Yankees: Enough is enough, you made your point now let’s get on with it

Yankees have enough (Photo: barstoolsports.con)

The Yankees have made their mark on the 2020 offseason, and the Evil Empire is back. But enough is enough – or at least it should be – but it’s not…

The Yankees offseason should have ended with the one-piece they needed to vault them atop the rest of the league when they signed Gerrit Cole to anchor their starting rotation.

Instead, we are deluged with reports that indicate the Yankees are interested in acquiring reliever Josh Harder from the Milwaukee Brewers via a trade.

Though it’s likely the rumor emerged from someone within the Brewers organization looking to raise the price of a deal for Hader, is it possible the Yankees are reaching for the stars and still not content with the team they have?

Caveat emptor – Why are the Brewers trading Hader

The next obvious question then is why. And if the Yankees still need to fortify their bullpen, even after taking a shot at “ole reliable” Adam Warren, why would they not devote their efforts to Dellin Betances?

Josh Hader - Burnout on the way? (Photo: CBS Sports)
Josh Hader – Burnout on the way? (Photo: CBS Sports)

There are reasons why every team and not just the Yankees should be recognizing a caution flag on Josh Hader, except for the fact he is the “name of the moment” out there.

The Yankees, like most teams at this stage, have issues that need to be resolved before Opening Day.

If J.A. Happ is indeed expendable, Brian Cashman needs to trade him to a team that can use him at the full weight of his salary ($17 million in 2020).

This falls solely under the drudgery of a general manager’s job to work within a budget established by team ownership, and to keep the Yankees within range of next year’s luxury tax threshold. Thus, thy will be done.

The Yankees have also gone out on a limb in trusting their Analytics people that Kyle Higashioka is their answer to the departed Austin Romine as the backup for Gary Sanchez.

Most would consider it a stretch, but the season is long and Higashioka, if he proves to be inadequate can always be replaced in a trade Brian Cashman has proved so adept at making whenever the time need be.

The Yankees, minus small pieces, are set

Trotting the rumors out there about this trade or that trade doesn’t change the fact the Yankees have a pretty good team entering the 2020 season.

Their issues are, in fact, more internal with the team they have now.

Giancarlo Stanton, New York Yankee (Photo: Empire Sports Media)
Giancarlo Stanton, New York Yankee (Photo: Empire Sports Media)

Gary Sanchez and Giancarlo Stanton head the list of Yankees ingrained in their lineup but filled with question marks as to how much playing time they’ll have in 2020 (injuries).

And beyond that – to what degree they will contribute to the team when they do play.

The Yankees can, if they wish, continue the assault adding players upon players to a cache that ensures – what? Nothing, except what occurs in October, not September.

If the Yankees can’t secure that elusive Number 28 with the team they have now, as Yankees fans, we might as well fold our tent now. Add Betances and walk away – mission accomplished.

Or not. Less is more in the case of the New York Yankees as they enter the 2020 season. The AL East will be a walk in the park, and there is ample time to recalibrate whatever needs may arise as the season moves along.

For heaven’s sake, let it be. It’s good.

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