Yankees: If He Has Any Value, It Time To Send Brittle Luke Voit Away

Luke Voit, 2020 AL MVP Candidate

By now, the Yankees should have their fill of good players who can’t stay in the lineup. Luke Voit has landed on the IL again, not acceptable.

When the Yankees received Luke Voit in a trade from the St. Louis Cardinals at the trade deadline in July 2018 for Giovanny Gallegos and Chasen Shreve, the Yankees hyped the deal as the White Whale Brian Cashman had his eyes set on for a while.

Greg Bird – Luke Voit, Competition Deluxe (Photo: New York Post)

The Yankees saw and believed in Voit’s ability to hit a baseball hard.

In Spring Training 2019, again, the Yankees hyped up the competition for the job at first base between Voit and Greg Bird, but insiders and fans who could see with their own eyes that Bird was not the answer were not surprised when Voit emerged as the “winner.”

In 2019, Voit appeared in 118 games of the Yankees full schedule of 162 games, providing a modicum of power with 21 home runs and 62 RBI while batting .263.

Last year, in a season almost no one counted as “real,” Voit won the home run crown in the American League with 22, appearing in 56 of the Yankees’ sixty games.

This affirmed his place on the team as a slugger, albeit right-handed on a team overloaded with righties, and counted on to be a major contributor to the Yankees’ 2021 season.

Yankees Luke Voit Makes A Wrong Turn

Alas, that’s where all the good news ends.

The Yankees have played 89 games going into Friday’s tussle with the Red Sox. Of those, Luke Voit has played in only one-third (29).

Today, with the Yankees roster already impacted by COVID-related incidents and facing a crucial series with the Red Sox, Voit has been placed on the 10-day IL, retroactive to July 13, with left knee inflammation. Fellow first baseman Chris Gittens was recalled from Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre to take his active roster spot.

Additionally, with roster spots to fill to field a team tonight, the Yankees selected the contracts of outfielder Greg Allen, catcher Rob Brantly and infielder Hoy Jun Park (previously reported).

Now, to be clear and fair, it’s not like Luke Voit, as far as we know at least, induces these meddlesome ailments, none of which are severe. Like all ballplayers, he’s out there trying to do his best.

Yankees: Been There And Done It

But it’s not like the Yankees haven’t been through this before with good and even excellent players like Giancarlo Stanton, and until this year, Aaron Judge.

Brian Cashman: And the world turns its lonely eyes to you
Brian Cashman: And the world turns its lonely eyes to you

In the case of Stanton, if not for his gargantuan contract, it’s fair to say he would have been moved long ago.

Luke Voit, however, is another story. Eligible for his first year (of three) arbitration seasons in 2022, he is team controllable until 2025 when he reaches free agency.

The Yankees are paying Voit $4.7 million for this season on a one-year deal, so he is not beyond the payroll range of nearly all teams.

A possible trade target of the Yankees might be the Minnesota Twins who will almost surely unload Nelson Cruz in the midst of a disappointing season, and needing a replacement DH/First Baseman – with Jose Berrios coming to New York with a sweetener or two added by the Yankees.

Obviously, though, that’s only conjecture but the idea of the Yankees cutting ties with Luke Voit is not…

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

Andrew Ackerman A complete bust

Melany Auguste They should have traded him after last season

Donald Wuertz Im done with him!! Trade for Story move Tores back to second DJ at first

Dusty Hayden The Yankees had a GOLDEN opportunity this winter. Voit was a pleasant surprise in a short time, had no real positive feedback prior to landing with the Yankees. The “Home Run Champ” in a short 2020 season increased his value tremendously this winter however they stuck with a borderline average 1st baseman with occasional pop over moving him for pieces and allowing DJ to take over 1st, where in my opinion is where he will end up playing.

Taylor Matejka He’s A great Talent that just has had bad luck this year no way he go’s

Matthew Makin You realize he limped his way to a home run title last season? While other players were out for a jammed toe. Voit is as tough as they come.

Christopher Case This is baseball, for crying out loud, football players don’t miss this much time collectively. I am sorry but your paid to play and to also be in shape to avoid injuries, This guy is a joke.

Steven Kenworthy I’m a Luke fan, but like everything else this year, the reality is he is another disappointment. Perhaps he could get them a lefty bat.

Joe Gonzalez Same story with this group. Miss the hardcore players.
Kevin Durocher He’s no good when he’s healthy. Yankees get rid of him, you will never hear from him again. Watch and see.
Russ Gordon Voit has been useless to the Yankees. Had his run last year, but usually is injured and tries for the Home Run too much. Wants to be the leader but you have to be on the field for that.
Louis Balbo Jr. And they traded Ford, why? Gittens ain’t it either, there’s a reason why he was in the minors for years. Keep DJ at first till they find a reliable solid player that can play that position on a daily basis
Stephen Guardino Luke Voit’s play briefly exceeded the back of his baseball card and the Yankees didn’t seize the opportunity to trade him for a better piece. Cashman made yet another error thinking he’d landed another Scott Brosius.

Closing Published Comments And Final Thoughts

It’s time to close the Luke Voit bashing party. Reader’s frustration with the entire team comes through loud and clear, so some of the anger is shifted from Voit, but there’s no doubt, readers want him gone.

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