Pete Alonso Weighs In Big Time On MLB Alleging A Conspiracy

Pete Alonso, New York Mets (Newsweek)

Expect Pete Alonso to hear from the MLB Commissioner’s office after charging the baseball is altered to control salaries for each FA class.

Pete Alonso, whether or not he was fully aware at the time, dropped an atomic bomb on Major League Baseball (MLB) when he alleged that MLB alters the manufacturing of its official baseball from year to year depending on the free-agent class that will go to the well the following year.

With pitchers having a dominant season over hitters in 2021, the inference is that with the crop of highly talented shortstops entering the market after this year’s World Series (Corey Seager, Trevor Story, and Carlos Correa), plus Kris Bryant, Freddie Freeman, Khris Davis, and a host of other high-powered position players, prices will skyrocket once the bidding begins.

Put that together with the fact that while the Starting Pitchers in the Free Agent Class Of 2022 have some familiar names like Justin Verlander (39), Zack Greinke (38), Max Scherzer (37), and Clayton Kershaw (34), their ages are bound to reduce what they can command on the free market. You can see why Pete Alonso may have a point.

Here’s his comment as quoted:

“I think the biggest concern is Major League Baseball manipulates the baseball year-in and year-out, depending on free-agency class, or guys being in an advanced part of their arbitration,” Alonso said. “So I do think that’s the big issue.Mike Puma, New York Post
MLB 2021 Pitchers Cheating
MLB 2021 Pitchers Cheating

Seemingly, though, this must have been something gnawing at Pete Alonso for some time because the original purpose of his discussion with reporters was the alleged epidemic of pitchers cheating, using foreign substances to get a better grip on the baseball, enabling a higher spin rate and the resulting advantage over hitters.

Ironically, Pete Alonso appears disinterested on that topic, coming down pretty much on the side of pitchers, with an accent on his personal safety if, indeed, pitchers are doctoring the baseball…

“Since the start of the game, pitchers have been using substances, Alonso offered, adding “I go in the box every single day and I see guys throwing harder and harder every day, and I don’t want 99 [mph] slipping out of somebody’s hand because they didn’t have enough feel for it.”Mike Puma, New York Post

Pete Alonso may have been alluding to watching his teammate, Kevin Pillar, hit in the face by a 95mph fastball as she slumped to the ground with multiple facial fractures.

Pete Alonso Puts MLB On The Spot

In any event, whether Pete Alonso wants it or not, he’s opened the door on a story that is bound to have what’s called in the business “legs.”

MLB cannot stand still without offering a denial, and depending on the tone and substance of Rob Manfred’s answer; there will be plenty of room for fans to takes sides one way or the other.

Rob Manfred feeling the Stress (Dallas Morning News)
Rob Manfred feeling the Stress (Dallas Morning News)

Also in the mix will be Pete Alonso’s peers, and if others will join him, saying in effect, “Hear, hear!

It will be like a hot knife cutting through butter for MLB and baseball itself if that happens.

As for Pete Alonso, he is sure to hear from the Commissioner’s Office, but if MLB intends to levy any “punishment,” which from fines and suspensions they have the power to do, on what grounds can they do so, without proving they are “not guilty” to the charges assessed by Alonso?

No one associated with baseball, including this writer, wants to see this go any further. Baseball has enough problems to deal with, including the expiration of the Owners/Player’s Agreement in December.

Pete Alonso: The Best Way To Go From Here

Again, for Pete Alonso, who has smashed three home runs in his last two games, he appears to be off and running to lead the Mets to the playoffs and beyond.

Therefore, he might be wise to tone it down henceforward, letting the Mets public relations people handle the brunt of the assault of follow-up questions that are sure to surround him.

Seemingly as well, it behooves the Mets, whether they like it or not, to get out in front to protect Pete Alonso, who is, without doubt, an integral part of their team.

Just another day in major league baseball – right?

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

Steven Hirsch Steve Contursi I wouldn’t expect less!!

Michael J. Cala Commish is a Jackass. Tell him I said it!

Mark Drabkin I imagine so.

Layla Es Freedom of Speech is still a thing I’m pretty sure

Robert Boucher Well he sure went from great to mediocre to looking crazy real quick.

ǰo Xàvioúr Pete was the best guy to bring up this subject since he’s not up for a contract for at least 5 more years.

Steve Buono Alonso has a big mouth. I’ve said it for years. His L ‘F’GM is a disgrace. Practically getting Chili fired.  Now, this! He’s gonna get push back and may have to walk back his comments. He trips over his tongue a lot!

Theresa Engel I don’t think he’s wrong

Victor Parlati And expect Pete Alonso not to back down no matter what MLB says to him.

Joe Noa As simple as the game of baseball is, it has now turned into a bureaucratic system of layers of regulations. Replay rulings are made by OZ behind a curtain. No one takes responsibility for their decisions. Ridiculous! We get this in government, we don’t need it in baseball!

Steve Buono Alonso has accused MLB of a predetermined outcome by fixing the ball and hurting player contracts. THAT is hard to prove!

Chris Barney For Alonso to say it this is probably something the union has talked about

Regretfully, I’m closing off published comments for this post. Keep ‘em coming though – after all – that’s what this is all about.

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