Mets: On Getting The Sense They Can Do No Wrong Winning With Pieces

Jose Peraza - Mets Johnny On The Spot

The Mets are like a team playing with Legos, finding just the right piece to hold the foundation together before it crashes. Can it last…

The Mets, even minus their All-Stars, are one of the more interesting teams to watch in baseball this year.

How do you get so lucky to find a Jose Peraza, for instance, a journeyman entering his second decade in pro ball, who has played for eight different minor league teams while having a cup of coffee with the Dodgers, Cincinnati, and Boston to come in your clubhouse as if he belongs there – while getting clutch hits to spark a wilting offense?

Mets Cameron Maybin - Centerfield Savior (NY Post)
Mets Cameron Maybin – Centerfield Savior (NY Post)

How do you pick up another journeyman for $1, stick a Cameron Maybin in your lineup, only to watch him go 0-26, but his manager (Luis Rojas) insists that he’s still the Mets centerfielder – and the team still keeps on winning?

How is it that a team can have the fewest runs scored in all of baseball (148), and still, when you look at the standings today, the Mets are leading their division by 2.5 games?

How do you do that?

How do you withstand depressing news that seems to come every day that another warrior has been taken from battle – the latest piece being the news that Noah Syndergaard may have pitched his last game for the Mets?

How do you sweep a doubleheader while scoring a total of five runs in both games, a feat the Mets accomplished yesterday with guile and seeming ease?

Mets: The Most Endearing Question – How Long Can It Last?

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting the feeling it can last forever, and the fun has only just begun.

When you have a team like the Mets with the third-best pitching in the majors, allowing slightly more than three runs per game, you can finesse the rest.

But you have to be lucky too, and the Mets are getting their share of that.

It would help if you had every team in your division have a sub-.500 record while you cling to being a mere four games over – and voila – that’s what the Mets have.

Mets pickup Billy McKinney (
Mets pick up Billy McKinney (

Because you know that sooner if not later, your big guys are coming back and that Pete Alonso, Jeff McNeil, J.D. Davis, Brandon Nimmo, and Michael Conforto will grace the Mets lineup once again – if only you can hold on, putting a piece here and piece there to weather the storm.

You can hope that acting GM Zack Scott will continue to peruse the MLB Transaction Wire, always on the lookout for a player who can help, and that Billy McKinney will not be the last of his finds.

And that, if necessary, Steve Cohen will loosen the purse strings as we get closer to the trade deadline if an impact player can be had to help push the Mets over the top.

But mainly for the Mets, it’s suiting up one day at a time with 26 players wearing a major league uniform and doing their best to win games any which way they can.

In the earlier days of baseball, the Mets would be labeled as “scrappy.”

We should bring back that adjective and marvel at what the Mets are achieving with a different olio of players almost every game…

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

Mike Gossman  I think it’s more like Tetris constantly screwing ourselves but always working out lol

Miguel Estrella I love somehow through all the injuries we’re managing to stay in 1st and win I love it!

Scott Emelock  I know this is unpopular but most of the credit goes to Luis Rojas.

William SR Cruz  All they need is us fans to stay positive and be there with the chant “Let’s go Mets”

Heidi Stout Right now our Mets are the Rocky Balboa of baseball.

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