Mets: Wonder Of Wonders They Keep Piecing It Together

Mets Tylor Megill Makes A Key Start

The Mets continue to show resilience and creativity that drops your jaw when you think about it, and last night’s pitching olio is the latest.

As a Mets fan, tell the truth. Before last night, did you know who Tylor Megill was? If you did, you’re a better fan than me.

In either case, all Mets fans know who Megill is today because he’s the guy who stepped in to start a suddenly starved pitching staff that recently lost the services of Marcus Stroman (MRI looks clean) and Joey Lucchesi (headed for Tommy John surgery).

Mets: Who Is Tylor Magill, You Ask?

It took Megill 92 pitches to make it through 4.1 innings, but he gave the Mets what they needed, allowing only two runs on four hits.

Megill made his last start at AA Binghamton, his fifth of the year, where he won two of three decisions with an impressive 3.12 ERA.

Mets Tylor Megill Basks in the moonlight (NY Daily News)
Mets Tylor Megill Basks in the moonlight (NY Daily News)

Still in a getting to know you phase here, Megill, who is almost 26, was an eighth-round pick by the Mets in the June 2018 draft of the University of Arizona.

There is no word yet from Luis Rojas if Megill will be awarded another start.

The Mets bullpen once again did their job, holding off the Atlanta Braves for a 7-3 win that was highlighted by a two-out, two-run home run off the bat of Francisco Lindor, his ninth of the season.

Marking his return to the Mets, Michael Conforto went 2-4, with a double, a walk, and two runs scored.

But it was the Mets pitching that seemed to come out of nowhere that drove the win.

This time it was Corey Oswalt, at age 28, who arrived from Triple-A Syracuse where he was having an indistinct season (1-1, 4.15 ERA as a combo starter and reliever), covering 2.1 innings while allowing four hits and one run before Edwin Diaz registered a five-out save, his 16th of the year.

Oswalt’s up and down career includes four seasons with the Mets, with nine years split in the minor leagues.

Someone, though, whether it was Rojas or pitching coach Jeremy Heffner, pushed the right buttons for the Mets again. Here’s Rojas on Megill:

Mets: Still More Magic Is Needed

Last night’s win sets the Mets up for their only day off between now and the All-Star break, and a four-game weekend series with the Philadelphia Phillies, the team still trailing the Mets by 5.0 games in the NL East standings.

The team that follows the Phillies, though, is the one to be wary of, and that’s the Nationals, whom the Mets will play one game in DC (a makeup game) on Monday, June 28, before traveling to meet the Braves again in Atlanta.

The Nationals have climbed to second place in the NL East on the back of a 9-1 streak, and they are working on a four-game win steak now as they begin a series in Miami.

The team received good news from Marcus Stroman, saying he is optimistic he can make his next scheduled start for the New York Mets after an MRI showed no damage to his sore left hip.

Meanwhile, though, it’s expected that Mets Acting GM Jake Scott is still working the phones to find a proven major league starter to replace Joey Lucchesi.

The Mets will come hard and heavy against Phillies for tomorrow’s single-admission doubleheader, with Jacob deGrom taking game one, followed by Taijuan Walker in the nightcap.

Each game against the Phillies adds drama to the standings, as each game means a two-game swing. For example, if the Mets win with deGrom, the Phillies fall six back instead of a Mets loss that would put them only four games back.

This is what we’ve been waiting for, a chance for the Mets to spread their wings to move away from the pack behind them – with head-to-head matchups before the All-Star Game and the traditional end to the season’s first half.

Let the magic continue…

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

Dave Hardwich Meanwhile the SYR bullpen continues its propensity for blown saves. I’m beginning to be glad they changed the name from Chiefs to Mets. What an embarrassment.

Robert Mirabal I think their coaching has a lot to do with getting these guys prepared to pitch well.

Cathy Bradley God is a Mets Fan. It’s the only way you can explain it!

Angel Perez I have a good feeling about Megill!

Walter Le Blanc I’ve been keeping Yearly Mets Scorebooks Since 1972 & Have SEEN EVERY GAME SINCE then…There have Been many Bad Years as far as Players Injuries ‘72, mid-73 thru August, Losing the Entire starting Pitching staff in 1987, and The First season in Citifield in 2009 but I have NEVER SEEN AS many injuries to as many Players as I Have in 2021.

Jeffrey Denecke Jr The farm system is strong. They should preserve it, and not make any trades. Do something creative like sign Big Sexy for a short-term contract to fill some gaps. He’s pitching great in the Mexican league right now – could do occasional start or long relief.

Sepia Prince Never heard of Megill, but he gave a great effort. Still, this team hasn’t played with the pedal to the metal where they run teams out of Queens.

Peter Stefanou Let’s keep the hitting going cause the pitching will not hold up Castro is already shot

Michael Oneil Keep holding court in NYC Boys!!!! It’s been a rough year here so far, but our boys are #1 In the NL East show!!!! Go #BenchMobGo We proud of you, and will welcome you home with a hero’s return #LGM 🧡💙🧡💙 Author’s Note: Michael is an Admin with the Syracuse Mets group.

Mark Anthony RamirezOswalt was the beneficiary of a great deal of luck.

Author’s Wrapup

We’ll close off published comments on this article with the thought that Mets fans (me too) are believers in this year’s team. But still, there has to be some oomph added to the team by the front office to assist the guys in the clubhouse playing all-out.

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