Pete Alonso “Gets” What His Chosen Career Is All About

Supercharged Pete Alonso (NY Daily News)

What did Pete Alonso think when he woke up yesterday morning with nothing to do until a night game…” Heck,” he says, “I’ve got an idea”…

At heart, Pete Alonso is still a kid playing a child’s game. He’s only one of about 600 players in the major leagues who has the opportunity to do what so many of us have dreamed about doing.

But only a handful of players approach his career choice as Pete Alonso does. He lives for baseball, and he has an appreciation for the fact that he has been granted a unique set of mental of physical skills – and he’s not going to blow the opportunity.

Even as far back as August 2019, when Pete Alonso was in the midst of a record-breaking rookie season, he knew he was living “a dream come true.”

And so it was that Pete Alonso took it upon himself to show up unannounced and with no fanfare at a Little League practice, on a field near Citi Field in Corona, Queens.

He didn’t do the usual thing signing autographs and posing for pictures; though he did that too, he got involved with the kids.

Hitting ground balls, showing them how to field a ball, essentially doing what he always does when he’s on a baseball field – having fun.

Along the way, someone probably tipped the local ABC News TV station, and they showed up to shoot this video for their newscast.

There Are No Pretenses About Pete Alonso

Pete Alonso is not the first major league ballplayer to do what he did yesterday, but he’s one of a handful to pull it off genuinely, as the video shows.

Alonso didn’t just bring himself; he brought bats, gloves, balls – all donated from personal funds. And to cap it off, each Little Leaguer received a ticket to a New York Mets game.

“It’s really special because, for me, it just doesn’t seem too long ago, I mean, time flies, and to be able to come back and impact the community in a positive way, especially young kids – it means a lot to me,” Alonso said.

Yes, Pete Alonso gets it, and time does fly.

Pete Alonso - A Throwback
Pete Alonso – A Throwback To Our Childhood

It’s the same attitude he brought with him to Denver and this year’s All-Star Game. Here’s my chance to repeat as the Home Run Derby Champion, and who can say I’ll have another opportunity? – and as we know – he did repeat the feat.

Pete Alonso is a throwback that way, and it rubs off on his teammates in childish ways as well.

It was Alonso who introduced and spurred his teammates on to participate in what’s now called “Dance Night,” a private celebration in the Met’s clubhouse following a team win.

Silly, innocent, and a reminder that baseball is only a game – and that everyone in that clubhouse is living on borrowed time – and it doesn’t last forever.

Pete Alonso “Gets” It

Often, it’s easy to look at the players we see on the field every night as robots, going through the motions like the packers stuffing groceries in a bag at the local food store.

But beneath the facade is a human being who happens to make more money than we can dream of, though he carries the same emotions as we all do.

Pete Alonso is made of emotion, and he’s not afraid to let us see that side of him, good and bad.

We need more like him in this game…

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

Steven Red Cano Great article, I absolutely love Alonso. I hope he has a long and healthy career

Deborah Crane When you balance life with who you are as a human being, you are a winner! This guy is “only” making $650+K a year and a blush of what many others are making. He bopped and swung his way into a legend but when all is said and done, you can take stats to authenticate the player but the heart is what will define you. Way to go Pete, and I have thrown a few cuss words towards you!

John Jet Great stuff Steve. I’m coming to really enjoy your articles. This one was excellent👏

Margaret Locust I love this!! He knows how lucky he is to be living his dream!

Ian Grace How can you not like everything about Pete’s gratitude and perspective!

Heidi Stout Petey is such a pure, genuine soul, not a pretentious bone in his body, bless him.

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