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Yankees deserve to celebrate (NY Post)
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Yankees: Winning And Losing Streaks Carry Equal Pressure – Relief It’s Over

The 2021 Yankees were being mentioned in the same sentence as the 1961 team. The pressure is relieved, and it’s back now to the Division…

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Nestor Cortes Jr. - Quirky But Good (USA Today)
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Yankees: Nestor Cortes Jr. Is A Rotation Keeper No Matter Who Returns

The Yankees rotation will soon be buffeted by the return of absentee starters that signal a roster crunch. But Cortes cannot be a casualty. Yankees…

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Nestor Cortes Jr. - Quirky But Good (USA Today)
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Nestor Cortes: A Throwback Who Will Try Anything To Get Hitters Out – And He Does

Nestor Cortes, with his pencil-thin mustache and quirky delivery, looks nothing like his peers. All he does, though, is get hitters out. Nestor Cortes Jr….

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Yankee Stadium Monument Park (Steve Contursi, Reflections On Baseball)
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Yankees: It’s Time To Look At Trades For These Walk-Year Pitchers

If the Yankees want to look at fortifying their rotation, they might look at trades for these high-performing pitchers in their walk-year. It goes without…

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Masahiro Tanaka Yankees Mr. Consistency (Photo: Forbes)
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Yankees: A Stitched Together Staff Is Incomplete Without Masahiro Tanaka

The Yankees get points for recent additions to the starting staff. Still, no one added comes close to Tanaka as a #2 behind Cole. Try…

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2021 Yankees pull in the payroll reins 2021
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Yankees: There’s Plenty Of Low Hanging Fruit Among Starters To Pick From

If the Yankees seek, they will find serviceable starting pitching via the free-agent or trade market. Here are a few strategies worthy of a look….

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2021 Yankees: DJ LeMahieu - the White Whale
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Yankees: Waiting For DJ LeMahieu Will Prove Costly As Teams Act Now

The Yankees, as well they should be, are transfixed with re-signing DJ LeMahieu. Soon, though, attention must be given to the pitching staff. The Yankees…

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Trevor Bauer: He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
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Trevor Bauer Is Liking What He Is Hearing From Both New York Teams

Trevor Bauer is paying attention to the New York City market as a suitor for his abundant talent. So far, it sounds good to him….

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