Mets: Apologies Come Easy But Winning Is Harder And Better

Mets Fan by Cameron Lewis

Mets fans received their just-do via quick apologies from Lindor and Baez, but then they got all they really want – two wins over the Marlins.

Mets fans only want one thing from the team they root for – wins.

Mets fans trying to make the best of it 4/11/2021)
Mets fans trying to make the best of it 4/11/2021)

They may cajole players for autographs as they enter or leave Citi Field, they might interrupt a family dinner if a player is eating at the same restaurant to say hello, shake hands, and sometimes they might even voice their displeasure at poor play and losing on the field, with the age-old baseball expression of booing.

Ironically, though, all the Mets players want is to win – just like their fans. Winning for them means more money in contracts and endorsements, a championship ring to wear proudly, and the camaraderie that winning brings to their clubhouse.

So, why can’t everybody just get along?

Mets: There Are Fans, And Then There Are Fans

In most major league cities, fans and players do get along. For instance, in a city like Cleveland, it’s the NFL Browns who take the brunt of fan’s criticism and sometimes ridicule, while the Indians are just there. If the Indians win, fine, and if they lose, life goes on.

In Los Angeles, 40,000 fans attend every Dodger’s game, but half of them don’t arrive until the third inning, and most are in their cars to beat the traffic by the ninth inning.

There are fans, and then there are fans.

The same is true of fans in New York, except that the second group needs to have a capital “F” assigned to them.

Francisco Lindor: It was all so different back then.
Francisco Lindor: It was all so different back then.

At the risk of sounding provincial, New Yorkers are a different breed. It is a city made up almost entirely of immigrants, many of whom reach back generations – people who have made the life they have, and they’re damn proud of it.

New Yorkers do not like losers or losing, and Mets’ and Yankees’ fans reflect that. Whether they watch a game on TV or come to the ballpark, they expect their team to win, and as the games pile up, to win it all.

To put it succinctly, they care.

Javier Baez, who came from Chicago, where Cub fans love everybody, and Francisco Lindor, from Cleveland, where fans fell in love with his smile, had no idea what they were walking into.

This is not an excuse, it’s a reason why their thin skin was exposed, and when a New York Mets fan sees weakness, they pounce on it, even more, creating a situation that was inevitable when Baez and Lindor heard the boos getting louder and louder.

Mets Fans Are Savvy And Tied To Winning

Mets fans are fair, however, and when Baez turned up gold in both ends of yesterday’s doubleheader, the boos quickly turned to cheers, but again, it was only because the Mets won both games.

Otherwise, those two hits and two runs Baez scored would have meant nothing to the team, and Mets fans are savvy enough to know it.

Even more significantly, though, is that Baez, Lindor, and the rest of the Mets team know and understand it – because that’s the way it is in New York.

It’s back to baseball, and the incident with all appropriate apologies is over. Mets owner Steve Cohen has indicated he will have a chat with Baez and Lindor, both of whom have been invited to a charity function at his home on Monday, but instead of a spanking, it’ll be as he says – a chat about life in the Big City.

Mets Schedule Up In The Air Again

Predictably, tonight’s game has been postponed due to heavy rains that are expected to continue into tomorrow.

Mets add another postponement tonight
Mets add another postponement tonight.

No announcement has come from the Mets, but two possibilities to make up the game exist. A doubleheader can be scheduled for tomorrow, but with the rain not expected to let up until mid-afternoon, the first game would need to have a four or five pm start.

The Marlins also return to Citi Field the final three days of September, but there is already a doubleheader make-up scheduled for the first game of the series, meaning the Mets would play two doubleheaders in three days.

Rosters do expand today, though to 28, plus the Mets can add a 29th player for any doubleheader they play.

In any event, the Mets four-game win streak must wait until at least tomorrow…

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

Anthony Damadeo Their apologies are not real. They don’t mean them. They only apologized because they were forced to. We are not buying it. They can shove their “apology!”

Deborah Crane Neither player is probably going anywhere, although Baez is in a more dubious position.

Rick Velez I think it’s just time to get past the whole fans booing and players thumbs down thing. As a long-time fan, I’m not hurt or affected by the whole thumb thing. I don’t go to the stadium to boo but rather watch a baseball game and whatever happens happens! Hopefully, the Mets play well and win if not there’s always tomorrow! This is something that’s taught all the way as far as Little League! Fans are not privileged just because they pay their money! No guarantees things will turn out the way you want them to be! You go to watch a baseball game hoping! But if it doesn’t work out there is always tomorrow! It’s only a game! If it’s your team keep cheering no matter the end result!

Jason Bond Baez is gone at years end but Lindor for 10 more years? Maybe Cohen can trade this buffoon, pay most of his salary and at least get a decent prospect. This guy cannot handle NY and he’s not going to get much better than this. Don’t forget, we get Cano Roid back next year!!! Geez, thanks a bunch for the reminder about Cano…

John Del Prete That was a weak apology and then Baez backtracked on what he said !!! It wasn’t heart felt it was what the brass told them to do. Lindor is a follower, not a leader, and needs to grow up !!!

Mary Ann Grennen Very well said, New York fans are tough on players. Some never adjust. If I remember correctly, even Nolan Ryan hated NY.

Anyway, the booing situation has been addressed, apologies were given. It’s time to move beyond this and win ballgames.

Closing Comments And Final Thoughts

We’ll close comments on this one with the Zack Scott story overwhelming everything, but for the most part, readers agree – it’s a done deal.

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