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Yankees Gerrit Cole On The Hot Seat (NY Post)
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Yankees: I’m Getting A Bad Feeling About Gerrit Cole But He’s The One

Assuming the Yankees make it to Tuesday without a total collapse, Gerrit Cole is not at the top of his game, which is a reason…

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Giancarlo Stanton off and running in '21
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Yankees: Believe It – Montgomery Et. Al. Will Sweep The Sox

The Yankees will sweep the Red Sox tonight, with Jordan Montgomery adding to his stature among team starters. And Giancarlo Stanton – oh my… When…

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Yankees Puzzle: Putting the pieces together
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Yankees Fans Sound Off On The Plight Of The Team With Good Points

While not yet in an uproar, Yankees fans are definitely concerned about the plight of the team. Here’s a summary of their thought and feelings….

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Yankee Stadium (Photo: AAA.com)
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Yankees: Report says they’re looking for a Paxton replacement – Nonsense!

The Yankees’ loss of James Paxton is nothing to slough off. But the jump to find an outside replacement is misguided and unneeded. At least…

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Yankees: The Return of Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge (Photo: sportingnrews.com)
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Giancarlo Stanton: Enough is enough – it’s now about pride and anger

With Giancarlo Stanton, you can’t help but get the feeling he is on a mission to rebound from a season that never existed. It’s a…

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Aaron Boone, Manager New York Yankees
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Aaron Boone: An Early Vote For AL Manager Of The Year

Officially, Aaron Boone will have competition for the AL Manager Of The Year Award. Unofficially, given the adversity he has faced, it’s a walkaway… Aaron…

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Luis Severino, New York Yankees
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Yankees Pin Hopes On Severino But Montgomery’s A Sleeper

The Yankees have zoomed to forty games over .500. But all eyes are focused on the playoffs and Luis Severino’s return as a starter… The…

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Aaron Judge - Face of the New York Yankees (Photo: CBS Sports)
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Yankees: Good News – Aaron Judge Is Tired Of Hitting Singles

The Yankees have patiently stood by as Aaron Judge took it upon himself to become a .300 hitter. Tired of hitting singles, Judge corrects himself……

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