If Trevor Bauer Is Looking To Make A Big Splash New York’s Stage Waits

Trevor Bauer - Would he make it in New York City? (Business Insider)

Trevor Bauer is flying high. Fresh off a Cy Young win, this is his moment to punch his own ticket. The Big Apple is a perfect fit for an equally big ego. 

Trevor Bauer has the world of baseball at his feet. In an understocked free-agent class to begin with and coupled with teams sharpening their pencils after record losses sustained during the past season, Trevor Bauer is one of a select few in line for their just desserts.

A veteran of ten big league seasons, Bauer has career earnings totaling just under $40 million. He will soon sign a contract that triples that amount and is expected to be worth in the neighborhood of $128 million over four years.

That’s heady territory for a 29-year-old pitcher with 76 wins to his credit. But, you see, Trevor Bauer has always been one of those larger than life characters who seems to transcend the normal boundaries of behavior and attitude assigned to major league ballplayers.

How else can we explain the anger and derision he incurred among teammates and Cleveland Indians fans when it was learned Trevor Bauer was injured while flying his drone – a feat resulting in his removal from Game 3 of the 2017 ALCS.

From goat to hero the following year in the playoffs, Trevor Bauer reeled off 6.2 innings in a victory over the Yankees, recapturing the love of his legion of fans.

Search Trevor Bauer on YouTube, and you’ll also find other videos with titles like Trevor Bauer: The Most Controversial Player In Baseball, and Trevor Bauer: The “Strangest” Player In Baseball.

Laugh or cry, what are we supposed to do with someone like Trevor Bauer, who seemed to find nothing wrong with showing up his manager by hurling a ball over the fence when being removed from a disastrous start (video)?

The Trevor Bauer Show May Be Coming To Your Town Soon

Following this incident or soon thereafter, the front office threw up their hands and traded Trevor Bauer to the Cincinnati Reds, where he excelled during baseball’s truncated season this year.

Too big for the financial means of the Reds, or Indians before them, Bauer declined the $18.9 million qualifying offer extended to him and is now the number one most sought after starting pitcher on the market.

His larger-than-life presence dictates that Trevor Bauer is not only looking to cash-in on his success in 2020, but he also has his eyes set on a stage big enough to accommodate his missile-like love of the spotlight, spiced by ever-present posts on his Twitter account (400,000 followers).

Where better to be than New York City?

Trevor Bauer And The New York Sweepstakes

Both the Mets and Yankees have expressed an interest in opening negotiations with Trevor Bauer and his agent Lucy Lubo. True to form, Bauer has advised his fans to follow his journey through free agency step-by-step in this recent Tweet.

Hear it here first, follow.
for all the status updates on my free agency!

Exclamation point no less, just in case you didn’t get the magnitude of importance Bauer assigns to himself.

Trevor Bauer's Agent - Rachel Luba
Trevor Bauer’s Agent – Rachel Luba

But here’s the thing that can easily tie Trevor Bauer to the Mets or Yankees. Both teams need another top-notch starter to compliment their staff’s ace, Gerrit Cole, for the Yankees and Jacob deGrom for the Mets.

Newly minted money is being printed at Citi Field now with Steve Cohen’s billions, and the Mets are anxious to make a splash with their fans signaling the changing of the guard from the penny-pinching Wilpons is real.

And the Yankees are, of course, the Yankees with financial resources and reserves to draw from as MLB’s most highly valued team, according to Forbes ($5 billion).

So, each team can and probably will make a play for Bauer, along with the Red Sox, and then it’ll be up to him to make the choice that will dominate his life for the next four or five years.

Can Trevor Bauer Handle New York City

For Trevor Bauer, the lure of New York City must feel like a magnet and an environment where his robust personality will fit right in with the cast of characters who walk city streets every day.

Alt rel=Lenny Dykstra - From a World Championship to a prison cell (Business Insider)
Lenny Dykstra – From a World Championship to a prison cell (Business Insider)

However, the trouble is that New York can eat up and spit out those who are vulnerable to a lifestyle the city fosters and enables.

Lenny Dykstra, Matt Harvey, Dwight Gooden, Darryl Strawberry, John Wetteland, Jose Canseco – the list goes on with ballplayers who thought they could handle the Big Apple – only to find out differently.

The Mets and Yankees are well aware of the history, and it behooves them to vet and surmise as best they can whether or not Trevor Bauer can pass the tests that await him if he signs with either team.

Many are called, but few are chosen to meet the challenges of playing major league ball in the biggest market.

If it were up to me like the Mets or Yankees team official, I’d invite Trevor Bauer for a weekend stay at the Waldorf, and I’d stuff his pockets with $2,000 as spending money. The following Monday, we’d have a sitdown to talk turkey, and after checking his eyes for redness, the first question asked would be, “So Trevor, what did you do this weekend in the Big City?”

Just kidding, but you get the idea. Given Trevor Bauer’s checkered past, this is about lots more than a talented right arm for either the Mets or Yankees and due diligence on both sides is warranted before the leap is made.

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