Mets Fans: Take Your Lame Apology Trevor Bauer – And Shove It

Mets Fans: A New Day (

Mets fans should be offended by Trevor Bauer’s apology for misleading we minions. Bursting ego aside, it’s proof we’re better off without you.

Mets fans, raise your hand if you felt the success of the 2021 season hinged on whether or not His Highness Trevor Bauer graced the mound at Citi Field.

Trevor Bauer: He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
Trevor Bauer: He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands

Moreover, if you felt that way, do you feel better now that Bauer issued you an apology for his actions just before flying the coop to the West Coast and the Los Angeles Dodgers?

Trevor Bauer chose to address Mets fans on SuperBowl Sunday to apologize for the merchandise glitch on his website that led people to believe he was signing with the Mets shortly before he agreed to a deal with the Dodgers.

Mets Fans: Take Note – Trevor Bauer Was Not “Trolling”

“Mets fans, I owe you an explanation and apology,” Bauer posted in a Twitter thread. “My intention was never to mislead your fan base, nor was it to troll you in any way.”

This, as if to suggest that thousands of Mets fans were tripping over themselves to buy Trevor Bauer caps, jerseys, and autographs in anticipation of his signing with the Mets and before all items were sold out and put on backorder. Really?

The very idea of Bauer’s conscious need to issue an apology suggests in stark terms why the Mets dodged a bullet by letting the Dodgers one-up them and not having to introduce him to the Mets clubhouse and the New York media.

The Mets Dodge A Bullet

Let’s remember, Mets fans, we’re talking about a pitcher who won only five of his eleven starts in the abbreviated 2020 season. Bauer also captured a Cy Young among the competition that, except for Mets starter Jacob deGrom and Yu Darvish, expedited his walk-in to the award.

Jacob deGrom - the epiphany of a professional baseball pitcher (
Jacob deGrom – the epiphany of a professional baseball pitcher (

The same was correct when he elected to join the watered-down mix of starting pitchers in the Class of 2021 Free-Agent Starting Pitchers.

Trevor Bauer played the landscape perfectly. Knowing he was the only free agent starter of any value in the marketplace, he never revealed his inner thoughts about where and with whom he wished to play this year.

The Mets, with their new-found pot of Steve Cohen gold and money to spend before reaching the luxury tax threshold, were immediately thrust into the mix of “interested” teams.

The Mets Lose For The Sake Of Winning

But as with George Springer, who was also high on the Mets’ radar, the dance was practically over before it began. After signing with the Blue Jays, Springer himself revealed he had his sights set on Toronto from the very beginning of the process in a fleeting moment of honesty.

There’s nothing wrong with that, and that’s how the game is often played.

If it’s true that Trevor Bauer “used” the Mets to play them off the Dodgers and Southern California where his roots are, so be it.

But don’t come back to Mets fans with an apology when no one asked for one. We don’t need it, and we don’t want it. Have your cake and eat it too, Trevor Bauer, we don’t care.

Trevor Bauer: Let The Buyer Beware (FoxSports)
Trevor Bauer: Let The Buyer Beware (FoxSports)

Soon to be tagged the P.T. Barnum of Major League Baseball, Trevor Bauer will always overshadow himself no matter what feats he achieves on a pitcher’s mound.

For the Mets, it’s just desserts that Clayton Kershaw has to put up with Trevor Bauer than Jacob deGrom. To repeat, the Mets did not need the oversized ego of Bauer in their clubhouse.

The Mets are perfectly fine with deGrom, Carlos Carrasco, David Peterson, Marcus Stroman, Noah Syndergaard when he returns to action, and Jake Odorizzi when they finally decide to sign him before someone else does.

On paper, the Dodgers were the best team in baseball even before signing Bauer. But as we know, games are won on the field. This is true of the Mets as well.

Trevor Bauer And The I, Me, Mine Stage Production

Neither Mets fans nor the players need be drawn into what will always be the Trevor Bauer I, me, mine assault on America’s media stage.

Beware, though, because Bauer is an impressively intelligent young man, as witnessed by his immaculate play of the market this offseason.

Let’s put it another way. He is not a naive Joe Namath thrusting himself into the spotlight and coming out a winner. Instead, everything about Trevor Bauer is meticulously pre-planned and designed to twist reality his way.

Don’t apologize, Trevor. Just get the hell out of the Mets way…


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