Yankees Drop Another To Tampa Bay As The “Bombers” Misfire Again

Yankees lose - is there anything else to say?

The Yankees dropped another one against Tampa Bay. Looking listless again today, if a panic button exists, find it!

If the Yankees don’t know it, by now, their fans surely do – this is serious, folks.

Five hits produced only one run today, tallying yet another league-leading grounding in double plays (averaging one a game), with another throwing error by a suddenly relapsing Gleyber Torres. At the same time, Jameson Taillon needed 85 pitches over five innings to surrender all three Tampa Bay runs.

17,000 fans at Yankees Stadium could not have been less thrilled as the Yankees have now dropped their fourth straight and six of their last ten to fall 5.5 games behind the Rays, and five in the all-important loss column.

Paint the kettle even more black, you say. Hear this, the Yankees face no one but the Rays and the Boston Red Sox for the rest of this week, and Gerrit Cole can only pitch once.

They say hitting is contagious, and the Yankees are going out of their way to prove the baseball axiom – except they’re on the wrong end of the theorem.

A quick scan of today’s box score shows a team all dressed up with nowhere to go, with the same list of characters who haven’t been hitting, still not hitting.

Yankees: We Ain’t Buying It Anymore, Aaron

Gone are the days when Aaron Boone can meet with reporters, saying it’s early and sooner or later these guys will start to hit – and we’ll be just fine.

Aaron Boone: Man on the hot seat spinning tales (mlb.com)
Aaron Boone: Man on the hot seat spinning tales (mlb.com)

It’s no longer believable, and worse if Boone still has trust in his words, he needs a sitdown with a new guru besides the analytics he reads every night before making out the next game’s lineup.

You know the culprits, and it’s easier at this point simply to name Aaron Judge and Gio Urshela as the only two Yankees pulling their weight this year.

Surrendering three runs by the Yankees pitching staff as they did today is not a crime. Still, as the season wears on, it’s worrisome that the pitching can last with Corey Kluber gone, with Deivi Garcia and Michael King having difficulty picking up the slack and in need of more fine-tuning in the minor leagues.

Over the last few days, we’ve rued about the Yankees’ plight and what can be done about it, first assessing blame at the doorstep of principal owner Hal Steinbrenner, allowing Brian Cashman to exceed the luxury tax limit.

Readers chimed in, though, leaving the issue with Cashman and his misfiring trades and free-agent signings while effectively wasting the millions Steinbrenner has sent his way over the years.

Others point to Aaron Boone, who, besides over-relying on the number sent to him every day, is open to criticism regarding the use of his soon to be an overworked bullpen, sticking with Gary Sanchez, and for allowing the listless team he once called “Savages” to go on their unmerry way with no accountability for their underperformance.

Yankees: There’s No Way Out

Fix the blame anywhere it belongs, but the bottom line is this Yankees team is stuck in a quagmire, with its origins mired in the past and no way out today.

Yankees Load To Bear - Giancarlo Stanton
Yankees Load To Bear – Giancarlo Stanton

The Yankees can’t erase the $29 million they are paying Giancarlo Stanton this year, nor can they erase the load he carries on team payroll through 2028, when he will be 38.

Some of it is simply bad luck with good players and bodies that cannot withstand the challenge of a sport that extends over six months and 162 games.

Beyond Stanton, Luke Voit is beginning to look like another one of those players. Aaron Hicks has long been an invalid who’s supposed to be the Yankees centerfielder, as the benefactor of a $70 million contract awarded to him by Brian Cashman.

If the playoffs started today, the Yankees would be sitting at home watching the two Wild Card teams, the Red Sox and Indians, fight it out for a chance to advance.

I am not usually the one that handles it, nor is it your job to figure this thing out, but from the outside looking in, this is shaping up to rapidly becoming a lost cause for even the most strident Yankees’ fan…

Author’s Correction

My apologies and thanks to several readers who pointed out an error when I misstated that the Rays have won 16 of the last 17 games against the Yankees. In fact, the Rays have indeed won 16 of their last 17, but they’ve done so against the entire league.

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

John Allan  Boy, this is so true. If Boone & Cashman don’t figure it out, we will be sitting home in October.

Matt Kelly Steve Contursi did you even read the article that said the rays have won for the 16th time in their last 17 games which is right not their last 17 games against the Yankees you just need to change that part

Author’s Note: Others have pointed to the same discrepancy, but I have to stick with the headline on MLB’s website that reads –

Hill helps Rays stymie Yankees, win 16th of 17

Edward Sperl Yankees finding out spending big bucks does not guarantee a winner.

Matt Canty The team hasn’t hit like everyone thought they would. Even when they were rolling up wins in May, they were carried by pitching. Kluber will be out until maybe August. When you play the Tigers, a team with an astronomical ERA, you should win games your staff holds them to 3 runs, sorry that’s just being honest.
Stanton was hitting before… wait for it, he got hurt again. ( Not exactly a news flash to anyone who follows the team, the guys missed almost as many games as he’s played since coming here.) He hasn’t been able to pick up where he left off. Voit came back, never got going, and got hurt again. Hicks, the switch-hitting 70 million dollar star is a bust! Ford, Andujar, Frazier, Gleyber are all off their game. Add to that the almost always clutch DLJ hitting almost 100 points below his last year’s average, and well… you get the point.
The question is not does the team needs help to improve, all teams can improve. With so many needs, where can you make the most impactful move for the fast return on investment? Pitching will be hard to come by until the deadline, so outfield or 1st base seems more likely if you want to do something now. Of course, you could call up Chris Gittens, given he was the best option at first base through spring training, where the Yankees instead gave the job to Jay Bruce, who was so successful he retired due to lack of production. We will see if the regular “ BABY BOMBERS” start hitting, but this could go south in a hurry this week if the team doesn’t start winning games versus Tampa and Boston. Someone will need to be sacrificed soon… the question is, will it be a hitting coach, the 3rd base coach who’s run them into some really bad outs, or Boone himself?
Shelley Puls Tamasi This is truly pathetic. The Yankees are going to be last in the division after this week. The Rays and Red Sox are going to have the last laugh. Bats have to wake up and support pitching outside of Cole, but I don’t see it happening.

Susan Levine

Shelley, I hate to say it but I agree with you. We can’t blame it on poor pitching. They are just not hitting. They look lost at the plate. To be honest they have to shake up this team. How? I have no clue…

Joel Bonnell I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this team and the talent that they have

it’s just they don’t seem to have anything that brings it together they’ve been this way since about midway through last season after they crashed and they just never came back they seem to be lethargic who cares we get paid will just play oh yeah whatever there’s no drive on this team that I can see maybe I’m wrong

Michael Borodinsky

Michael Delgado but Hal controls the purse strings that placed a hard “cap” on what Cash could spend in 2021. The composition of the team was put together based on the presumption that players would perform to their historic analytic stats and stay healthy. What we are seeing currently is the worst of all outcomes.

Michael Delgado

Michael Borodinsky it’s different now! Mlb has a luxury tax!!! When you spend more than the cap, your funding teams like Tampa Bay it’s that simple!!!!

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