Pete Alonso: The Steadiest Most Invested Mets Player In 2021

Pete Alonso Comes To Play (SI)

Pete Alonso is on the shortlist of Mets who came to play every day and produced. He’s the role model that needs to be cloned for 2022.

Pete Alonso’s commitment to playing winning baseball occasionally takes him to places he has no business being.

Like the time earlier this year when he told reporters, he thinks that “the biggest concern is that Major League Baseball manipulates the baseballs year in and year out based on the free agency class, or guys being in an advanced part of their arbitration….”.

But the fact is that Pete Alonso cares about the game of baseball in ways that only a precious few seem to these days.

In sum, Pete Alonso wears his chosen profession on his sleeve. Moreover, he carries that enthusiasm to the field, producing record-setting precedents as a power hitter.

Pete Alonso: A Big Kid With Character And Charm

Displaying another unique display of character in February, Alonso announced he was quitting social media.

That’s because he wants to “spend every second soaking in every single day because every single new day is a blessing, and I feel like especially in the wake of what happened last year, there’s a lot of things that I feel like were taken for granted.”

Pete Alonso comes to play
Pete Alonso comes to play

Corny stuff, no doubt, but Pete Alonso gets away with it because there’s a sincerity behind the words that leaves us with no doubt he is speaking from the heart and not uttering things we expect and need to hear from our heroes.

Alonso could dance and sing his way to an unprecedented second title in the Home Run Derby in Denver this year, and no one dared say it was an act to attract attention, as pitch after pitch almost effortlessly zoomed into the mile-high skies.

This year, Pete Alonso labored through his third season while still awaiting his first at-bat in a playoff game, playing on a Mets team that had only a few teammates playing with the same intensity.

Already, The Numbers Are Piling Up

The losing did not stop his production, though, and by season’s end, Pete Alonso’s numbers will look something like this: 140 games played, 38 home runs, 94 RBI, built on a .260 BA, .350 OBP, .520 SLG, and an, .860 OPS that is well more than 100 points over the league average.

Earlier this month, Alonso tied a major league record when he belted his 100th career home run in his 347th Major League game, becoming the second-fastest player in American League/National League history to reach 100 home runs. Former Phillies star Ryan Howard did it in 325 games.

While his substantial production this year will leave him short in the NL MVP voting, there is no question that Pete Alonso has been the Met’s Most Valuable Player.

Except for Jacob deGrom and Aaron Loup, it should come as no surprise to any of his teammates, many of whom talk the talk but don’t step up to walk the walk.

The Mets And Alonso: Tying Up The Future

Pete Alonso will be a rich man someday, but it is noteworthy to point out that the $2 million he has earned in the Home Run Derby exceeds the total monies paid to him to date.

Pete Alonso - Always Time For Reflection (Newsday)
Pete Alonso – Always Time For Reflection (Newsday)

That will change as early as 2022, when Alonso enters the first of three arbitration years at age 27. At his pace, no one can imagine his value when he reaches free agency at the tender age of 29 in 2025.

No doubt, there will and should be a clamoring from the media and Mets fans for the team to “lock him up” with a multi-year deal before then.

Again, and unlike other players, it will not be Pete Alonso cozying up to Steve Cohen and the media, pushing for that contract.

Instead, though, we can expect it will be Alonso pushing Cohen to surround him with winning players like himself – or else! – as his free agency draws nearer.

In sum, Pete Alonso is a keeper with his head on straight who is tied more than anyone to the Met’s goal to establish a winning brand and culture.

Often described by teammates as a “big kid,” his goofiness elevates him to a stage that can only be found in New York City, where charm, along with athleticism, is always rewarded.

At times, I almost want to believe that Pete Alonso will never grow up, becoming one of the many who trudge through season after season, resting on past laurels and the comfort of a swelling bank account.

An endearing throwback, The Mets and their fans need to apply extra TLC on Pete Alonso to help avoid that from occurring, though on the other hand, it’s more probable that he’ll take care of that himself.

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

John Giordano The Mets are only 2 guys away from being as good as the 1986 Mets!

Robert Sanchez When my kids are batting I need him to keep it simple. I tell him, “set your feet, swing like big Pete!”

June Morgan Totally agree!!!

WIzdom A Cappella I encourage Pete to become the leader the team needs and can be. He needs to tone down the bravado. And he needs to express more words of encouragement to his teammates while being more consistent with good fundamentals. Thanks for another good story.

Charlie Lovell He gets what it means to be a Met!!

Wayne Whitmore The guy does his absolute best on offense and much-improved defense every game. He truly earns his salary and it’s much less than many of those brought on to “help the team”. 35 plus homers solid .260 BA and little protection in the middle of the order this year. Comes out with a good positive outlook and is fan-friendly. You remind me a lot of Rosenberg on the Michael Kay Show on ESPN, always takes a shot at this guy. I’m proud and happy he’s a Met and hopes he stays that way for a long time. Please, I beg you to not put me in with Rosenberg.

Jeff Chrzanowski In some ways, Peter Alonso is mature beyond his years but at times he has had his comments come back to bite him. He has worked diligently on his defense and if he keeps that ethic on a patient plate approach, he will be a pleasure to watch for years to come.

Rita Marie O’Brien Don’t forget Nimmo. He works hard every time he comes to the plate. Honorable mention for sure.

Ed Shapiro 🤔 One of the players the Mets should build around.

Mark Chintalan And he should have been made captain already. The kid plays his heart out every game on every play and he only makes $665k a year. Pete is the heart, soul, and leader of this team. Nimmo is the only other player like him. When I think of the money that was spent on free agents that have severely underperformed it makes me wonder. If someone who hasn’t hit his mark in 3 seasons is worth 341 million, what is the worth of a 3rd-year phenom who leads his team in almost every offensive category who’s just getting started worth???

Steven Red Cano At times he can be a bit cringy (like when he was badly bopping his head off beat during the HR derby) he tries to be cool which is totally fine but no one can doubt his desire to win and the heart he plays with. He was suspect with the glove but worked his tail off to become at the least above average, he’s not Keith Hernandez out there but he also doesn’t look like David Ortiz when he played the field. Love Alonso and I hope the Mets sign him up for the long haul

Closing Published Comments And Final Thoughts

This will close published comments on this article. The ayes have it and most Mets fans are clearly in on Pete Alonso.

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