Mets: What’s stopping Fred Wilpon from going out with a bang?

Fred Wilpon - The final days as Mets owner (Photo: NY Post)

Mets fans want a World Championship. Fred Wilpon should want the same as a going-away present to the city. One final blitz of spending can do it…

Mets fans – imagine yourself as Fred Wilpon for a moment. You are scorned in the very city you live in. You have a son your family has declared to be incompetent, and that’s why they forced you to sell the Mets.

You barely survived an ill-advised and greed-soaked encounter with Bernie Madoff that cost you millions in fines and reputation. And more recently, there are reports you may on the wrong end of the Belmont Park “Project.”

You claim you are a certified fan of baseball and especially the Mets, but you ignore the fact the team you own is in New York – not Kansas City, where fans are used to losing except when the Chiefs play.

We don't know either, Fred. What say you? (Photo: New York Times)
We don’t know either, Fred. What say you? (Photo: New York Times)

For all of this, as Fred Wilpon, wouldn’t you want some form of redemption before your time with the Mets runs out and Steve Cohen takes over?

And wouldn’t you understand the sole means of making that happen is to win? Not like last year and the Mets team that finished as a winner at 86-76, but as The Winner – of everything.

If Fred Wilpon is the mean son-of-a-bitch as some claim he is, he can replicate the devil may care approach of Jeffrey Loria before he sold the Miami Marlins to Derek Jeter and Company.

The transfer of ownership that forced a fire sale of stars like Giancarlo Stanton, Dee Gordon, and Marcell Ozuna to relieve contractual liabilities.

Mets need the go-ahead – and soon

Though he should, Fred Wilpon may not realize two teams are conducting a fire sale on this very day. And there will be a team that takes advantage.

Unless, of course, Wilpon turns Brodie Van Wagenen loose with the same instructions Hal Steinbrenner gave to Brian Cashman – reel in Gerrit Cole and do it now.

Now, imagine the left side of the Mets infield composed of Nolan Arenado at third base and Francisco Lindor.

With these two players, Mr. Wilpon, this is the definition of going out with a bang. But – they’re not going to be out there for the taking forever. It has to be done on your watch.

With Steve Cohen and all the loot in his bank accounts behind you to pay it forward for what Arenado and Lindor will cost, why not?

Wilpon ignites the fire and Brodie brings the bacon home

If Fred Wilpon did give the go-ahead to Van Wagenen to “make it happen,” he would be handing a colossal headache off to his GM.

Van Wagenen would then be stuck with the dilemma of figuring out who in the Mets organization he needs to offer to make a deal attractive to the Indians and Rockies.

There are only two “untouchables” on the Mets roster – Pete Alonso and Jacob deGrom. Everyone else, including Noah Syndergaard, Jeff McNeil, Amed Rosario, and Michael Conforto, are players in the discussion when a “blockbuster” trade of these sorts comes along.

Each of those four players, plus a few others like Dominic Smith, Edwin Diaz, Steven Matz, and Seth Lugo, who possess lesser but still attractive value, form the basis for the combination(s) that will win the hearts and minds of the Indians and Rockies.

And notice, all of these players have controllable years left, and they are not expensive by major league standards today.

Brodie Van Wagenen, 2020 Man on Cohen's hot seat (Photo: SNY)
Brodie Van Wagenen, 2020 Man on Cohen’s hot seat (Photo: SNY)

Brodie Van Wagenen can go out there on his own, putting a deal together for either or both players – one that has the other team saying, “We’re on, call me back as soon as you know.”.

After this, Van Wagenen must crawl back to the tower to “present” the idea to Fred Wilpon for approval.

But it’s like getting Pre-Approval from your bank to spend $25,000 on a new car loan. That feels different when you are shopping around.

That’s what Brian Cashman had, and it’s what Van Wagenen needs now from Fred Wilpon. Maybe a courtesy call from Fred to Steve would be nice saying here’s what I’m doing – okay? But it shouldn’t be necessary. Fred Wilpon owns the Mets – still.

Fred Wilpon – your Mets legacy in on the line

Go out with a bang, or sneak off into the shadows to die a lonely baseball death?

I know what I would do, and maybe you do as well. I wouldn’t want my legacy as the owner of the New York Mets to stand where it sits now.

Knowing that every Mets fan is counting the days until I’m gone.

Mets fans will never revere Fred Wilpon, but he has at least the chance to score one for the home team – by ensuring he puts the best Mets team on the field in 2020 and beyond – no matter what it takes.

Why isn’t he doing it?

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