Are The Mets Snubbing The Yankees By Not Pitching deGrom Friday

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Mets ace Jacob deGrom will take his regular turn tomorrow in Atlanta rather than opening against Cole Friday. A snub to the Yanks? Seems so.

The Mets, in almost any other year, would have their top guns on hand and in rotation to face the Yankees in the much-hyped yearly Subway Series.

Typically, no matter which team is up or down in their respective standings, the extravaganza is the toast of New York in bars, newspapers, and local media. After all, the Mayor’s Trophy is on the line.

Mets Jacob deGrom vs. Gerrit Cole - Why Not?
Mets Jacob deGrom vs. Gerrit Cole – Why Not?

Notably absent from the fray this year, the Mets stick to their plans for Jacob deGrom to pitch tomorrow in the series finale against the Braves.

This means, of course, that deGrom will not be available to square off against Yankee’s ace, Gerrit Cole, and one of those rare made in heaven pitching matchups.

Starting pitchers, as we know, are creatures of routine and habit, and no one is more notorious than deGrom, who has been known to stand idle in the outfield at Citi Field until the scoreboard clock strikes 6:50 pm on the dot for a night game before he strolls to the bullpen to begin his warmups.

But on the other hand, what’s another day, especially when the Mets consider that deGrom might well benefit from the extra day at the halfway mark of the 2021 season.

Mets Win Tonight Can Change Things, But…

With the Mets win last night, coupled with another one tonight with David Peterson on the mound, the Mets would be guaranteed a series win and possibly reconsider moving deGrom back a day.

As always, the Mets pass the ball to deGrom, and at that point, it becomes his decision to make.

We have to know that deGrom, the ultra-competitor, would jump at the chance to face the Yankee’s ace in a showdown, and he might even be lobbying Mets manager Luis Rojas as this is written to do just that, regardless of the outcome of tonight’s game in Atlanta.

Subway series on the way...
Subway series on the way…

But if it turns out the Mets stick to their planned rotation; I can’t help but wonder.

Is this a snub towards the Yankees – as if to say the Braves are a better team, and we need our ace to beat them – while Marcus Stroman, Tylor Megill, and whoever we decide to pitch on Sunday can take care of you guys…

Or, in another scenario, are the Mets quietly saying to themselves that Gerrit Cole is not all he’s cracked up to be since they took that sticky stuff away from him, and we can beat him just like the Red Sox did.

Mets: Make This Weekend Special For Fans

I don’t necessarily believe any of it, but I do believe this.

Major league baseball is supposed to be about the fans who pay their hard-earned money to attend games or watch TV at extravagant cable and satellite prices.

A Cole-deGrom matchup is an event that will capture the attention and hearts of fans in New York City like no other can.

Plus, are you listening, Hal Steinbrenner? If the Mets change their minds, it is guaranteed to motivate fans to buy every single-ticket purchase the Yankees have put on sale for a series that is yet to be sold out at Yankee Stadium.

So, from his bunker in Tampa, maybe Steinbrenner is on the phone to Steve Cohen to make it happen as well.

Maybe it’s the ole’ I love baseball mentality sneaking in, but I hope the Mets win tonight and they take it on themselves to move deGrom up, but if that doesn’t happen, then I’m hoping that Jacob deGrom takes the matter into his own hands…with a…

“Skip, if it’s okay with you, I’d like to take that first game against the Yankees.”

Here’s What Readers Are Saying…

Carl Bauer Key words? Regular turn

Bill Randel In a word? No

Mike Balletta I’d rather have him pitch against the Braves and secure a series win against a division team than a team in another league not playing their best baseball

Steve Caleo He should be pitching against the Yankees but braves are in our division

Mikie Davis Trying to get another game up on a division rival is the best way to use our ace

Sher Heide I don’t see it as a snub, their games in their own division, are more important to them than some crosstown rivalry. Simple as that.

John Hampel Would rather he go against a division Rival than against the Yanks. It certainly isn’t a snub. Maybe in September

George Carman It’s not a snub to the Yankees it’s tactical strategy, a game against teams in your division carry more weight than someone outside of your division

Author’s Note:

I surrender, but we’ll keep comments open for a while. As I said in the article, as a fan of baseball I wanted to see the matchup, but in the face of logic and the meaning of an intra-division game, I should have known better…

Comments Continue…

Ellen Clancy Good grief..To answer the question: No
—the Braves matter more to us in the standings. They are our competition. The Yanks are not, in another league
—only the Yanks-obsessed among the Mets fans, aching for bragging rights & trash-talking among their “friends” think the series matter more than an NL East series
—Jake pitches on a schedule, important to him, seen in his statements about the All-Star game. If he won’t deviate from the ASG, he certainly won’t for a non-division AL game.
—there hasn’t been an actual Mayor’s Trophy in decades. The last one (some earlier ones broke) disappeared many years ago.
George Carman It’s not a snub to the Yankees it’s tactical strategy, a game against teams in your divisions carry more weight than someone outside of your division
Robert GoldzmanThat could be the stupidest thing you’ve ever posted.
David Paseornek Clearly they aren’t threatened by us (the Yankees). We are looking at Walker and Stroman. Sunday hasn’t been announced yet
Mike Harrington Maybe we’ll see Cole vs. DeGrom for the 9/11 anniversary game.

Author’s Note: Now There’s A Good Thought…

And a good one to close off published comments on this article. Standing by (to game time) to answer all comments, though…

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