Miguel Andujar: The Brightest Star In The Yankees Future

Miguel Andujar: A Star On The Rise (Terrance Williams, AP)

Miguel Andujar has made his way back into the Yankees lineup, and he’s doing it in a big way. It’s been a long and arduous climb since 2018…

Miguel Andujar has always been the “oh, yeah him” guy for the Yankees. His name appeared on every page or article mentioning Yankee’s trade candidates, and many wrote him off, assuming he was a flash-in-the-pan Rookie of the Year candidate in 2018.

Miguel Andujar: A Yankees star on the rise
Miguel Andujar: A Yankees star on the rise

A shoulder injury sidelined Andujar for nearly all of the 2019 season, and when he came back last year, Gio Urshela was a mainstay at his regular third base position.

Shuffled to the side, mostly because the Yankees didn’t have a position for him, Miguel Andujar quietly but doggedly continued to work hard, especially on his fielding, as the Yankees always knew he could hit.

Not comfortable when tried at first base, the Yankees tried him in left field, and when the injuries mounted again this year, Miguel Andujar saw the opportunity and ran with it.

Miguel Andujar: Show And Tell At Triple-A

But first, Andujar had to re-earn his pinstripes at Triple-A Scranton, and it was there he opened the Yankee’s eyes early this year.

It took only five games and 23 plate appearances for Miguel Andujar to shout out and be heard, batting .350 with three home runs and seven RBI to usher in a call-up to the Yankees.

Highlighted by five hits in his last three games, Andujar is batting a respectable .271, with five home runs and eight driven home.

The two walks versus 22 strikeouts in nearly 100 at-bats are a concern, but aggressiveness at the plate has always been an Andujar trademark.

Most impressive, though, has been Miguel Andujar’s play in left field. Last night, he dazzled with this play:

That wasn’t all, though, as Andujar picked up an assist throwing a runner out at second base while collecting two hits, one of which was a home run.

Miguel Andujar: The Doubt Is Removed

The Yankees need Miguel Andujar more than he needs the Yankees, and no doubt as we move closer to the July trade deadline, his name will be prominent again as a player Brian Cashman is “most likely to move.”

For Andujar, whatever happens barely matters as he will be a regular on any team from this point forward. His trade value is soaring, and fans can only hope that Cashman gets equal or better value in return if Andujar is included in a swap.

Only 26, Miguel Andujar is entering what is termed the “prime years” of his career. He represents one of the few home-bred talents from the Yankees farm system, and the Yankees need to think long and hard before letting him go.

As David Cone pointed out during a recent YES telecast, there is a “way out” for the Yankees to not feel pressured to make trades at the deadline, and the recent surges by Andujar and Gary Sanchez give hope and consonance to a team badly in need of some.

As mentioned in the beginning, the road back has been a challenge for Miguel Andujar, and that explains his readiness to take advantage of this opportunity, better put in his words:

“I’ve always stayed firm with my work, my responsibilities, and my preparation,” he said. During his recovery, those were some of “the few things that I could control, and that’s what I focused on. … It’s a matter of just staying prepared for the opportunity again.”

Miguel Andujar: Part Of Something New

Aaron Judge: Well suited for centerfield
Aaron Judge: Well suited for centerfield

With Brett Gardner seemingly running out of gas at age 37, Aaron Boone is using a new lineup in his outfield that has Aaron Judge in centerfield, Clint Frazier in right field, and Andujar in left field.

It’s daring, but it’s also something the Yankees need to shake things up a bit.

So far, so good, at least with regards to Miguel Andujar. If you like watching a player with a free-swinging approach at the plate, Andujar is your guy.

And if you like to be amazed by bat speed and exit velocity with 102.2 mph home runs, 109.1 mph fielders’ choice outs, and a 108.8 mph single as he recently did against the Tampa Bay Rays, then he’s really your guy.

For now, though, Miguel Andujar is the Yankee’s guy – and we can only hope it stays that way.

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

Anderson Mercedes His bat can be a great addition

Anthony Rivera The guy is a natural hitter, in my opinion second only to DJ and maybe Urshela on this team. He was injured and his confidence was tainted, but now that he’s getting at-bats in a regular basis, he’s right back to his rookie form. People wanted to trade him because he wasn’t producing because he was hurt and lacked at-bats. But, his rookie campaign wasn’t a fluke, the dude can rake. And with him producing offensively and playing left field, it’s a matter of time before Clint Frazier is shown the front door.

Joseph Carmine Steve you so wrong, the brightest star is Clint Frazier but he is not so hot!! Andujar is hot right now!! Just wait when Frazier plays more he will heat up!!

David J D’Apolito The real question is why is he buried in the bottom third of the order every game?

Joan Wulterin I think so too! If he’d take Frazier’s place permanently I’d be very happy

Mark Malmut I’ve been saying it since he came up as a rookie. He’s the best pure hitter on the team. I’m happy to see he’s settling into that left-field position. He is going to be a difference-maker for the Yankees’ fortunes going forward.

Jeffrey Sero Andujar is a good hitter, and it’s great to see him healthy and finally getting a chance. The issue was finding him a position. He’s still learning left field, but she’s shown a great arm and has already thrown a few base runners out. His best is still ahead of him. He had two most years but is reminding fans of the great rookie season he had and his potential.

Bruce Chester Ya I still think Clint needs to play every day or trade him. Put Judge in CF Miggy in Left and Clint in Right😋

Pedro Gonzalez

We all know he has the batting skills to put up the numbers and he showed it in his rookie year. A plague with injuries in recent years made him lose his position at 3rd with Urshela and since then he had been up and down between the minors and the Yanks besides being mentioned as possible trade bait. I also was convinced that once he gets a lot of reps at the plate he was going to produce and he is showing it. Since he has no position defensively and as of late has shown some progress at left field he is still a major liability at that position so therefore thanks to his recent resurgence as a hitter his value went way up for a possible trade at the deadline on July the 31st for a stud pitcher
Dennis JayYep keep him find a good outfielder trade Voit and Frazier. Make Andujar a first baseman my take.
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