Mets: What David Wright said versus what he really meant to say

David Wright - Mets HOF Candidate (Photo:

The Mets don’t deserve it, but they should consider themselves fortunate to be associated with David Wright. But even he knows to keep his distance…

The Mets’ most recent search to find a manager did not include an overture by the team asking David Wright to interview for the job now held by Luis Rojas.

Nevertheless, Wright felt compelled to voice the following to David Hall from the Virginia Pilot:

“No. I mean, listen: I don’t want to sound cold, and I don’t want to sound disinterested, but I just don’t want to coach. I mean, I’m coaching coed, 3-year-old tee-ball in the spring, but that’s the extent of my coaching that’s going to happen.”David Hall, The Virginia Pilot

That’s what David Wright said, but he’s too nice a person to criticize the Mets with his real thinking (my paraphrasing):

“Look, there is no way I would go anywhere near that job, and it may sound cold, but I don’t know why anyone else would either. It’s a suicide mission to take on the dysfunction at the top of the Mets organization”.

David Wright joins Mets front office (Photo Credit: Stiletto Sports)
David Wright joins Mets front office (Photo Credit: Stiletto Sports)

David Wright is happy doing whatever it is he does in his current job with the Mets. But he knows where to draw the line.

Wright has what it takes to coach or manage at the big league level. He’s a quick learner, and his reputation as a stand-up person precedes him.

Teams would line up if allowed to have him manage their team.

And despite what Wright says, give him a few years of hanging around the house with in-between marketing appearances the Mets throw at him, and the lure of the game he’s always loved will return.

Mets: Until They All Fall Down

Capturing the bigger picture, though, in light of the Mets’ latest debacle and display of dysfunction with the possible collapse of the team’s sale – and an even deeper question emerges.

Pete Alonso Inc, In partnership with Fanatics (Photo: New York Post)
Pete Alonso Inc, In partnership with Fanatics (Photo: New York Post)

Why would anyone, if presented with a choice, wish to associate themself with the Mets?

Take Pete Alonso, for instance. At the moment, he’s living on a cloud. Fred Wilpon and Brodie Van Wagenen are far removed from anything touching his life.

But how long will it take for Pete Alonso, as Nolan Arenado feels about the Colorado Rockies before he gets tired of the drama, and more significantly, the losing?

Will he too want out – any which way he can?

Moreover, we always give the reason for the Mets’ inability to sign the most prominent and most talented of the free agents in any given year – because the Mets are cheap and their ownership is not willing to invest in their team.

Instead, think of it this way, though. Could it be the Mets are furthermost from the minds of a Gerrit Cole, or next year a Mookie Betts? Like either would seriously consider wanting to live a daily soap opera, even if the money was equal?

Mets: These Things Don’t Occur In A Vacuum

There’s a fallout each time an episode such as the one we see now regarding the possible destruction of the Mets sale to Steve Cohen occurs.

Each piece gets added atop another. Van Wagenen screws up his first year with a series of illogical trades. Yoenis Cespedes, beyond anyone’s belief, claims he fell in a hole at his ranch.

We don't know either, Fred. What say you? (Photo: New York Times)
We don’t know either, Fred. What say you? (Photo: New York Times)

Mickey Callaway‘s frustration finally reaches a boiling point when he gets involved in a very public scrub with a reporter.

Callaway is subsequently fired, and a new savior is appointed and doted over with love and goodwill.

That is until a few weeks later when it’s revealed the Mets have hired a manager with blood on his hands. Oops.

And now this with Fred Wilpon and his seeming devious change of mind mid-stream in the negotiations to sell the team.

These things do not occur in a vacuum. Each misstep has consequences, and the results, in turn, have exponential adverse effects on the Mets as a team and an organization.

David Wright knows better. So did Joe Girardi.

The Mets are worse than inept – they are anathema and an enemy to any fan of baseball, and especially those who are Mets fans.

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