Yankees: A Compromise Solution To The Need For Change At The Top

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Yankees fans are universally not happy with Brian Cashman as a team builder. With Hal still in love with him, here’s a compromise solution…

The Yankees are overstocked with right-handed hitters. They acquire pitchers who look good on the surface like J.A. Happ, Sonny Gray, James Paxton, and others who don’t pan out.

They inherit expensive long-term contracts like Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, and Giancarlo Stanton while giving away extensions to players like Aaron Hicks and Luis Severino that tie up payroll for years down the road.

Brian Cashman: From intern to Yankees decision maker two decades later in 2021
Brian Cashman: From intern to Yankees decision maker two decades later in 2021

This is not the way to operate a major league team, and all of these moves fall at the doorstep of Yankees GM Brian Cashman.

They prove that without question, Cashman is one, if not the best wheeler and dealer in baseball, who, when he sets his sights on a player, always gets them.

This morning, I was stirred by a comment that came in from a reader of yesterday’s story about Cashman’s failed trade for Luke Voit.

Here’s the full text of his comment:

Marcus Coudriet

Steve, I also think they need to hire a Baseball man to run operations, and Hal can stick with the other business. Cashman is a good deal maker, but he should not be making the lineup and tell the manager what to do. if the manager can’t manage and stand up for his players, He needs to go. Good baseball men need to run the Yankees to succeed, not computer geeks.

Yankees: Dividing Cashman’s Job In Two

You see what Marcus is proposing, right?

He says take the best of what Brian Cashman offers as a proficient deal maker, keep him there, and hire a Baseball Operations person who is knowledgeable and savvy about recognizing not only talent but also how they would fit on the Yankees’ team if acquired.

Brian Cashman: The Early Years (NY Post)
Brian Cashman: The Early Years (NY Post)

The new Yankees’ hiree is given the authority to direct Cashman to pursue this or that player, along with a shortlist of players deemed “untouchable” and not to be surrendered by the Yankees already a good fit on the Yankees’ team under construction.

The Chief Of Baseball Operations will appreciate analytics, but he will not be ruled by the numbers.

Instead, he will follow the model set by Hall Of Fame pitcher John Smoltz, who emphatically believes we should “Throw away the numbers and let your eyes tell you everything you need to know.”

A Yankees’ Chief Of Baseball Operations will have the ability to spot a Mike Trout a mile away, while at the same time recognizing that a Luke Voit lacks the body type of a ballplayer, and he will be prone to numerous minor injuries that keep him off the field.

Yankees: How To Make It Work

One assumption has to be made, and it’s that Hal Steinbrenner knows this Yankee’s team is not built to win a championship this year, or even in this decade without player personnel changes.

Yankees Hal Steinbrenner & Brian Cashman - Blending Perfectly Photo Credit: The Captain's Blog
Hal Steinbrenner & Brian Cashman – Blended Perfectly? Photo Credit: The Captain’s Blog

In stripping Brian Cashman of considerable power, Steinbrenner must be forthright and convincing that this is the right move for the Yankees to make at this time.

The carrot, of course, is that Cashman doesn’t get fired, and Steinbrenner is relieved from making and executing a decision he probably (there is a long history there) doesn’t wish to make.

Yankees: Who Is This Baseball Savvy Person?

I have no idea at this time. Perhaps, some of you do, though, and through your comments, a dialog can begin to “help” the Yankees find that person.

Again, thanks to Marcus Croudiet for the main idea presented here.

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

Anthony Loffredo The Yankees need to rebuild the front office bring in people that know baseball. Cashman was given a chance and failed his way!!! Time for someone with fresh new ideas to come in and fix the whole front office. Once the front office is fixed the Yankees can proceed to rebuild their minor league system and their team.

Joel Albert Hal will promote Cashman up to team president…he will then hire a new GM who will report to him…Hal will not fire Cashman

Armando Vega Get Theo Epstein, he would be so motivated to win another championship with this storied franchise. His legacy would be complete winning the WS with the Red Sox, Cubs, and Yankees – HOF-like accomplishments. Cashman has to go!

Andrew Pal I don’t know whether the compromise would work. Keeping Cashman in the mix as the deal maker still keeps his stamp on the makeup of this team. That seems like a counterproductive move if the idea was to make a change. Not sure Cashman would even consider it. I think they both need a clean break. Author’s Reply: A clean break is ideal but not likely. Adding a Baseball Operations person relegates Cashman to executing trades at the behest of that person. Would Cashman accept that? It depends on Steinbrenner to sell him, and a boot upstairs can be a sweetener.

Mike LoRusso Funny how Sonny Gray & Lance Lynn flourished after they left NY…Who’s at fault?

Stephen Guardino Cashman’s oversized ego would never allow him to accept a demotion. He needs to be fired and he’s earned being fired. Other than his longevity with the team there’s really no good argument for keeping him

Thomas Wityak The decline of Cashman’s abilities to put together winning teams died with the death of George. He’s been BS ing Hank now for 12 years going on 13. It’s time for him to hit the road. His talent-finding senses are gone, whether it is due to apathy or money issues. Regardless he has to see the writing on the wall. I’d give him till the end of next year. Anything but a WS championship and he’s gone

Closing Published Comments And Final Thoughts

With this, we’ll close published comments.

Reading through these and other comments, I believe readers missed the point, which is Brian Cashman will never be fired by Hal Steinbrenner.

An alternate solution is needed to move Cashman to a lesser role that allows him to save face, while relinquishing some of the power he has…

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