally sound, and therefore changes in their coaching staff are warranted.
  • Too often, the Yankees appear listless on the field.
  • A team built on the three-run homer cannot be successful in this age of baseball.
  • Players who should have been released or traded are still non-productive members of the Yankees’ team.
  • If the Yankees offense doesn’t come alive, their outstanding pitching, fourth in the majors with a 3.20 ERA, will not be able to continue to carry the team.

Do the Yankees Have Answers To Any Of Those Charges?

Granted, it’s easy to pick on a team or player that is down. A few weeks ago, when the Yankees were riding high, winning or tying ten series in a row, our voices were quieted, but it was only a mirage that shielded holes in a team that has become so visible, even the most casual Yankees’ fan can see them.

Angry Yankees Fans Are Venting (MLB)
Angry Yankees Fans Are Venting (MLB)

Faced with the prospect of playing the Tampa Bay Rays and then the Boston Red Sox, a Yankees’ fan can only dig deep to find a glass of water that is half-full.

We know the team that exists on paper, the same team that Las Vegas predicted would meet the Los Angeles Dodgers during the offseason, and basically, the Yankees are the same team that existed then.

Aaron Hicks is likely lost for the season but is anyone surprised by that outcome? Ditto Luke Voit, last years’ AL home run champion, whose legs cannot seem to withstand the bulk of his body, causing two trips to the IL with no return in sight.

Corey Kluber was signed for $11 million on a flyer by Brian Cashman, and for a while, it looked like he hit a home run until the pitching Gods caught up to Kluber, and he’s on the mend again.

No, In a year where trips to the MLB injured list — not including COVID cases — are up 30% from this same time in 2019, the Yankees have been fortunate, especially when considering past years in which they had a leg to stand on regarding injuries.

Brian Cashman would be welcome in a press conference to answer any, and all of the questions (above) put to him by Yankees’ fans, but he has noticeably missed in action as the Yankees continue to slide.

Starved for answers, short of the Yankee’s hierarchy, where can they come from?

Following are the links that support fan’s input to this article – They make sense to me.

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Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

Jeff Ralston As long as Boone finds time to rest Stanton and Judge during these series with Tampa and the Sawx, I just can’t stand the idea of those guys being overtaxed and having to play every day.


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