Mets: “I Taw’d I Taw A Watty-Wat” – No, You Didn’t – “I Did, I Did”

Francisco Lindor greeted by Jeff McNeil after HR

The Mets played and won a ballgame last night, but somehow the game took second-billing to a “dispute” in a tunnel. Now, Really, Guys?

Leave it to the Mets to inject some comedy and infantile behavior midway into a game, with two of their star players, Francisco Lindor and Jeff McNeil, getting into (what we’ll call for now) a dispute about a critter that was sighted in the runway from the Met’s dugout to the clubhouse.

Now right away, I have strong reservations about the whole event because if nothing was recorded on someone’s iPhone – then it can’t be real – and therefore never happened.

Mets: Who’s The Real Rat, Boys?

But apparently, Lindor was freaked out by what he thought, saying the critter was a rat. No, says McNeil, who hails from Santa Barbara, California, where we can guess he grew up familiar with rats, watching them surf at the beach.

McNeil responded to Lindor, No, Frankie, that’s a raccoon, though, after some measured thinking, McNeil changed his mind saying he was sure it was a possum.

Now, to clarify, Francisco Lindor, who hails from Puerto Rico, probably has seen a rat before because plenty of them live there.

Straight From Citi Field, Folks - Get It Now!
Straight From Citi Field, Folks – Get It Now!

In fact, The University Of Nebraska At Lincoln conducted a study that confirms three species of rats in Puerto Rico, the largest of which easily reaches a foot in length.

This would seem to support Lindor’s knowledge of and estimate of the tunnel rat’s size as “a big rat” – the New York City kind.

Hearing the shouts and commotion below, Pete Alonso, who seems to have his nose in everything these days, rushed down the steps to witness the scene.

He was followed closely by Michael Conforto, the Mets Union Rep, thinking perhaps that if this exploded into something that needed the Player’s Union’s attention, he would be there to explain what he saw.

Meanwhile, Mets manager Luis Rojas, who seems to be oblivious to a lot of things lately, told ESPN that all I could remember is, “When I went down to check, the one thing I ran into was Francisco, saying, ‘Go play ball. Let’s go play ball, Luis,'” Rojas said. “We just came back up. Nothing more than that. This was a big team win.”

Mets: Which Team Are We Talking About?

Yes, boys, it was a big team win. So, what the hell was going on down there, and what were you all doing down there in the first place when there’s a game in progress?

Now, in a possible attempt to make this “Rat Gate,” Ken Davidoff writes in today’s New York Post that”

“SNY subsequently showed Mets second baseman Jeff McNeil taking the field for the top of the eighth inning, frowning and getting a pat on the back from Alonso.

SNY also noted that McNeil’s double-play partner Francisco Lindor, despite hitting a game-tying homer in the bottom of the seventh inning, wasn’t smiling, a betrayal of his “Mr. Smile” nickname.”Ken Davidoff, New York Post

Mets: What's goin' on, boys? 5/7/2021
Mets: What’s goin’ on, boys? 5/7/2021

For his part, McNeil chimed in, saying, “They can believe whatever they want. We’re a tight-knit group. Everybody loves everybody.”

Yes, boys will be boys?

But it does seem, though, and based on many of the comments I received from a story about “McNeil being overrated and tradeable,” that maybe he’s getting a bit too big for his britches.

More specifically, that he should not be trying to swing for the fences, helping the team more by hitting for average as he once did.

Ironically, it should be noted that McNeil’s coveted nickname among the Mets is “Squirrel,” also, of course, of the rodent family.

As for Francisco Lindor, what should have been his night after hitting a game-tying two-run home run in the eighth inning, became a series of questions from media far removed from his contribution to a Mets win.

Moving On To Bigger And Better Things

After much head-scratching, Luis Rojas will indeed give tonight’s start against the D-Backs to Joey Lucchesi.

Mets Joey Lucchesi looking for consistency (
Mets Joey Lucchesi looking for consistency (

Though left unsaid is the fact of who else could have had the start, but the Mets need a solid effort from Lucchesi, as much as he needs it for himself.

He’ll be opposed by Merrill Kelly (2-2, 5.79) – and then tomorrow night in a nationally televised game – the biggest question of all – will Jacob deGrom make a start for the Mets?

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