Yankees: Can’t Wait To See The No Fear Kids Ambush The Sox

Yankees Greg Allen brings speed and athleticism (NY Post)

As the New Look Yankees begin the first of four at Fenway tonight, their lineup will look nothing like the 6/26 game. Bravo – go get ’em kids.

When the Yankees played the Red Sox on June 26, their starting lineup included Aaron Judge, Clint Frazier, Gio Urshela, Miguel Andujar, and Luke Voit – none of whom will be playing tonight.

Instead, a mix of kids and a veteran will greet the Red Sox tonight when Jordan Montgomery makes the start for the Yankees.

Although lineups have yet to be posted, we can expect Aaron Boone to once again install Greg Allen (RF and today’s featured image), Estevan Florial (CF), Rougned Odor (2B), and Tyler Wade (3B) in his lineup.

Ryan LaMarre (the veteran) will also be on hand to pinch-hit, as he did last night driving in the winning run against the Phillies.

Speed and athleticism the Red Sox have never seen from the Yankees.

Yankees: When was the last time we saw Aaron Boone smiling
Yankees: When was the last time we saw Aaron Boone smiling

Not to jinx anything but in case you haven’t noticed, the Yankees are on an 8-3 run that has been jettisoned by the new look kids, and even through a falling off of starting pitching.

Some of the old guards are still there and will likely be in the team’s lineup tonight – with Giancarlo Stanton, Gary Sanchez, and Brett Gardner all making minor contributions to the Yankees offense if the most recent pattern holds true.

But for once, the focus of attention is shifted to these newer players, who think nothing of crashing into walls to catch a ball (Allen and LeMarre), or dragging a bunt for a base hit (Odor twice this week), and when it’s needed, they can still hit a home run (Florial).

Sometimes, ignorance is bliss, and with the exception of Tyler Wade, none have experience playing the whirlwind of the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry.

Nor do they have any experience playing in the heat of a pennant race, a reality the Yankees are creeping ever-closer to being a part in.

So as the new guys gather in the cramped Fenway visitor’s clubhouse, for them it’s just another game to try all they can to continue to stand out, giving Boone no choice but to keep them in there.

In contrast, when is the last time Stanton, Frazier (when he was healthy), or Sanchez came to the ballpark needing to check the posted lineup card for a Red Sox series?

As we discussed in yesterday’s article, it took the COVID virus and injuries to force the Yankees to give the team a makeover and not the front office.

The Yankees Are Hot – Boston Not So Much

The Red Sox have won two straight but they are 4-6 over their last ten, and they allowed Tampa Bay to creep to within one game of first place.

Meanwhile, the Yankees, who have won four straight, have moved ahead of the Toronto Blue Jays, who are playing the Mets this weekend, enabling the Yankees to climb to the team just behind the Oakland A’s the AL Wild Card Standings.

It’s not only that the Yankees’ season has a new look, it’s more about the players themselves, new and filled with a vitality, blessed with speed, athleticism, and a “feel” for the game that generates wins. For more on that, see Aaron Boone’s thoughts about Rougned Odor in yesterday’s New York Daily News.

Yankees: Gimme That New Time Religion…

The gravest mistake a fan or writer can make is to question a player’s desire and effort to win.

So, let’s just say that as a team, the Yankees have played with a lackluster spirit throughout the first half of the 2021 season, and their record supports it.

Hal Steinbrenner walked around that truth when he last spoke about his team two weeks ago when he shifted the blame from Cashman and Boone directly to the players, but he could just as easily have added, “They play like they don’t care”.

So I don’t know about you but I’m juiced to watch the series with the Red Sox, and most of all to watch the New Yankees play ball.

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

Rich Sobik Next man up. Next team down. Go Yankees

Hubie Mercado The Younglings have to continue their fire and zeal, this will eventually change the atmosphere around the team. It’s now or never to make that push to compete in the AL East.

Chris Stevens Let’s go flo

Joe Vanderblough Once upon a time, we swept them at home in the second half in what they were calling The Boston Massacre. Don’t think it can’t happen again! Boston can be had.

Joshua Marugg This group of young kids we have is exciting! Hope they spark the rest of the team!

Josias Gonzalez What new look only couple guys covering Covid players Judge and Urshela team still same and Boone lol When Judge and the other guys come back they goin back to minors Ah, don’t you remember Wally Pipp?

Jason Howser Let’s not put the cart before the horse these are must-win games gotta play smart to beat Boston. Geez, there always has to be someone sober in the house…

Dan Ripani Sr. The new-look Yankees are hungry to win.

Closing Comments And Final Thoughts

With the game underway, published comments are closed.

Now, it’s time to see if my (and many of yours) bravadoes hold up.

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