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Miguel Andujar: A Star On The Rise (Terrance Williams, AP)
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Miguel Andujar: The Brightest Star In The Yankees Future

Miguel Andujar has made his way back into the Yankees lineup, and he’s doing it in a big way. It’s been a long and arduous…

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Miguel Andujar, Yankees Offensive Leader 2018 (Photo Credit: Sporting News)
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Miguel Andujar: Buried Alive On The Yankees Taxi-Squad

Miguel Andujar has missed two chances to be called up. Aaron Boone does a flip-flop. Is there something the Yankees aren’t telling us? Only a…

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Miguel Andujar: A Yankees star on the rise
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Miguel Andujar Zooms To Top Of Aaron Boone’s Favorites List

Miguel Andujar, despite missing all of 2019, has always been on Aaron Boone’s radar. Getting Andujar at-bats every day is a task Boone embraces with…

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Miguel Andujar - Yankees (New York Post)
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Yankees trying every which way they can to get Miguel Andujar at-bats

The Yankees have a lineup built to score runs. More than that, it’s about having a lineup that doesn’t give a pitcher a break one…

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Aaron Boone gets extension from Yankees
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The Yankees Make A Strong Statement By Extending Boone

The Yankees finally gave it up. Extending Boone’s contract puts the onus for accountability where it belongs – on the players. The Yankees’ decision to…

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Yankees: 2022 Roster Changes On The Way
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Yankees: The Whiteboard In Cashman’s Office Hopefully Looks Like This

Before the Yankees begin to think about additions to the team, they must first decide who gets subtracted. Hopefully, they see it this way. Assuming…

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Yankees call up prospect Trey Amburgey (
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The Yankees, Signaling A Change In Thinking They’re Making Internal Moves

The buzz about the Yankees swirls around acquiring lefty-slugger Joey Gallo, but they’re also making internal moves to improve the team. During a season, the…

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Max Scherzer - Perfect For The Yankees
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Yankees: Targeting Max Scherzer In A Trade Makes Sense For Both Teams

The Yankees can use a veteran starter to replace Corey Kluber, and Max Scherzer is the man for the job. The Nats are going nowhere…

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