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Yankees: Takeaways From 2023 At The Quarter Mark – Reflections On Baseball

The Yankees have reached the quarter pole of the 2023 season. See what you think about these observations of the team so far. Typically, the…

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Gerrit Cole - All He Was Expected To Be
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Gerrit Cole Won’t Say It, But I Can And I Will – He Was Doing It. So What?

Gerrit Cole stumbles with his words. He doesn’t need to. Half the pitchers in the league did it, and so did he. So what? For…

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Gerrit Cole vs. Aaron Boone tug-o-war (NY Post)
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Gerrit Cole’s Tug-O-War Battle With Aaron Boone About Pitch 110

Gerrit Cole was not happy when Aaron Boone lifted him in the 7th inning of a game the Yankees eventually lost. Here’s a glimpse behind…

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Gerrit Cole - All He Was Expected To Be
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Gerrit Cole: Not Quite A Masterpiece, But Damn Close

Gerrit Cole, Brian Cashman’s “White Whale,” is now officially the ace of the Yankee’s staff. And more than the $324 million – it’s “that look”…

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Gerrit Cole: Leading the Yankees Staff (New York Post)
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Gerrit Cole: Yankees pitching chatterbox and teammates are listening

Gerrit Cole loves to talk pitching, and his teammates love to listen. Focused and in pursuit of perfection – it’s something that $324 million can’t buy….

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Aaron Judge ecstatic about Gerrit Cole (Photo: New York Post)
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Yankees: Uh-oh, they’ve dug themselves a hole, there are no excuses now

Yankees GM Brian Cashman has done his part, and Hal Steinbrenner is signing the check. Now, it’s all on the 25 players in the clubhouse…

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